Innisfree 2020 Cherry Blossom Makeup Tutorial + Try On (中文字幕/English Subtitles)

Ok let’s start with the Cherry blossom nail
set This kit comes with two nail polishes and a cherry blossom themed nail sticker sheet for $14 This is actually my favourite product in the range so luckily I was able to buy the last one in store For this manicure I‘m also going to be using the Revlon Quick Dry top coat to finish off I‘m wearing fake nails here because my own nails are really brittle and fragile but the polish works the same This nude colour is so pretty and more opaque than the pink glitter polish But you do need three coats of each of both for it to look good Also remember to shake the nude bottle because there are mini flowers that pile on the bottom These polishes dry really quick even without quick dry top coat. But when you’re putting on the stickers I recommend waiting for the polish to dry completely or it won’t stick properly and
fall off. I learned that the hard way Then finish off with a top coat and it lasted me for at least a week before any chipping Onto the makeup I won‘t be using any primer today because my base will be the Innisfree Cherry Blossom Lotion I found that it gave me a dewy look for my
foundation and provided a smooth moisturised base I also don’t usually like scented products
but this one had a really soft scent that isn’t overly offensive So just apply a thin layer over your whole
face and don’t forget your neck Next using any damp sponge squeeze around two drops of foundation onto it I actually used one too many drops here but it’s fine because it’ll settle in my skin later Dot it into sections on your face and then
quickly spread it out using dabbing motions lt’ll be hard to blend once it dries and sets Also the foundation looks pale but once it settles in my skin it matches perfectly Again don’t forget to blend down the neck Now I’m going to set my foundation with the Cherry Blossom Matte Mineral Setting Powder Always tip out the powder onto the lid instead
of dipping your brush in the jar to avoid contamination. Then dust off the access. Using a dabbing motion, tap it onto your skin. You can swipe gently sometimes but I don’t
recommend it too much as it might smudge your foundation. This powder was very smooth and didnt settle
in any of my lines, it reminded me a lot of the Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder. Although it’s matte, it didn’t dry out
my skin so you don’t need to focus on oily areas. You can use it everywhere. Using some Mac fix+, Im going to spray some
moisture back into my skin. Time for the brows. Im actually using the Cherry Blossom Eyeshadow
Palette to fill in my brows today. The matte brown colour fits really nicely
into the whole cherry blossom aesthetic because its base is red. If you look closely, its a warm red brown. It might look odd because it doesn’t mimic
the colour of my eyebrow hairs. But don’t fret because Ill show you how
to fix that later. Simply fill in your brows first. I’m using a dark black brow powder to draw
in the small strokes on my brows. You don’t want to completely fill in your
brows using this shade. The idea is that you copy the small fine hairs
so your brows don’t look sparse, but leave a red brown base for that cherry blossom look. Here are the swatches of all the eyeshadows. Then using any big fluffy brush, dip in the
light cream colour and sweep generously over your entire eyelid. It’s not the most visible but its to create
a smooth base for your darker shadows to blend with. With
the dark pink colour, use a small packed brush to apply colour under your eyelid crease. Go back in with the big fluffy brush to spread
it out and blend over your entire eyelid. Use your finger to pick up some of the creamy
shimmer colour and pat It onto your eyelid. Then spread it out and blend again with a
small brush. Don’t blend too much because you don’t
want the colour to mix with the dark pink, you simply want it to sit on top. With a thin flat brush, spread the golden
shimmer shadow underneath and in the inner corners of your eyes. Then connect the dark pink on the outer corner
of your eyes for a smooth gradation. I’m not going to using eyeliners today because
I want to achieve a dreamy look. With an eyeshadow brush I’m going to use
the dark glitter brown to line my eyes and give it a thin wing. You can use a cotton bud with a thin tip to
sharpen your wing, but im going to use my fingernails because its easier. Use a fluffy brush to swipe away the fallout
under your eyes. Then apply some eyelash glue on your falsies
with extra on the ends. Wait for it dry to by waving it or using a
fan but don’t blow on it. You don’t want your mouth germs on your
eyes. While I quickly do my other eye, I’m going
to share my thoughts about the eyeshadow palette. So although it’s really pretty upon first
glance, I found that the colours were not that pigmented and you need to pack on a few
layers for the colour to show. There was also quite a bit of fallout. But the formula is very smooth and incredibly
easy to blend so I highly recommend it for beginners. Curl your lashes, you can use mascara but
I’m not using any on my top lashes. I’ll only be using a thin mascara wand on
my lower lashes. I’ll be using the Cherry Blossom Lip tint
now. My favourite colour was no.3. it’s more
of a matte lip tint so I used some lip balm underneath to make it creamier. I like using my fingers to spread the lip
tint for a more casual look as opposed to a sharply lined precision lip look. Finally with a huge fluffy brush, I’m going
to highlight my T-zone, cheekbones, tip of my lips and under my brows. This luminizer looks pigmented but actually
shows up very naturally on the skin. And we’re done.

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