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  1. Acids in solution provide H+ ions, while bases commonly provide OH- ions, or "hydroxide" ions.
    When the two react, the ions combine to form water, H2O, while the other components form salts.
    The most simple form of this is combining Hydrochloric Acid and Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), which is like stomach acid and drain cleaner. HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H20
    As he discussed in the video, any material that provides an abundance of either ion is vey dangerous to tissues, or other materials, because both ions are very reactive with many other molecules, able to displace other atoms from a variety of molecules, in essence altering them from one distance to another.

  2. Yr lessons are amazing but i need translation cz i cant understand everything in video ,Any help here plz 😟????

  3. Been using the pH scale for three years now in school with three separate teachers and not a single one managed to explain it the way you did in a five minute video. Thank you

  4. Is the scale counter intuitive or it's just me? The more hydrogen ion present (the higher the H content) the lower you go on the scale?

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