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hi beauties welcome back to our channel
and Happy Holidays we are now officially past Halloween and
Thanksgiving I am waiting for my Christmas pillows to come in so I
apologize if the pills are a little outdated they are coming in still I do
have a new throw this is our Christmas edition like I said we will have new
pillows going on other than that today’s video if you’ve seen by the thumbnail we
will be talking about the Jaclyn hill launch she had a highlighter collection
that came on I believe November the 26th there were a lot of items in this
collection and I’m really excited to dive into it it just arrived today so I
wanted to sit down and film it with you guys before we do get started I do want
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different it would be my hair I really do like it
I tend to go a lot darker in the winter time and then lighter in the spring and
summer time so stay tuned to that I tend to change my hair quite often but if you
do want to see my thoughts in regards to what I purchased from Jacqueline Hill
cosmetics then just keep on watching I only bought a few items because I really
wanted to buy things that would be tailored to me cuz I feel like when you
buy other items that’s kind of a way if you’re not going to use it but
without further ado let’s see what we got inside the Jacqueline Hill
collection and see what we think of the I believe this is the accent light flash
I got it in a flash palette there was another one for deeper skin tones it was
called the flare we’ll go through the price points of these as well
some swatches and I want to try a few of them on as you can see I’m pretty flat I
don’t have any highlighter on but the first one I want to try is this one let
me grab a highlighting brush I have her original ones that she did with morphine
that big kind of brush it that she did a few months ago I didn’t get the brushes
because I really wanted to get as many highlights good and I want to make sure
that I got a lot of stuff so I didn’t rush I didn’t see too many good reviews
on them I don’t know maybe I’m missing out but I definitely do have a bunch of
highlighter brushes anyways this is the JH o 9 but before we dive into this I
want to talk about the launch the launch was on a Tuesday I believe it was the
26th two days before Thanksgiving I believe it launched a new in my time
Central Standard Time it was a very easy checkout I had enough time to look
through the collection see what I wanted what would work for my skin tone I
didn’t feel rushed or panicky I want to do this part where we talk about the
actual checkout process so you can get kind of the full experience and then the
very next day on Wednesday I got a notification that my item had already
been shipped so it’s a very easy breezy you know shopping through the website
nothing sold out super quickly and the item got here very fast Tuesday the 26th
and then Wednesday it shipped and now we’re here again Tuesday so about a week
if you look at it in a retail time Wednesday it’s shipped so Wednesday
Thursday Friday most people don’t ship on the weekends
and then Monday Tuesday don’t took about four to five days to actually get to me
so all in all the purchasing the shipping process was very easy breezy
and I approve it was a very good transaction to go through I definitely
want to dive into these I haven’t touched them or swatch them I’ve only
seen reviews from people who had gotten them in PR
but I wanted to try them for myself anyways again this is the accent it’s
very reflective the weight on this from what you see when it’s shown off it
looks like it’s gonna be very heavy but it feels very lightweight I don’t want
to say it’s a plasticy feeling but it’s very lightweight type of packaging so it
fits very nicely in your hand and this one is in the flesh again
and it says these super creamy highlighters are like a flash of light
with every swipe don’t open this up together but this is very Jaclyn hill themed she
likes the very clean crisp white packaging and then as you know she’s a
very big fan of Silver’s so this is very her and she’s always been the queen of
highlighting ever since I’ve started watching her with shoes in her kitchen
drinking wine and doing makeup tutorials you also get this cute little note
that’s inside the packaging see if I can bring that up for you outside of this
reflective packaging here we go it reads our accent light highlighters
are made using a proprietary filling process that creates unique
one-of-a-kind patterns in every pan this is no ordering highlight palette is a
work of art you’re looking at an original I love that they included this
because there’s so many companies that will go ahead and remake things like
this and some it are cheaper think they’ll use cheaper ingredients there’s
not always great for your skin so I love that that part is in there but again
they can always be replicated and duplicated so just be careful when
you’re purchasing things that aren’t from the original source this guy did
retail for $49.99 and you do get quite a lot of product you get a total of four
pants each which I’ll show you when I open it up but each of them are said to
have three grams or 0.1 ounces and these can only be purchased on Jacqueline
Hills website Jacqueline Hill cosmetics which I will pop in the description but
there is a very big mirror so it’s really nice the whole thing is very
reflective so you don’t really even need the merit can probably even do
highlighting just with the packaging or just with the actual back of the pallet
or the side of the pallet or you can look here to you which is really really
nice again you did get four of them they have about three grams in each I got the
colors gleam iced and gleam ice barks and mesmerized and it has her name on
the side of it but I wanted to dip into gleam and this was just your regular
Jacqueline highlighting brush not the one that came in this not again oh that’s really nice whoo and it sits on the skin so nicely
and it just melts in like butter it’s a very different type of highlight because
it’s not like Bing it is very blinding but it’s not like
sticking on the skin it’s kind of just melting into the skin which is really
nice I want to swear my brush in the rest of the colors because I have a very
fair skin and a lot of times a highlighter can look kind of too dark on
me let’s just try it up here oh I’m gonna at the top I’m down after this
video but wow that is really really nice and it’s just melting into the skin it’s
making my skin it’s not accessing pores or any lines or wrinkles on my fork it
just looks like it’s melting and my skin like butter all right I gotta grab my
beauty sponge and kind of trying tone that down attack huh that is blinding
I did not sorry my voice sounds a little harsh I’m sick again age we have a
really bad winter going on right now we’re in the middle of a winter storm
last weekend so I was fun we have a ton of snow every time the seasons change I
seem to get sick every single time but again with her first collection I didn’t
actually purchase anything but as far as this collection this launched it was
very easy breezy I really really like this item for $49 it is a very hefty
price point I will say that that’s up there with your hourglass prices I want
to say hourglass prices because even like your jeffree star highlighters
which you need a lot of product well that gives you like 6 pan so when you
compare it to that this is a lot more high-priced
so I would say it’s up to like your hourglass prices your gvg Bochy your
user ever want is up there with those types of prices so I would say if you
want to splurge definitely get this this is a really really nice product if
you’re gonna get anything I would recommend getting this again the flash
is for the fair medium tones and then there was
the flare palette I believe that was for your deeper skin tones that does retail
for $49 the one thing I wanted to bring up is she is having a restock on the
fifth so actually today is the third one I’m filming you’ll see this on the floor
so then the day after that she’ll have another restock which I believe will be
today’s Tuesday so you’ll see it on Wednesday Thursday she’ll have another
restock up I find it I think I’m just used to purchasing things from like Jeffrey or I hate to compare companies
but when you buy things from like a like Jeffrey star you’re used to things
selling out so quick and your soul panics to get the right sizes the right
colors into your car because you want to be part of it you want to be part of the
hype and purchase things you know while it’s hot so you’re like kind of in a
panic in a rush but then when he restocks things like the conspiracy
palette that won’t be restocked until March and I understand people use
different vendors people use different shipping processes and he buys a lot
more units I would think just because his brand is so large but it just seems
a little odd to me that these lunch originally on the 26th of November and
about two weeks later I really think that’s two weeks later actually because
we’re Tuesday so we’d be a week from the launch date so about a week and two days
she already has a restock foot in which hey if that’s how it worked and that’s
how it worked a very very you know good for you but I just got it very strange
that all of a sudden is getting restocked very quickly and it’s sold out
hmm let me know what your thoughts are down below there’s just something I
wanted to bring to your attention if you do want to get them and then maybe
there’s different ways to rush things and get things up faster I don’t know
let me know your thoughts really quickly I just want to add before we get into
the new product that is no tea or no shade I just like to bring everything
towards your guys’s attention and really get your thoughts and your feedback and
see what you think I got so wrapped in talking about the launch and the
relaunch or the restock that I forgot to tell you this is the extra and this is
the shade extra sorry Jacqueline Hale
lose highlighter others you get four grams so you get a lot of product 0.14
ounces here’s like opponent it says light up
the room with this silky-smooth altar beaming highlighter let’s reach out for
$24 so it’s actually not bad in my opinion for a highlight here’s what the
component looks like it has the frosted glass and then the silver top to it this
is supposed to be the most intense so I really want to like okay so here is the
accent light and flare over here and then here is the beaming light and extra
do you see a difference which one do you like better this one is definitely more
loud in my opinion but I definitely like how this one is sitting more on the skin
this is the Jack O’Neill luminous powder and it’s in do me I forgot to mention
that these do have a shelf life a twenty or twelve months for this one the
deeming twelve months and then twelve months for the accent light palette
flare as well this one says bring out the inner glow with this magical
luminous powder let me see how missus retailed for it okay so this is actually
called the mood light access loose powder and it does retail for thirty two
dollars so all in all I spends about a hundred and thirteen um I don’t know if
you guys like talking about prices but I like to give you guys the full
experience and from checking out just with these three products that’s just
for regular shipping – this one is not supposed to be as intense it’s supposed
to be kind of like your average like you can put it all over your face it’s like
an inner glow type of thing I try to explain these the best way I can and
give you an up content so you’re just supposed to I don’t have the brush so
I’m just gonna use this blush brush in her collection you’re just supposed to
put it all over your skin do you see a difference oh you sure my
beauty lay down see if that helps hold on one second okay so my skin does have
kind of a subtle glow to it and these were supposed to be very subtle so I
wasn’t expecting too much from it I don’t know if you see a large difference
in my skin I’m definitely gonna want to play with this product a little bit more
but let me know if you got anything from the collection what your thoughts were
from the entire transaction what was your favorite product anyways guys thank
you so much for watching Jaclyn hill on the off chance that you ever see this
video and very proud of you and very happy for your congratulations I love
all of these products my favorite though would definitely have to be this guy it
does kind of give me that look jury is filling and this is something I’m
probably gonna stick in my makeup bag and use every day I do really like this
product as well this woman I’m gonna play with some more when I’m not sitting
in front of my beauty lights just to see if there’s a difference I do see a
really nice like glow to my skin I don’t really know if that’s the highlighter
just getting pushed around that I had already put on my face but I want to
play with this guy some more it’s definitely a really different type of
product for me but I really want to do some more investigating
bye guys until the next one make sure you enter our giveaway stay beautiful
and I hope you guys have a good holiday if I do not speak to you before that
stay beautiful you

11 thoughts on “Jaclyn Cosmetics Highlighters

  1. I like the going over the check out process! I avoided the Shane Jeffree launch because I knew the checkout process would be crazy.

  2. I LOVE Your hair, that lip….those 👀 ♥️ I know how you feel about being sick girl….my kids keep circulating it over and over. I love the peanuts in the background! I love that you’re adding the checkout process!!! Keep killin it girl! From a retail standpoint, it would make more sense for him to wait for the launch if he is ordering in extremely large quantities, from the aspect of shipping, and product sourcing….(Jeffrey) but I have no idea why it would take so long….except the holidays a lot of his things are sourced in other countries and some of those places literally take 3-4 weeks off (China, most of Asia)….maybe they all just want a big break for the holidays….I would think they would begin the production mid-late January which would make March a very realistic timeline, for production, packaging etc….Elf has a powered similar to the face powder, it just gives you kind of an all over glimmer….it isn’t highlighty at all. I have been using it for years. It is really great for people (like me) with fine lines and wrinkles, it really can help deflect the light 😊 I am glad you survived the storm, I don’t know how much you got down there but we got a sh*t ton 🤣

  3. Dang girl you got the lucky stash of holiday mystery boxes! I'm so excited to see what Jeffree's holiday boxes contain. I was busy cooking for the fam and missed out. Love your hair! I just started lightening mine for the first time in almost 15 years lol

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