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Mom, I can’t talk right now because
I’m doing a tutorial for Vogue. OK.
Let me call you back. I don’t think she cares. Hi Vogue.
This is Jessica Alba. Watch me do
a dramatic, graphic-eye look. I have, kind of,
a dirty little secret. This is my first attempt
at doing a graphic eye. On camera. With you. So, here we go. I have my foundation on. So, there’s that. First, I’m going to
lay down the lighter pigment. I’m going to use my finger. I’m just going to put it
right over the entire lid. Now, I want to blend it. Just get, like, a fluffy brush and if you, in a circular motion, just kind of blend out
around the edges, you can’t really mess up. So, now I’m going to use
the wet lavender colour. I’m going to use it
sort of like an eyeliner. Whenever I’m going to do
a thicker line on my eye, I like to use
an angled brush with, like, a metallic or another colour first. And when you do go in with your
liquid liner with that fine tip, it allows you to, sort of, trace
where you’ve already laid down the shadow. So, now I’m going to
go in with that dark eggplant and I’m going to wet it. Wetting a dry eyeshadow
is a way to, sort of, treat it like a liquid liner. But it’s a lot more forgiving. Because I did this
initially with the lighter, I’m just, sort of,
tracing over where that was. And then I’m going to
go in with a little Q-tip and just, kind of,
twist and clean it up. Now, I have to do the other side. They’re never even. It’s really hard to get
the right and the left matching. You can go in with
a makeup remover wipe and if you put a really thin Q-tip,
and then you drape it over you can just go in
and fix any mess up and really even out that line. That’s better. OK. Feeling good about this. So, now I’m going for
a fine-tip liquid liner. The liquid liner just really pops and it looks great when
it’s next to the lash line. Make it as thick as you want, as thin as you want. And you can draw it out, you know, really as high as
you want and at any angle. It’s, sort of, your comfort level. Now, it looks a little crazy
because I need my eyebrows on. I always like to go a little bit
lighter than my actual hair colour. I start mid and work my way out. But with a graphic eye,
you need to have a strong brow. because it balances out
the face, you see the difference. I think with a graphic eye you need to have
a nice, clean skin look because you want your eyes to pop. I really like to use
a bronzer that has mica in it, which means those
little shimmery bits. Not so much that
you look like a disco ball but just gives
definition to the face. Go into the cheekbones. Where you would
normally put a little blush but instead you’re using bronzer. And then bring it into
the crease of your lid. And it just sort of, like,
brings it all together. Now, the lip. I’m going to use a liner. It should be more of,
like, a nude lip. I’m going to go in
with a liquid lip. I’m going to use it with my finger and, kind of, like,
use it like a stain. I forgot to curl my lashes. What was I thinking? True story. I was on a movie one time and, you know
this little rubbery thing, it wasn’t inside. Guess what happened to my lashes. They got a haircut. Mascara.
Last piece of the puzzle. I think mascara is
that last product that transforms the
whole look to level 10 instantly. Like, you can really
pile on that mascara. And I would even encourage
trying to form little clumps because it just gives you that
more dramatic Sixties fashion vibe. I’m done. Oh, wait. I need a dramatic… Here she is.
Here she is. Alright, guys. For more Vogue videos,
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