Hello Beauties! My name is Ewa. Three
days have passed since last video for you, for me it was only 10 minutes. And
this is time travel these days. As I mentioned in my previous video, which was
about KVD Vegan Beauty, I have some products from Kat Von D Beauty, from KVD
Beauty, Vegan Beauty! Jesus! In my last video I showed you my whole KVD
collection, I was talking about some products. Of course I opened this
before to make sure that everything is fine. I haven’t touched anything
and it’s really shame, because this box is waiting for month now, you know
just Blood Lust was more emergency. I ordered some new stuff, so today will be
a review and first impression of blushes and those vinyl lipsticks and also I
ordered some things that I just love, need and some of them are discontinued.
I’m not sure even which one. Let’s start. I ordered Glitter Gel for face and
body KVD crushes. Something like this. This is
Glitter Gel for face and body in shade Tesoro, sorry this is Spanish,
Tesoro Gold. Tesoro? I said it correctly? I think so,
I hope so. This is how I cook like, oh the packaging is really pretty, on camera
this gold is really pretty. And it’s gel, so this
is absolutely stunning. I can’t wait to see how it looks like, the sparkle! I hope
it will be great as creamy eyeshadow, maybe highlighter, something like topper
on lips and I just want eyeliner in this color.
Do you see it? This is gel! That’s pretty! Let’s see if I can blend it.
I can. I don’t know if you can see it on camera. I will have to do close-up, but oh
yes I can. How it will look as eyeliner? So a little
bit here and let’s see it. Not bad. It will have to be built up.
It will need to be build up only, but it’s nice. I can agree that
this shade is absolutely tesoro. But it can be easy removed ,at least most
parts and this is without any micellar water or due-phase, nothing.
Next I have this set, because I needed this palette and mostly, because of that
I buy set, so tamtaratam. And also in this set I have Go Big Or Go Home
mascara, I’ve never use it before and actually I
will not today. Also I truly don’t care about mascaras that
much, unless you want me to test it, if you want just you know let me know. I
will test for you everything that I can. Also Tattoo mini Liner, because Tattoo
Liner… never enough of Tattoo Liner. And mini lipstick, this this shade Double
Dare. I don’t have this shade. Oh, so it’s pretty pinkish, maybe reddish
type of nude? But nice one,
although a little reminds me of warm-toned maybe Lolita, something like this,
but nice shade. I have also two Everlasting Liquid
Lipsticks full versions. I have shade Dagger and Woolf,
so these are two gray shades. Here you go, both are gray. This is shade Dagger. Of
course I will do close-up, don’t worry. This shade is pretty,
a little bit bluish, but it’s pretty. And this is shade Woolf. It’s really, really dark
shade. Oh yes! Like…uuu aaa! This shade is yhm.
Definitely great shades, gorgeous shades, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I also
ordered Everlasting Glimmer Veil in shade Wizard and elevator, elevator?
Televator, Jesus, what is happening with me? Let’s start with Televator, however I’ve
already recorded it once, but not recorded it? Don’t judge me. Yes, it stains like crazy
your hand. Anyway, this is Televator, it’s absolutely stunning and amazing and
I can even do my first impression one more time: ah! My first impression was like
wow! wow! And this color! Wow! And this color! Wow! Yhm, yhm, yhm… yhm! Imagine how gorgeously this shade will
look with any Blood Lust makeup. And for the Wizard my first
impression was like mmm? mmm? Oh, this is interesting.
I thought it will be black and it is greenish actually. Anyway this is weird,
because it isn’t black, it’s green and it has a lot, a lot of different particles
like blue, red, gold. Anyway I’m going to show you some swatches of course. And
luckily for me those swatches are from those first swatches, so that’s
fantastic. But unfortunately they just stain your skin like crazy and this is
disadvantage, let’s call it. Next what I ordered, also discontinued, is Alchemist
Holographic Transformer, but it’s basically I would call it like
Alchemist palette mini. Look how it’s cute, so cute and the funny thing is look, this is big “A”. I
hope you can see that this is big “A” and here you have small “a” and this is so
cute. This is only one shade as you can tell and this
shade is teal and it’s called Aquamarine. And of course I can’t wait to touch it.
Whoa, it’s different, it has different texture. This is something
new, this is not like regular.. no it’s different ooh!
You know what? It reminds me of… oh my god this will
be my new highlighter. Look at this! It acts a little bit like Wet Jewel and
Pink Magic, however this one is just you know with translucent base. Of course
these things that I want to test today I leave for the end, so now it’s time. And
these are Everlasting Blushes and XO Vinyl Lip Cream. And I have
as you can tell two blushes and two lipsticks, so let’s start with blushes.
First is shade Rosebud, oh. This is very pretty packaging. And this is really pretty
shade. Oh yes, it is, oh yes, it is. I need to swatch it. Oh it’s
almost like creamy formula, it’s very nice.
This is more more like into violet tones pink. I don’t have place, because I have
glitter all over here, but whatever. I would say that this is more like mauve
shade, but it’s very, very pretty. Of course swatches incoming, just give me a
moment for another blush and this is Snapdragon. There you go. Oh, this one
is… this one will match. This is this funny thing, because me us very, very, very pale
person, I ordered two the most dark shades. This is more like chestnut, but it’s also
very pretty and yes, this is more more like Lolita, this one. Give me a sec.
Where’s my Lolita? Here is my Lolita and here is Snapdragon.
Okay, let’s check – Lolita, oh no, no, no! This is not the same shade. Lolita is more
like a chestnut and this one is like, this one, this Snapdragon is something
between chestnut like Lolita and between something pinkish, all right I’m going to
show you some close-ups and you will see. So now I’m showing you on my fingers:
Rosebud, Snapdragon and Lolita eyeshadow. And you can definitely see that Lolita
is chestnut and the Snapdragon is something between pink and brown chestnut
shade? And because I have two blushes and two cheeks, I’m going to use one on my
one cheek and one on my other cheek. Hi! I’m going to start with the lightest one,
so with the Rosebud. And I will apply it on my left cheek
for example. I have no idea how much I should apply. Let’s see. Oh, you can’t actually
harm yourself with this blush. Oh and that’s good. Look how gorgeous it is and it can be blended.
I will apply it a little bit more to clearly see the color. But I am satisfied.
This color is very pretty and it’s a little bit cool toned. It’s gorgeous of
course I know that I a little bit messed up, because I have full makeup with
highlighter and I shouldn’t have highlighter, but forgive me. Okay, I like in
this blush that you can actually blend it, so there is no way you will do
something wrong. Yes, I know I applied a lot.
This is very pretty blush. And now let’s go with a Snapdragon. Snapdragon on my
right cheek. Of coursethis darker blush. I like blushes like this, because very
often I were very dark lipstick, so I don’t think that the baby pink will
match to my very dark lipstick. And also I will apply a lot, because why not. And this one has definitely different
color. Yes, I know I applied too much. It doesn’t look as bad, even with this
amount. I like when blushes are so pretty, that
they look good even with really big almont. This one is very pretty and I
love it, this one is… I should use it a little bit less and I’m not sure if it
matches actually to Lolita, but it’s very pretty shade. And now the lipsticks and
of course I had to take Lolita and I had to take the darkest one. Same old me. Promising, they look very good.
I need to start with removing this one. Oh, no! I feel naked. I’m going to start
with Lolita. Oh, that’s my favorite shade. Like vanilla pudding. Oh, this is good!
This is too good! This is good. Lip swatch. This is definitely shade Lolita,
lI can tell you right away, but the consistency is really interesting. It’s a
little bit thick, it’s for sure more thick than Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks,
oh it is! Really like a pudding. Like chocolate mousse on your lips. Wow! And it
smells, I really want to eat it! Okay, so the spatula, this doe foot spatula? I
would say this is spatula, because this is not doe foot. It’s really nice, you
can absolutely draw your lips without any issues, without any problems.
The color is absolutely stunning and it’s yummy! Oh my god, this lipstick is so
yummy! It’s not sticky, it’s comfortable actually, but you feel it, you feel it on
your lips, but it’s not like this very heavy and uncomfortable feeling. It’s nice, it’s like… literally like you
will have melted chocolate on your lips and I know how it sounds, but it’s
not as bad as it sounds. It’s actually, it’s nice and it’s very comfortable, and
it’s pretty. Oh, yes! You’re pretty. I would do this for ages. Oh and the smell is so
good. Shade Dahlia. Oh, it also smells so good. So good! This will be my shade. I love shades like this one! I had to stop, because this
shade just makes me enlarge my lips again and again, and again. Mmm-hmm. I applied really thick layer,
that’s why it’s so, so bloody dark, but you can apply it more with a light
hand and it will be beautiful red wine color. It’s so pretty! I can’t! So pretty! Now you can see that this shade
matches to Snapdragon. This lipstick is beautiful, I can stare at it forever.
I have no idea how it will be with, you know, long wear of this lipstick. I assume
it is so… well, it’s vinyl okay? So, I assume that it, well it won’t be as
much kissproof let’s call it. It won’t be at all. It’s comfortable, it’s really
comfortable, it has beautiful colors. These two are absolutely stunning and
now I want whole collection, but I don’t have money, so that’s maybe sometime,
maybe someday. Yeah, it’s very pretty color. Maybe not for this makeup, maybe
not for these blushes, also I used too much blushes. Oh, now it’s better, look. Now
it’s better, it looks great, it looks great, nothing happened here.
Actually I… Wait! This will be magic trick for some
of you: how to make your blush more calm? And maybe some powder? A little bit better,
right? I’ll need to apply a lot of highlighter, not
a lot, but I had highlighter here and now I don’t have, so let’s change it. I also
had highlighter here, but let’s not change it. ‘Cause this lipstick is
everything, it doesn’t need any highlighter, it’s highlighter by itself!
This lipstick only with cat eye, so you know very not heavy contouring and, or
maybe just bare eye only with eyeliner and I can drink blood of the innocents. I am
shocked like really. I heard that for some time
KVD Vegan Beauty I mean Kat Von D Beauty had some issues actually with quality after this
golden era of Kat Von D. If you think that this quality is still on, you’re
gonna be surprised, because these blushes are absolutely stunning. And these blushes
have something that I really love in blushes, which means they are pigmented,
but not super heavy pigmented, that means you can build them and that means they
are very easy to blend even if you will tap in one place too much amount. And
that’s absolutely fantastic, crazy, it’s fantastic, it’s awesome.
I absolutely love these shades, especially Rosebud, that was very great idea to buy
Rosebud. Snapdragon is darkest shade, but it will be great match to
dark lipstick like for this one, so also for me that’s fantastic.
Lolita is Lolita, this shade is just Lolita, but in vinyl version, so you
know, never enough of Lolita. And this one is Dalia and… This is just my comment for this shade…
Now you know what I think of this shade exactly.
And the formula is very comfortable, it’s fantastic, it’s amazing, it’s like I said
it feels like you have melted chocolate on your lips, but in the same time it’s
not uncomfortable, you feel it, but it’s comfortable. And it smells so good! I’m
hungry actually, now I want sweets, I chocolate, I want vanilla pudding!
Anyway that will be it, in the next video well we shall see, because I asked you in
my previous video if you want maybe to see makeup with for example Saint&Sinner.
Or maybe, that’s the idea, last year, almost exactly
in this time last year, Blue Blood was launched, so maybe I should
record video one “year later and what I think of it”, or something like this. If
you like this idea just let me know, because to be honest I haven’t played
with Blue Blood for while, so I will with pleasure go back to it. Anyway I hope you
enjoyed this a little chaotic video. So as always, I love you very, very
much! And I see you soon! Bye!

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  1. I love that peachy nude shade in the beginning! The highlighters look amazing I almost always buy one. The blush packaging is gorgeous 😍😍 That Lolita lippy looks amazing as well. I love your love of makeup 😍😍💋💋

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