hey guys this Victoria will come back to
my channel in today’s video I’m going to be reviewing the new Kylie cosmetics
2019 summer collection so this collection is so colorful this
time out and I don’t know I just feel like there’s so many different awesome
makeup looks that you can create with this collection so I can’t wait to show
it to you guys and kind of test it all out because it just looks very different
I think than another than other Kylie cosmetics collection so I’m just going
to start out by showing you guys some of these some of these products in the
collection and then I’m going to create and I look for you guys so first thing I
have here is I’ll just talk about the packaging real quick okay packaging this
time out is peachy colored and it has kind of like this coral look on it this
is for the eyeshadow palette and Kylie also has these shimmer eye glazes in the
collection there are four of them in this collection same peachy light pink
colored packaging but this one has little starfish on it and she also has
new formulas of lip product out called ellipse blushes so I’m very excited to
try this out same packaging just little seashells on it so this is the eyeshadow
palette in its packaging is just very sleek and it’s pretty small it’s the
same size as the momager palette if any of you guys have that comes from the
collab Kylie did with Kris Jenner her mom and this is what the palette looks
like it’s so so colorful and the blues and the greens there’s a good
combination of shimmers and mats I really like that Kylie always does do
that she goes has a nice variety of matte shades because when you have these
as many colorful colors you kind of do need some sort of transition to start
out with the eye glazes have this white cap on them of two of them right here
this is the shade night swim these are absolutely stunning to swimming colors
I’ll enter a swatch so that you guys can really see what they look like I mean
the color pipe is is amazing and they’re you so pigmented
applying a lot of product so I was extremely impressed with these do some
swatches on my Instagram story so that’s where those are from and this is the
shade aqua mama it’s blue it’s just gorgeous
like I’ve never seen a color like this ever it’s like a bluish color and it has
like gold shimmers in it so it’s really really so pretty when you swatch it you
can definitely see how reflective and pigment it is I’ll go over the lip
products when we get to that point but let’s get started with this eye look I
think there are like so many looks that you can create with this one little
palette I’m just like really impressed with the colors and I was kind of like
just watching some of them earlier and they just look so so pretty the shade to
seashell kisses I’ll just do a quick swatch of that this formula just feels
so creamy and it’s very different and you guys can see it’s like such a pretty
metallic shade I’m just going to start off by applying a concealer on my list
to kind of act as a primer Pat that with my Beauty Blender so I’m gonna start out
by going into the shade hook you in which I think is the lightest transition
in the palette just going to lightly lay that in the crease here just to help set
it a little bit and build a little bit of a transition now I’m going in with
this blending brush we’re going to add the shade my treasure which is of course
another matte because I just want to build up these shades first I like to
add right into the outer corner of my crease might lead bring it down and
lightly bring it in but not all the way I just want to be very soft it just
helps to add more dimension to the eye now I’m going to add the shade welcome
aboard and I’m just going to add this braid to
the inner half of my crease to add a lighter transition
on that part of my eye and just really blown that out so now I’m using this
really dense crease now I’m using this really dense crease brush and I’m adding
a shade mermaid mama which is such a pretty pretty purple shade do a little
swatch for you guys real quick you can see how pigmented that that is on my
finger as you can see those transition shades blend in really nicely and now
I’m just going to add this purple color to the very outer corner of my crease
and just starts to kind of build this up a little like you can see how pretty
this color is I am going to bring that down just a little bit on the outer
corner blending pretty much seamlessly with the transition I mean you can see
how softly and how nice this looks right now but now that that color has been
applied I’m going to go back in with my concealer and just add some of this to
redefine my crease just to lightly set that I want to just go into this shade
hook you in because that’s a very neutral shade and just lightly apply
that this isn’t really for color or anything like that it’s just to really
set the concealer so that it doesn’t transfer onto the crease next I’m going
to go into the new shimmer eye glazes and this is in the shade aqua mama and
this like I said this shade is gorgeous I absolutely had to try this shade out
that’s what I’m gonna use for this eye look and I don’t know if I should use my
finger or brush for this I’m just gonna try it with this eye shadow brush this
is just a flat eyeshadow brush and I’m going to just try to use that by using a
brush I’ll be able to get closer to my crease and I will be with my finger so
I’m just gonna try this and see how it works
well do you see how pigmented can we just take a second
this is so pretty like wow I’m just using the brush to follow along my
crease and sort of slowly fill it in like it absolutely gorgeous it’s color
like wow the pigmentation is insane so I’m going to go into the shade seashell
kisses which is that gold shade from before oh I also want to mention that
that blue even though it’s so shimmery has no fallout I didn’t like anything
off there’s zero fallout so that’s a really good formula anyway I’m going to
just go into that shade and tap this on the center of my lids I think that it’ll
help to bring out the gold that’s in the blue and I think it’ll just look really
nice on the center of my lids doing it on the edge of the purple and the blue
just lightly tapped that and then using a blending brush and going back into the
shade mermaid mama which is the purple and very lightly just I’m going to
lightly blend on the atom on the outer corner of my crease and I kind of any
little pieces of glitter or anything that might have gotten on that area of
the eye is kind of dusting that off going in with this pencil brush I’m
going to add the shade sea pearl and pop that on my inner corners go on to my
brow bone and now using the shade night swim which is another cream shadow I’m
going to use the same pencil brush and pop some of this onto my inner corners
because I think it’ll add a nice shimmer to the inner corners
sort of adding just a little bit of that to the tear part of my lower lash line
you’re going to use a flutter eyeshadow brush in the shade a Pacific which is
this I’m just going to add this to my lower lash line and I’m really only
gonna focus this on the inner have and kind of try to match my lids on
my lower lashline and now I’m going back into that purple color and I’m just
going to add this to the outer corner of my lower lash line I’m just going to add
some lashes and mascara and I’ll be right back I’m just going to add this
pencil liner before I add my mascara and line with the inner corner of my eye to
blend in the lash band cuz I always feel like I need to do that and now I’m using
this white pencil liner from NYX I’m just going to I’m just going to align my
waterline so it’ll really make the eyes pop for highlighter today I’m going to
use the italic cosmetic so this highlighting powder in the shade
Santorini I’m just going to add this as my highlighter or today and you can see
that this highlighter will definitely give you a summer glow so now I’m going
to try out this new Kylie cosmetics lip product so these aren’t lip blushes and
this one that I have right here is in the shade bikini bod so this is what I’m
going to be using today the tube like this white part is actually how’s like a
pearl you’re a Destin kind of shape to it I
don’t even know if that can pick up on camera but that’s what it looks like so
this is the shade my first thoughts of this it’s just kind of like a sheer
version of a matte liquid lipstick so I’m excited to see how it applies I
think it would probably be a lighter formula than a matte liquid lip which
can be a little heavier on the lips so let’s try it out
I love this color so to me so far it’s kind of more like a lip tint I want to
let it sit a little bit and see if it dries it all or if it’s if it can
transfer or if it stays on like a mat so I’m gonna wait and see I don’t let you
guys now so this is the shade after a few minutes so I think that it doesn’t
dry like a matte look like a matte lipstick would it’s a much more
comfortable formula it does not crease like a matte lipstick would super
comfortable so I really kind of do like this formula but like I’m gonna try and
like see if it transfers so you guys can see for yourself
so I’m just blotting all of it okay that’s what it came off like so
like not that much came off actually just after patting it um I think it made
it it actually kind of mattified it a little bit more I mean it transfers a
little bit guys can see but you wouldn’t really be able to tell on the lips so
that’s actually pretty good I actually like this formula this shade
I think is a little bit too pink with these eyes so I’m going to just add the
shade birthday suit this is a matte liquid lipstick from Kylie cosmetics
just going to completely apply this just make it a little bit less pink but I do
really like the formula of that new lip product I’m just eyeing this because I
don’t want it I don’t think it matches the eyes very well all right so this is
the finished look I really like this collection I think
that if you are looking for a super fun color combination and palette and you
want to try out some of these colors then I definitely think that you should
go track this out I will leave a link to this collection down below in the
description box all these shapes are really wearable except for maybe these
too but you can easily add those as kind of like a pop of color on the lower lash
line or a little bit to your lip for some added color and then this will be
your perfect summer palette shimmer eye glazes I absolutely love these so much
these actually might be some of my favorites in the collection there’s
super wearable colors available and along with this bright blue if you want
to add some more fun summer colors to your makeup look but I definitely think
that they’re worth your interested in the new blip blushes really like the
formula I showed you guys how they transfer they don’t really transfer very
much so think that they’ll actually last awhile on your lips but they also don’t
crease as much as a matte lip product would so that’s really nice and I
actually really like this formula so I’m probably going to be using this a lot
especially for the summer because it’s a little bit of a lighter product I also
have an entire Kylie cosmetics playlist where I’ve reviewed a bunch of her
products so if you’re interested go check it out I’ll link the playlist down
below in the description she’s also putting more and more
products at Ulta so I will leave a link to those videos down below as well
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