Hey guys and welcome to the video, my name is Cami and I’m so glad that you joined me to learn about this new international giveaway Video you guys I have another channel and I do makeup tutorials And the like I’ll link that down below in case you’re interested in checking it out this show. This channel compliments that one guys I’m giving away a brand that I have not given away before. This is a Kylie cosmetics Lip kit giveaway, and I’ve actually really enjoyed using these products myself I have I have a gold glitter eyeshadow that I like to use as well as a Lip kit this giveaway. I’m giving away the Kylie cosmetics red velvet lip kit and this is really two products in one It’s a lip liner and the velvet Lipstick you guys you guys if you don’t like makeup I’m sure you know someone else who does who would love to receive this as a gift from you How do you enter to win this giveaway? You guys are like, come on Cami get to it Okay. So all you got to do is click the link in the description box down below It’s gonna take you to Camis Cosmetics, which is my other channel I’d be so honored if you would subscribe and guess what that is the only requirement to enter to win this giveaway this giveaway runs November 12 through December 22nd You guys there is a bonus attached to this giveaway And it is not a requirement you guys it is just for fun for me It’s a way for us to write to each other. So for the bonus if you’re interested on my other channel called camis cosmetics I’ll be uploading videos between November 12 and December 22nd So all you’ve got to do is answer the bonus question in the comments down below those videos if you are interested in entering That a bonus. Let me remind you. The bonus is not a requirement. It is just for fun On December 26 the day after Christmas. I’ll be uploading a video on that channel Camis cosmetics and I’m going to tell you exactly who won this giveaway Don’t forget to check the description box down below for a couple more details about this video guys I’m so glad you stopped by. I hope we stay awhile. Come back soon You

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