Lip Swatch & Review: Lorac Social Affair Alter Ego Lipstick Collection

hey everyone its Flordemae and today
we’re going to do the lorac Pro social affair alter ego lipsticks lip swatches
so I did a very similar video like this last year when they came out with their
like holiday set or whatever it was called love lust lease you guys want to
see that i’ll put the link down below so for that being said I haven’t done any
lip swatches since last year so please don’t mind me but before we get started
let’s just look at the packaging I got this at kohls for thirty-six dollars and
I believe I tried to look it up on Alta but they didn’t really have that much
namely at polls right now but it’s gorgeous I definitely like this year’s
collection way better because I’m more into that pink soft tones I recently
just got their mini palette as well have it on my eyes right now I guess can
really see I’m not really going to show you guys up close because I did it
really quick and it looks better from afar so this just get started I have
nothing on my lips right now bear nod i don’t even that moisturizer but let’s
get started so it comes with five different colors so the back basically
says it’s decorated in rose gold limited edition matte shades long-lasting and
highly pigmented so I know their alter ego lipsticks are very pigmented I do
own quite a bit of them but i don’t think i have these shades love rose gold
but let’s just start from here and work with our way through my left this is
what the lipstick looks like just our basic lipstick packaging basically by in
rose gold and get on applying it’s so gorgeous this is called trendsetter so
I’m just gonna apply the lipstick with their lorac metal rose gold and this is
what the shades looks like if you guys wanted to know super gorgeous super
pigmented I so this is what trendsetter looks like
it’s a pink blob a color and actually like it on my lips I love this color
with their lipstick sits very easily a pliable very moisturizing I’m just using the simple oil bouncing
cleansing wipe to wipe off the lipstick so next is a fashionista this is a deep
a rose color this is what fashionista looks like on
the lips so next into the side is called stylus
this is more of an orchid color and it’s more into that pink side this but Silas looks like on my lips I
don’t know if it’s because my lips has gone to two shades already but this was
probably the hardest to apply um I don’t know if it’s the lipstick or my lips so the fourth lipstick in this set is
called a bon vivant this is a red rose color so this is what bon vivant looks like
like I said it was a red rose color um I’m kind of liking it I’m not really
into the dark colors but I don’t know I like it so the last color is called provocateur
i think i’m saying that right but this is a black cherry color so with their
last year set they also have like a deep red color it’s called dominatrix as you
can see they’re kind of similar but let’s apply this prova cut or color to
my lips so this is what the color looks like on
my lips it’s a bit too dark for my liking but I think I could like rock it
right guys that really fall look I keep calling it love affair but its social
affair I need to like yeah but anyways that is it for this lip swatch I hope
you guys like it and leave me a comment down below on what so are like what type
of lipsticks you guys don’t want me to do a lip swatch on and I’ll see you guys
on my next video bye so this is what the lipstick looks like after two hours and
eating a pharaoh and drinking water out of a water bottle and I’m also filming
with my phone it’s a galaxy s6 way different from my t6 ice hey guys it’s
been three and a half hours since I applied at the lipstick and one and a
half since the last footage that you saw I did I eat anything except that form a
row and water and I didn’t really talk that much because i was editing the
video but i believe this is going to be my last check in because i’m going to
the gym and i don’t really want to wear this lipstick hold on pretty well it
looks like its brand new like i just applied it like a minute ago yes can see
it’s still pretty good you really loved the lorac alter ego lipsticks they’re
really good quality and eating a Ferrero ed

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