Luxury Beauty Products Worth Your COINS!

Guys it’s Kelsey in Candra And today Kelsey and I are going to be doing our luxury beauty products that are worth your money video So this is basically the opposite of the video that we did about two months ago It was called cheap beauty products that actually work and we asked you guys if you wanted to see like a luxury beauty product version Of that so a bunch of overpriced things that are worth it. That’s what this is It’s actually a lot less than the cheap video a less because let’s be real there aren’t that many? luxury beauty products that are actually worth the money not Some very small amount of things that you find that are treasures and you hate spending the money on them, but they’re worth it So that’s pretty much what this video is. Yeah Okay, so we’re gonna start with skincare and you guys know Kelsey might have used a ton of in care high-end low-end drugstore medical grade and like Expensive like overpriced brands like lemare which further alert NOLA mirrors in this video. So there you go I don’t think none of is worth it in my opinion No It’s not and I used it for like three months and still I use the moisturizer For like a year just to use it up and really it clocked my core. I used to concentrate so It was like yeah, the cleanser is good, but it’s not worth the price Anyway the product I do want to tell y’all that is worth every penny. Is this theorem? This is a fiber brand. Dr Nigma, and it’s called theorem number one It’s called science for your skin is to hydrate clump and it has plant stem cells in it. So this serum is to go Let me tell y’all this is a hyaluronic acid serum and you guys have not heard anything about how to run an exit It’s an amazing active ingredient. That’s super hydrating. It’s very good for oily skin. It’s not super heavy Most of them are pretty lightweight, but this one has like a really nice gel consistency is like kind of sticky That’s the only downside to it It’s a little bit sticky, but when you put it on just glides over your skin really nicely it does not feel greasy at all, and I’ve been using this for about Want to say like – and I have almost three months and I’ve been loving it. I get it off of shiny darlings website She’s a celebrity aesthetician and I’ve learnt a lot from just watching her videos and I follow her on Instagram So obsessed with her Instagram page because I learn a lot about skincare and she talks about this era a lot So I was on the hunt for a new Hydrating serum and this one just kept intriguing me I read about it and read the ingredients and it just made a whole lot of sense when I read all the benefits So if you guys want to read up on this theorem I highly recommend it all serums are not created equal even though I do feel like if you’re gonna splurge on any skin care product It should be a serum because a lot of my products have fillers and then the serums are like the most beneficial for your skin They’re gonna penetrate the most and they’re going to have the most benefits in them. That’s true. Yeah I just started using my new growth factor theorem, and I’m I’m loving it But I didn’t want to mention it in this video because I haven’t been using it long enough yet But they are the goal when it comes to skincare like growth factor serums. How do I guess it? Yeah you need to eat you want okay, so I have one skincare product here and it’s something I mentioned before I mentioned this in a Favorite the last video. Thank you was a winter essentials a bunch of beauty essentials I mentioned this and this is the Saint Jane luxury beauty serum So this actually has to wear the luxury in it But this is basically a Muji CBD serum for your face and it’s an oil so I don’t know why they call it serum It’s a lot of brands that have been doing that causing oil Serums and it’s kind of confusing for people who don’t know a lot about skincare me personally I’ve studied a lot about skincare on my own over the past few years so I know the difference between a Ceremonial and it innervates me that they put serum on oil bottles of my business and oil So if you’re looking for this and if you’re looking at it on Sephora, this is not a serum It’s an oil but I’ve been using this for the past Like all season actually it’s not almost six like five maybe four or five It’s a really really good oil and I’ve used so many oils over the past Years, and this is definitely one of the ones that I’ve seen the most results from faster CVD is an excellent ingredient. I’ve already talked about this So if you guys want to know more about this theorem Just check out our winter beauty essentials because I raved about this product and for darn good reason It’s super moisturizing but it doesn’t clog my floor’s so I only put about two drops at the very end of my skincare routine and I warm it up in my hand and then just press into my skin and my Space it’s just so plump. It kind of makes my skin feel like a cooling sensation It sounds weird but like when you put it on last that kind of tingles a little bit So I feel like it’s doing something but it’s just balm Okay, so the next face product is a primer and I don’t know if you guys know this But I told myself that I was done with primer and I basically got rid of all of them Except this one because I feel like they’re a waste of time You can just honestly put on moisturizer and go right into your makeup Whatever routine that is because so many primers aren’t all wasted money. I’ve learned over the years I think I do like some I really like work for like two hours and then I’m back oily yesterday I don’t feel as flawless as I did when I first did my makeup So some of them are very gimmicky as marriage where it’s like a marketing trick to make you think you need it That’s very true. And I was one of those people who fell into the primer trap I’ve noticed that like I have a full drawer full of primers and I don’t Look like four of them. Yeah, and I have like over 1015 primers. Yeah, and none of them work except like five. So I think I’ll do top five primers for oily skin That’s a good video Yeah that threw away like more than half of mine and I’ll add I think I have like three left Let my J one jelly PEC ones like the Korean brain without though. Those are nice, but they’re nice and skanky I’ll keep those The MEC time check lotion is lit, too But this if I can use one primer and I probably will be using this for the rest of my life This is from the brand Sicily and this is their instant and long-term Primer, it’s just called instant and long-term by the rim, Sicily This is the frontier and this this Legrand has a lot of very pricey products, especially their skincare ridiculous insane McDonald Earth The Kills they don’t like the Chong Cheech. I use one of their tonic It was like I think $80 and I saw like no results not worth it, but this is balm It’s amazing. Like it literally gives you porcelain skin. You’re so smooth If you have issue with pores Which I feel like I’ve been having as I’ve gotten older. I haven’t used to have a problem with my pores I don’t know but lately I’ve been seeing them they’re more noticeable. So this This is it. Like if you are looking for a very high-end primer But extremely effective and your over all the other primers that you’ve been using and you just want something solid that’s gonna work This is it’s very consistent. You know, we knew some primers and you tried the first time you like Oh, I kind of like that use again. You like they don’t work the same this they’re consistent. So I love this product I’m not gonna lie when you go see the pressure gonna be like really came true. That’s the joke. Are you kidding? This is a luxury Like video and then I like report us. Oh just giving okay. Just don’t even think about it You lose a gift to yourself treat yourself, you know, whatever time that is for you Just you. Okay, so mix we’re gonna go into fragrances because I feel like it’s not a luxury beauty products video without perfumes Definitely just like it’s not so I have to Tom for its cents here They’re very different but both equally as amazing. So the first one I mentioned I guess is this one here This is the time for it ombre leather. I’ve mentioned this in a favorites video before this is a unisex scent I found it in the unisex section in the forum. It’s so nice you or your man to use it It’s just something about this like really soft but woodsy very nighttime very sexy It’s like very hard to describe but I promise you – a little oaky. Mm-hmm I like it just bombed. But like I said, it does have this soft undertone. That’s why it’s perfect for me and in women It’s so good. I love it. So nice. I just want to wear all black when I wear it I just write I don’t looks like a nice black like matte black But I just want to hope all black I put on just usually when I was a consider It’s not hard for you to do. No, it’s not Um, but yeah, you just feel like a badass but sexy at the same time when you wear this So it’s like the perfect balance so Tom for it ivory leather. It’s definitely worth the money and then the next step from Tom Ford This in this bottle in particular they have so many freaking sense in this bottle that I get overwhelmed Every time I go to the Tom Ford counter, I’m like, okay, it’s too many sisters now but this one in particular Stood out to me It’s time for it the lost cherry and this is perfect for the girl a girl that likes a touch of edginess into her sense This does smell sweet but it’s not like it makes you nauseous sweet. It’s the opposite of the ombre leather pretty much Yeah, so this is like super super girly but like I see it not too sweet. Oh Yes, it’s so nice. Uh-huh likes most like and even if you don’t like cherry awesomes I feel like even if you don’t like smell cheese, you like this. You must feel like this. It’s so good So I was just more like you just want to eat yourself. You just smell juicy You smelt edible exactly see how juicy this is perfect for date night. It’s just so good That’s like a lot of guys would like this on girls. Oh No, cuz I feel like guys like they like sweet things on us some reason So speaking of sweet scents. I don’t like I want to mention and It’s it makes a lot of sense that it’s one because this is the best niche brand Perfume that smells so far when I say Mischa, I mean non designer like designer is in you know wife sales You know like those are where I’m a Tom Ford. Yeah niche is like, you know a Brand, that’s not that well-known and they’ll are like under the radar and they’re strictly known for for fragrance. That’s this brand This is Mason Francis Carla. Jean Paris baccarat Rouge by forty perfume So I’m sure you guys have seen this perfume I know number of times on a lot of people’s pages like instagrams YouTube videos like I’ve seen this perfume everywhere I initially heard about it from Rosita alpha bum I realized that we owned a lot of the same ones and I’ll need to be realizing that I’m like Oh I have that and sometimes I forget what I have but she kept raving about how good this was and I blind bought it which means I bought it without smelling it and No, grip, it smells sweet. It has a hint with the Cologne in there. It’s very sexy very like smooth and creamy in a way where it’s just like the most perfect spent so good like if this it has jasmine tea And I don’t really smell any jasmine. But yeah, I don’t get floral from that. It’s so so good This is the nighttime scent, although it’s extra as I am I would wear it in the daytime and it lasts a really long time on me something. Yeah, right here. It does Not last at all on them and some people I hear it lasts forever. I’m one of those people that it lasts forever so it just loves the perfume obsessed person to me that you just We go together if they divide a chemistry that I have with this perfume Is a 1 it’s probably one of the best smelling perfumes I’ve ever smelled In my life, we not being dramatic. No in trust me. We just will tell you if something is right. This is quartz Yeah, amazing, you know I’m upset. This is the only bottle that I’ve ever bought. So I’m still hanging in there I put a pretty big dent in it and Kelsey sometimes comes in my room. It’s crazy without telling me so We’re going out to dinner or something because in LA it’s not like everyday things expensive sabi, you know gauging it I don’t wear this every day, but when I do I’m baby. Ok still on the body category now. We’re moving into body butters and only have one There’s a luxury but worth the price because let’s be real a lot of luxury Body Lotion their mother’s not even works like they smell good but they’re having washed This one however is excellent the words are kind of rubbed off because that used it so much I use an abuse to stuff And every time I buy this I don’t use any of my other lotions or body butters I only use this until it’s gone This is from the labo this just that once the namma days is rubbed all the body cream I think it’s in a little of OH body cream. It has avocado in it a bunch of amazing oils It’s just so freakin good like in the smell is out of this world amazing. It’s like a luxe clean smell It’s like the most fresh loogey like hotel smell. It smells like bougie hotel. I agree because it smells like Eucalyptus it smells like bergamot bergamont a little smell managed without the wood in it So if you like those kind of sense, you would love this body butter and like I said, not only does it smell amazing But it works amazing like my skin is glistening every time I use this so It’s kind of pricey for a body butter. But of course that’s what this videos about. It’s about pricing. That works So this works and I’m telling you I only use this. I don’t even have to use an oil with it It’s not one of those body butters. That’s too thick either. So you won’t be like rubbing it like forever for like 60 seconds I feel like if the body butter and own true being about 30 seconds is too thick to me So this is really really nice and balanced. So it’s not too thick but it still gives you the nice Moisturization of a super thick body butter, right? Oh, yeah in the second body butter that in this video We only have to use it to narrow down definitely is the salt de Janeiro Brazilian bum bum cream I love this stuff been using it for years the first time Kelsey and I tried it It hadn’t even come out yet It’s before we got it in like this little swag bag and we wait. We’re in New York and this is beauty con Yeah, that was beauty confident and I was not ready for the smell. No, I smell booze. I was like, oh Yes, it was like that kind of reaction this is a very sweet nutty buttery creamy caramel caramel Finch it smells like pistachio as well So if you are into a sweet edible said this is a really good nighttime body butter. I would say and I went I winter and summer summer I was gonna tell you the dirty Round two offseason now, this is more falling winter. Thanks not a cent to me But this is very sweet if you don’t like sweet scents then I will go for the lulav Oh one but if you love sweet scents, you’ll love this one and it just smells like summer dream It’s so so good and I bought so many of these and I actually have backups on my bathroom That’s how much I love it. They also have a shower gel They have a body spray and they even have makeup scrub now So they have a lot of products that they’ve added to this land. I have all of those things except one Well, I have the shower Jun. They have a chat staff just a little rainy. I don’t have the little bomb dick ulis So if you would like to layer Then they have other products. It’s nine nights night. Yeah some nights when I use this and I spray over top the body spray I smell like it all the way into them the next day. So it lingers for quite some time Okay, so speaking of things that smell amazing I feel like this video had a lot of smell good video, but I feel like when it comes to luxury I feel like the longer luxuries like sense But y’all knew we could not do a look at her video when I’m talking about a candle This one is from cabal den. Kendra put me onto these candles They’re absolutely amazing They last so freakin long like you burning them for months at a time like this one look handle But this one is my favorite scent in particular. This is Hudson. I’ve never been more connected to a candle in this one I don’t know what it is. It’s just it smells like our house. Well, of course our house, but it smells like Great mixed with sweet mix with hookah might sound kind of weird but if you ever like smoke Hookah, you kind of know like what the smell is. Yeah, it’s just so nice. It has like a fruity undertone but sexy soft It’s just good like you want your house to smell like this. It smells so freakin good They have a lot of other really good sense, but I do smell like smelly. It’s like comforting, right? Oh used to yeah It’s very comforting. That should make some like tiny mini ones because I want to travel with it It smells looks like it smells like a luxury so so good like it’s also very good Like I wish they would come out with like the bigger weeks because the all of them coming this size But they last a long time cuz their hand poor but I wish they came in those big. John malone sizes Yeah, that would be amazing It would be nice and diffusers because I like to use diffusers like in our entryway So I will use those too, but they only have candles right now. Yeah. Oh Yeah, they have a couple of new scents, but we always go back to our same ones You have not tried cobalt in cowboy G I highly recommend just giving one a try just gonna try one and you Know what I tell what you’re gonna like to but I don’t know well enough to know what I’m gonna like this very true. So Okay, and last but not least is a hair tool So I’ve seen mixed reviews on this product, but for me, it has saved my hair watching days. So this is the Dyson blow-dryer, this is over two hundred dollars, I think but This product cuts down the drying time either blow dryers don’t matter to you and you don’t care about the price you just rather than have a cheap each EP one or they Matter to you because you have extremely thick hair and you don’t want to blow dry your hair for two hours. Yes Sweating and having your forearms burning. It’s just not fun So this has saved me comes to how long it takes the water on my hair now I will dry my hair in like 20 minutes 30 minutes 25 minutes, so That’s not long for me compared to how long it you think. So, I love this blow dryer I love the magnetic attachments. They have a diffuser they have I think another One like this and Trench concentration nozzle. Thank you. I use the concentration nozzle because I’m trying to get you know, like a smooth finish But I love the sound because it’s not too too loud because I have low driver in the past day You can hear like two rooms down loud This one has like more of a soft sound stop blow out It’s not plugged and so I can’t demonstrate but just trust me. I love this a blow dryer I just can’t get enough of it It’s the only one that I’ve been using for like the past year and it has different levels So it has like a low a medium and a really high it has a cool button It has like a fast and like a slow setting so the speed Like the concentration of how much air you want to cut out? Yeah, so I just love how supple but also how effective effective in detail this tool is so It has hair dye on it. Wow know how that got there Don’t know but love it if you guys have been contemplating and you feel like you need a new blow-dryer This one is a solid one because if you’re buying ygp, like heat tools you have to repurchase them like every year and Technically the adds up to the amount that you would be spending one time on one product that will last you for years So I’m just saying think about okay guys, so that completes this video. Hope you guys try out some of these products I’m telling you you will not regret it treat yourself. Sometimes. It’s okay to treat yourself sometimes We not think about everything in this video But pick a couple of things that you may want to splurge on for yourself around your birthday Christmas Valentine’s Day, you know It’s good to treat yourself. We love that Or just because like you had it like I’m to say you had a good payday. You just want to treat yourself. Yeah Okay, sometimes so when my time comes come back to this video and refer to some of these recommendations So yeah with all that being sable. Hope you guys enjoyed this video and we’ll see y’all next time

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