MAC Studio Fix: The best foundation ever for flawless skin!

Hey fashion sisters! I’m Marina de Giovanni
and welcome back to Not a Model TV. Today I’m going to show you how to do makeup flawlessly
so that your skin looks smooth and radiant. A lot of you have commented on my Facebook
and Instagram on how Flawless my skin looks and thank you. I’m glad you all noticed because
I do spend a lot of time and money on preserving my skin and I will be doing a skin care video
soon so stay tuned for that but today, I’m gonna show you how to do makeup flawlessly.
So I used two foundations. I use the Lift Lumiere by Chanel which is a medium coverage
and it’s really great for my days off when I’m not shooting blog posts. It’s really good
because it’s light weight and it doesn’t really congest your skin as much. But when I am shooting
blog posts and what gives me that flawless skin look is this MAC Studio Fix. It’s a really
heavy coverage and it photographs really well but I don’t recommend using it as an everyday
makeup because it can really clog up your skin. So I’m just going to pump a pump and
a half on the back of my hand and I’m gonna apply that with my MAC 195 foundation brush.
So I like to work from the nose outwards. Everyone’s different, you can do whatever
you like as long as you get it on there evenly. Now I’m gonna conceal my eyes and I’m going
to use my MAC Pro Longwear concealer and I’m in NC30. So I’m just gonna pop a tiny bit
on the back of my hand and no matter how soft I press the little button too much always
comes out. So I’m gonna take my MAC 195 brush and I’m just gonna make a triangle under my
eye. Then I’m gonna take my MAC 286 brush and I’m gonna blend that in. Now you don’t
need two brushes to do this, I just prefer it. You can certainly blend it in with the
195. I just like the natural way that this blends. It’s a bit cakey with the 195. I’m
just gonna blend that in and a little bit up the side as well because it’s a bit dark
around there. So that’s my eye done and I’m just gonna do the side and I’ll be back with
you. Now this best foundation (MAC Studio Fix)
doesn’t need setting with a powder as it’s quite matte but I do have this Studio Fix
powder as well that I use later in the day when I just need to touch up. But the concealer
is a little dewy so I do like to press that in and set that in with a bit of powder as
well. So I just take my MAC 227 brush, it’s a small brush and you can use any kind of
brush. You can just manipulate something like this and just getting it under the eyes. So
I’m just gonna pat that in. Just gently, you don’t want too much. You just want to set
that in so when you sweat and go outside and you’re walking through pollution and you know
humid air, you know, all the oils and pollutions in the air are gonna make it fall off your
face. So now I’m gonna do with my eyeshadow but
I’m really just gonna go with a minimal look today because it’s all about the best foundation.
So should I use my 1 2 or 3? No, I’m gonna use this MAC eyeshadow in Velvet Vanilla and
I’m gonna use that with my MAC 227 again and I’m just literally do it once over, over my
eyelid because that’s just gonna illuminate my eyes a little, not too much. It’s just
gonna make me look a little more fresh and exciting. Just up on the brow as well and
it really is, it’s like almost you have nothing on. And I’m not even putting an eyeshadow
base under this because it’s such a really light you know, once over.
Okay, so I’m gonna put some mascara on. I’m going to use my Dior Show. This is my favorite
mascara I have been using it since it came out. I use all different kinds of mascaras.
I love this one when I’m doing more dramatic eyes and things like that. For day time I
normally use my MAC in Extreme Dimension Lash mascara. But today I feel like I’m using Dior
Show. And I love that with this Mascara I don’t even need to use eyelash curler to get
those straight lashes to curl up because this mascara does it really well.
So next I’m just going to use a little bit of bronzer and this one is the Rimmel bronzing
compact powder in medium matte and I’m going to apply it with my Chanel mini brush. I love
this brush because it’s a real all rounder and I just usually manipulate it a little
bit when I’m using bronzer and I’m just gonna put a bit under my cheek bones just really
lightly. I don’t want a dramatic contour look. And then just a little bit on my forehead
and down my nose. Now I’m going to use my blush. I love my Dior
Blush in Rosebud it’s number 939. I find it really hard to get. This is actually my last
palette. Last time I bought it in Hawaii I got the last one. I bought two, I got the
last two and I hope that when I run out I can find it again but I think they stopped
making it. So I’m just gonna use my MAC 168 brush. It’s an angled brush and I’m just gonna
go on upward strokes and just slight circles. My boyfriend always asks me why I smile when
I put my blush on. It’s so that my cheeks can pop up a bit more so that I get it evenly.
It does look weird you know, smiling at yourself for no reason.
And the last thing that I do when I do my MAC studio fix makeup is my lipstick and it’s
really cold outside today and cloudy and I would rather be on a Greek island somewhere.
So I’m gonna use MAC ravishing which is a nice summery color. It’s one of my favorite
and I even have it in the lipgloss so I’m just gonna put a bit of lip gloss over the
top just to make the color pop and give it a bit more gloss.
And that’s how I do get flawless skin. If you like this video please give me a big thumbs
up or leave a comment below. I’ll see you on my next video. Bye!

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  1. Great video 😀  I just subscribed so if you could check out mine that would be fab :)) (ps ITS ABOUT SUMMAAA)

  2. Hi,
    I have 2 ?'s 4 u! 1st, I just bought a Bobbi Brown powder brush & it's horrific! It's flimsy, not dense, or fluffy! It was expensive & going back! Do you have any suggestions on a good brush but not a huge brush? 2nd, I have very oily eyelids! I have tried every shadow primer I can get my hands on & not 1 stops the creasing on my lids! Do you have any suggestions on that issue? I like ur minimal approach 2 makeup! I used 2 wear so much & now have narrowed it down 2 the basics! Now I just have so much makeup I don't know what 2 do with myself, I have very oily skin & I had really bad cystic acne but in the past 9 months I've been clearing up! I still have some marks & tend 2 get a few hormonal brake outs monthly but not 2 bad. That's why I covered my face up with so much makeup. I wouldn't leave my house without a full face done. Thanks for your videos, I enjoy them very much!

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