MAC’s Fall Lipstick Lineup: Best Fall Lipsticks

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel. Today
we’re going to be talking about fall lipstick colors. And I decided to focus on MAC for
this particular video because it was the first makeup that I wore when I started wearing
makeup. And I figured, if it ‘aint broke — what — don’t fix it. I’ll actually be trying out
other lipsticks from other brands but for the first one, I decided to just go with what
you know. The lipstcks that I’m going to be showcasing today range from golden bronze
colors all the way to the deep chocolate decadence. So there should be something for everyone
in this line. One more thing that I want to mention is that I choose to put liners on
with all of the lipsticks I’m going to be featuring today. But you absolutely don’t
have to. Feel free to rock that lipstick ‘solo dolo’ because that’s actually how I normally
wear lipstick. For the purposes of the video, I chose to wear lip liners to show you what
it would look like if you decided to pair the lipsticks with liners. So without further
adu, let’s go ahead and get started. Whoop whoop! Yeah girl. It’s time for Fall Lipstick
Season. Whoop, whoop, whoop! Let’s get started. The first color in
the lineup is Dangerous. Dangerous is what MAC considers a Retro Matte finish. That really
just means that it’s a little drier that most of the other lipsticks but the color is very
saturated so you can see even here on my hand, the color shows up very, very well, without
a lot of extra effort. I really love this color and think it can be worn by itself,
with a liner or possibly with the next color that we’re going to use — which is Golden
Shimmer (Golden Bronze). So definitely pick this up if you’re looking for a little pop of color during the
fall season. Next up is Gold Shimmer. Gold Shimmer is what MAC considers to be a frost color. And that really just means that it
has a shimmer to it. You can see that on my hand. I wouldn’t necessarily wear this on its own because it’s so sheer (although it is kinda cute). Instead, I would wear this
over another color to add an extra pop to it. And next, we have Film Noir. And ladies,
let me tell you, this lipstick is amazing. It has a nice satiny finish so it goes on
super smoothly. Film Noir is a chocolate color but as you can see it’s uber cute. You just
have to have confidence and just rock that color. Next, we have Violetta. This one is uber cute, too. Violetta is considered an amplified color. And although you can’t tell
from the swatch I have here, this color is so reminiscent of spring but yet has a nice
bit of drama for the fall season. Take a look here and you can see with one swipe, you can
get a really nice saturated color. So yes, girl. You betta’ rock that color for the fall. Are
there any rebels in the house? If so, this next color is for you. Rebel is also a satin
finish, so it goes on extra smooth and creamy while giving you a little bit sheen. This
color is amazing because it has a purple and red tone combined without being too dark.
So feel free to rock this with anything from your light creams all the way to your dark
colors, too. It’s just perfect for fall. Now although I’m not an instigator, I certainly
wouldn’t mind if I got to wear this lip color. Instigator is a matte finish, so it’s a little
creamier than the retro matte. As you can tell, it’s a nice deep purple, so it’s perfect
for all your fall looks. It’s simply gorgeous. And we can’t end this video without a little
party. That’s why it’s so apropos that this last color is called Party Line. Party Line
is a creamsheen finish. This means that the lip color is moisturizing and offers an intense color at the same time. But this burgundy color won’t last long so definitely make sure
to pack it in your bag so you can reapply it throughout the day. And that wraps up MAC’s Fall LipstickLineup. Tell me what you think below. Tweet me or comment below telling me which one is
your favorite fall lipstick. I want to know what you’re going to be rocking this fall.
Wait, there’s more. Follow me online on Instagram and Twitter to get exclusive clips from the
next video. Bye!

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