Makeup Application Tips : Applying Mascara & Eyeliner

Hello, my name is Jessica. I’m a licensed
esthetician for the last two years. I’m here today to talk to you about the application
of mascara and eyeliner. You have three choices on your eyeliner. You have a pencil, you can
use a powder or you can use liquid. Today we will be using a pencil and powder. Whenever
you start the application, you start from the outside in. If you have smaller eyes and
you want to make your eyes bigger, end your line in the center of your eye, do not go
all the way over, that encloses the eye. So we will start holding her eye taut, one smooth
ending in the center. Then to blend that, you can use a small brush and you could use
a darker color, brown or black to match your liner. You would want to use a nice flat brush
line so that you would get a nice motion when you go in. Again, starting from the outside
in. With this you dust it on. You do not want a fine line right there so you’re kind of
masking that so it looks more natural for you. Then with the mascara, you can use brown,
black, they even have blue. When applying it, you would start at the base and hold it
there for a moment, and then roll it up. So you’d start at the base and then roll it up
and then it stays thicker at the base and gets thinner as you go out. If you’re applying
it on somebody else, you ask them to look at your chin and then you would go in and
hold it, lifting the eye. Holding it there helps you get that nice curl. And then when
you move to the bottom, you ask that you would look up. And it’s just enough to highlight
the eye. And that’s a nice application.

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