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Good morning, Good evening everyone My name is Stephany and today we will do a makeup tutorial in Haitian Creole No Cape Verdean Creole here Because everytime I say Creole, everyone tells me Cape Verde? No HAITIAN ok? Before we start I just want tell you all, Im not really an expert I dont speak creole the way Id like so please, give me peace.. dont expect me to speak creole perfect ok. so let us begin So I already finished my eyebrows the only thing i use is a pencil that is called Benefit Cosmetics Precisely my brow you can find this in Sephora or online and under here, I finished up with concealer look at this I use a concealer LA pro girl you can find this anywhere I found it in a hair beauty store like Sally Beauty You can find this for $2 Its very very very important because when you finish putting the pencil on your brows you need to clean it up so it can look like you just got your brows done so you can put it on the bottom. there are some people that put it on top but if you would like it more natural you dont need to put it because you can put foundation thats the same skin color then apply it above like this but today, im going to show you how I do my face if you want a video to see how I do my eyebrows, I can do it for yall let me know so i dont do it for no reason first thing i will put on my face is a primer primer is important because.. before you put any makeup on your face… you need primer you dont want your makeup right on your skin because makeup isnt really good for your skin so this will be like a protection for your skin put it everywhere you can find any primer, even in cvs or walgreens but this one is by Benefit I got in Sephora I like it alot on your whole face now we’re going to put foundation the foundation im using is Fenty Beauty I like fenty alot because my skin is dry so when i apply this, it makes my skin feel good You can put it directly on your skin like this Im going to take this brush to put it everywhere If you need help because you dont know what color will be good for you you can go to sephora and ask them for a sample go home with the sample that you have and try it to see if you like it before you buy it and make sure its the same color as your skin make sure before you purchase foundation because it is expensive You see? Blended very beautiful I use this for concealer this you can find online its called colourpop cosmetics i use two shades and ill show you why the first color im going to use is this its almost the same color as my face but a little bit lighter under my eyes on my nose above my mouth and below and the other concealer thats lighter, Im going to take it to place all below my eyes because you know when you dont sleep and youre tired under your eyes get dark/ you look tired but when you put a light concealer like this it’ll help alot to look like youre awake like an actual human being now im taking a sponge like this that i got from the same company thats called colourpop cosmetics now this sponge, we will use this to blend all the concealer that we have if you don’t have a sponge you can use any brush but dont use the same brush you did for foundation when doing under your eyes, don’t beat too hard because under your eyes are very fragile so take your time, do it gently there are some poeple that use a contour stick to put here this step you dont have to do if you dont want to but im going to do a little I’ll put it on my forehead its very dark, ill show you now you can take another brush or if you have the sponge, you can flip it to use the clean side then you blend now we will put powder there are 2 kinds you will use on your face the first powder you’ll put is a setting powder you can find one in cvs but i got this from sephora its called laura mercier so we’re going to take the sponge and turn it to where its cleaner everywhere you the concealer, put the powder because if you dont put powder, all the concealer its not going to stay, its going to move it’ll create small lines (point to wrinkles) like this. it wont be good and the 2nd powder we will put is to bronze sorry i said contour but its bronzing your face this is what ill use for my face then we’re going to put it the same way we placed the brown concealer if you want, you can put some on your nose if its big this will help make a small small nose and also your forehead im going to use a brush for this mix these both together and when you blend this, dont pull it down. brush it up like this i dont really do my nose but ill do a little. im going to use this because this one is too dark a little on the side do not put it here ok and you want to do this with a small brush because anything too big wont be good im going to put anastasia beverly hills theres 3 colors inside i like to use all of them im just going to mix with a big brush a brush like this you dont need to do this part because i know there are people who dont like to blush. But I like to Now we’re going to something called highlight highlight i like it alot alot alot. but i know there are people who dont really like it milani cosmetics you can find in any cvs pharamacy its very beautiful. its to help make your face glow almost like you have glitter… you know. I like gold so i will use the one thats in the middle highlight i like ALOT, I wont ever go out without it these little areas and a little above lips our face is done, now we’ll put eyeliner fake eyelashes, lipstick then we’re done its been a long time since I wanted to do this video to speak creole but i was scared, scared, scared (meant to say nervous) even now, im still a little ….. because i dont really speak creole often. i dont practice anymore now i dont live with my family, i dont have anyone that can speak creole with me but i said “you know what” i dont need to do a video thats perfect but ill try anyways because im haitian if i try, its better than nothing… force myself to practice so i dont forget the language because im haitian… I cant not know creole done with eyeliner, we’re going to put false lashes now these lashes i got online The Makeup Shack you can find any lashes anywhere and this is the glue i use Duo put the same highlight in the inner corner I wasnt born in haiti, i was born in Boston so its my parents, my whole family, especially my grandma that taught me creole these crayon you can find at MAC Cosmetics its called Chesnut when i do this with my lips, its for all the colors to blend because I will add another color thats lighter on top of this so we want both colors to blend together im going to take a lipstick thats called Colourpop cosmetics a little just in the center if you want to apply pencil under here, but i dont want to today i usually put black or brown but today i wont ill only put mascara if you hear me say a word thats not right/mistake, you can tell me because we’re all helping each other please dont write anything bad in the comment section because i will block you so our face is beautiful you know.. we’re done we look like a different person now we’re going to put a setting spray. its very good for your makeup to stay on all day and if you have dry skin like me it’ll be very important for you if you like this video, make sure you like, comment and subscribe i will force myself to speak creole so i can speak it often i want to help yall. to show everyone how i do my makeup and i know theres alot of people that arent the best at english if you have any questions for me, i will answer everyone you can ask me in the commen section below thank you very much for all of your time watching this video. I really appreciate it we’ll see each other another time bisous

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  1. Yasss Stephany!!!! I loved this video!!! It’s always amazing hearing other languages!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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