Makeup tutorial in MARATHI !!! *With Closed Captions*

I’ll have to struggle a lot, A LOT for the intro itself! Namasté everyone! Welcome back to my channel! I’m Dipti Bisht and this is my YouTube Channel I make Makeup videos and these kind of videos where you will be entertained and maybe get a good laugh *chuckles in Marathi* You have seen the title of this video already I’m Maharashtrian. I speak in Marathi language at home. Some might wonder that my last name Bisht is not Maharashtrian, then how do I speak Marathi? My mother is Maharashtrian so we all speak Marathi mostly. I used to get a lot of suggestions to film videos in my native tongue. Mostly to do a video in Marathi. I found out that there are very few Marathi(beauty) videos on YouTube! There are abundant other Marathi videos but very few makeup videos. That’s why I thought doing a video in Marathi is a good idea! I am very awkward as the video begins. And my Marathi is not pure either. It is mixed with the Mumbai lingo. Please, bear with me! When you’re watching this video, it is the day of Gudi Padva! Happy Gudi Padva to everyone I thought what better time to film a Marathi video? If you want to know how I got this simple yet glam look, in Marathi…. …please continue watching I’m going to try to attempt to film this whole video in Marathi ! I’m unaware of Marathi terms synonymous to the makeup terms like foundation, concealer, etc Without wasting more time… …let’s start with the tutorial! I always start with my eyebrows I used an eyebrow pencil to fill in my brows The reason why I start from brows is- if I use the spoolie brush after applying foundation The brush will take off the foundation around the brows while blending Firstly, for primer… I’m going to use the Smashbox Primer Water If you have been watching me from the beginning then.. …you’ll know two things… 1. The Primer water tastes horrendous. 2. This is my favourite mist. I’m also going to apply Smashbox Crystallised Primerizer, another favourite! It’s very hydrating and smoothing on the skin. And this is the crystallised version so it has peachy sheen, which looks very glowy For my eyes I’m going to use Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 palette. Which looks like so. It’s is very beautiful and has a variety of textures. I’m sure you have seen this palette on socials… …I have used this a couple of times here and there The colour story of the palette is amazing, very innovative ! I had not seen a palette like this, very neutral, natural looking colours with 4 textures. To prime my eyelids I’m going touse concealer. Currently everyone is quarantined… …What is everybody upto? If you have suggestions beyond these options please let me know There’s this crow out… he thinks me filming is me talking to him… So he keeps cawing ! Please suggest me things to do in quarantine Because now that I have all the time in the world, I don’t want to Netflix lmao I’m reading books to pass my time, I try to read as much as possible… …because we’re always either on our phones or laptops …it’s better to have some time off the screens! So I’ve been reading and I finished The Da Vinci Code day before yesterday. Currently, I’m reading Game of Thrones… It’s a huge book I’d read some before and I’ve reached in the middle and left it It is a little boring because I’ve seen the series so I know the story The second book I’m reading is Breaking the habit of being yourself This was Nicole Guerreiro’s suggestion, long ago The first shade I’m taking is Aura Matte and setting my crease area Because I primed my lids I have to set them now It’s better if the crease area is dry for blending I’m going to take a fluffy blending brush now This one is by Morphe You can take any brush you have And I’m going to dive into Soothe Sequin shade The shades are very pigmented Sequin shades have few sparkles But if you tap off the excess the sparkles will fall off I’m going to build the shade in my crease area. Crease lies between the mobile lid and eyebrow bone. When I open my eyes & look straight my crease is here Since my eyes are small, I trick the appearance of a higher crease by applying the eyeshadow higher This makes the eyes look bigger Not doing a very glam look as We’re not going out today. STAY IN! …and it is Gudi Padva It’s an auspicious day Gudi Padva is a big deal in Maharashtra The significance of Gudi Padva is that it marks the start of the Hindu New Year tomorrow, or today as you watch this! Also signifies the start of reaping time of Rabi Crops such as wheat, lentils, etc Next I’m picking up the shade Ritual Matte. It’s very pigmented and deep, so knock off the excess. Going to build it in my outer corners. Grabbing Ritual Metallic on my fingertips.. And I’m going to cover my entire eyelids till the outer thirds Who all are working/studying from home? TBH, I’m not working from home because my business work CANNOT happen from home Now let’s do some face makeup Then we’ll come back to do the eyes I’ve already primed my face So now we can apply foundation Before foundation I’m going to take HenaaHainaa Beauty’s latest Belle Gelée shadow There are 12 shades of these eyeshadows. But the shade LACE is a beautiful champagne colour. And I’m going to apply this before foundation as my cream highlighter Going to dab it and blend it out It’s very Very intense For foundation today I’m using The L’Oréal Infallible 24H Freshwear foundation My shade is 230 Radiant Honey Going to take 1 pump of it and Blend using the HHB Dab it sponge My Marathi is broken and mixed with Mumbai’s lingo TBH, I’m more comfortable speaking Hindi than Marathi It so happened that, during my school and college years, I used to speak more Hindi Than Marathi. Hence, I can speak Hindi more fluently. I get awkward speaking Marathi Only in front of people It’s not that my Marathi is bad I’m just awkward in front of people I’ve got a new concealer today, not new to me but I’ve not used it on camera yet. This is the Benefit Boiing Cakeless concealer. I’m in the shade 05 It’s a little light for me but I don’t mind as it has a brightening effect Since it is lighter than my usual shade… I’ve used it everywhere else Centre of my forehead Bridge of my nose So that it brightens up everywhere, uniformly. To set my under eyes and wherever I applied concealer I’m using Fenty Beauty Pro Filt’r powder in Banana To set the rest of my face I’m using Maybelline Fit Me powder, of course It’s my absolutely favourite powder To bronze up the face I’m using Physician’s Formula Butter bronzer It is now available in India on Nykaa and HokMakeup Very pretty, natural looking Gets blended easily And it is pigmented but not crazy, very forgiving Under the eyes For eyeshadow on my lower lash line I’m going to use… Going to mix Soothe Matte and Sequin shades I’m going to pick a flat defined brush and shade Ritual matte Going to pack it close to my Lower lashes in the outer half I don’t want this look to be too dramatic and smokey Going to pick up Soothe Glitter Just a little bit It is very intense & pigmented I’m going to press and concentrate this shade mainly in the centre of my lids Wow! I haven’t seen a glitter like this! Picking up Memory matte, I’ve seen videos that it is very intense. Picking a tiny bit, I’m going to press it close to my upper lashes like an eyeliner I have not dragged this shade all the way till the inner corner & kept it in the outer two thirds. For eyeliner I’m using the Pixi eyeliner in BlackNoir on my waterline & tightline Taking Aura Metallic on a smaller pencil brush I’m highlighting the inner corners of my eye. Using NYX Worth the Hype mascara, I’m going to coat my top lashes first For blush I’m taking the Jouer Rose Cut Gems palette Going to use the shade Crystalline It’s a new palette, I got it recently. It’s very pretty. I’m picking up Crystalline because it ties together really well with the colours we have on our eyes Before applying highlighter, I’m going to spritz my face again to melt all the powders. Now we’re going to highlight and for this I’m very… I don’t know synonym for excited in Marathi. I’m excited because ABH has brought back their highlighter palette with Nicole Guerriero! Little too much?! I’m not applying falsies today Just applying mascara. For lipliner I’m using KayBeauty by Katrina in shade Hype Using the Physician’s Formula The Healthy lip in shade Bare with Me This is a very pretty nude-ish peachy-pinky shade. You can leave it here… OR if you’re extra like me Then you can add gloss! For lipgloss I’m going to use Dominque cosmetics lemonade lipgloss in Sweet Tea This lipgloss smells like the Brittania nice time biscuits With this the look is complete. Please let me know in the comments below what videos you would like to see next! If you liked the video please hit the thumbs-up button! Please Subscribe! And keep watching my channel I shall see you guys in the next one Happy Gudi Padwa to all!! Take care Stay inside the house Watch Netflix, watch my videos But don’t go out!

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  1. Kiti goad distes tu 🥰❤️ please correct me if I'm wrong! The eye look is stealing the show! This is the first tutorial I've watched in a language I don't understand but the subtitles helped a lot! You look very cute when you speak in Marathi!! lots of loveeeee

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