Are you tired of taking makeup advice
from your desi grandma? Ronald McDonald School of Cosmetology ? or engineers who take precision too seriously? Introducing the Perfect Makeup Process Flow otherwise known as the PMF diagram. This patented formula was perfected in the 9to5 MisFits lab by experts Pavi and Nammy, perfect for every occasion And much more… I got it from here announcer dude … What looks do I want? Yeeeaaahh, definitely not that one. What tools to use? Ooh so pretty! Use the following process! You gotta have Bhel Puri after, so lipstick comes last right? Good thinking, Nammy! Your face is a Brownfield Project Engineers, Am I Right? By the way pick a foundation that matches your complexion guys and not like five shades
lighter No Fair & Lovely here! Okay so you make two right triangles Oh..she’s joining the hypotenuse.
Yay Geometry! Okay now pretend you’re going to a football game. Ooh, Blend! If you have colored contacts, throw it away. If you have blue eyeshadow, throw it away. Pick a neutral shade, think Sonam
Kapoor less 1990’s Karishma Kapoor Make two obtuse triangles! O-Snap! Where’s AutoCAD when you need it!? Oh, she’s about to curse! Anger level: Amrish Puri! Okay now, get only the waterline.. let’s not go overboard.. yeah, shut it down! Trying to look like Nandita Das over here! Okay thick eyebrows are in but not like Jhanjhariya (song) style Fill them in like Anil Kapoor’s Chest! Telescopic mascara, what
is this even? That’s it, get your Garba on! Okay nice and feather dustery Oooh if Parvati bai doesn’t show up today I totes have a makeshift Jhaadu ready Make duck face, draw dark hidden lines on the bridge of your nose sides of your face Ooh well, that looks like war paint, blend it like that coconut chutney baby! Oh Gawd, I hope my mom doesn’t catch me. okay I better put some blush on top of that, quick! “Beta Pavi, why are you making your face so dark, shaadi kaun karega?” – Mom Nope, not that one! This one! Highlight your face like you highlight your skills on resume Shine bright like a diamond! I mean you’re not a monster! So berry shades are in these days but if you’re too Chindi cheap just layer up with whatever you have. so go with the red, then you go with the black.. ..and once you go black… never
mind. Make sure you take 5 selfies with chashma yeah…No definitely without chashma To evaluate success, upload to Facebook, monitor your likes, and do the Ekta Kapoor’s Sasu-ma Test! Now enjoy your triple degree in Medical Engineering Law


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