MDuy Vlog_Makeup Madness | GRWM_My 1st ever makeup tutorial_FentyBeauty | Vertical Edition/ SUB

Hello! Hi! Hey there! Xin chàooo! 1st thing 1st: ya boi need to see so I’m putting on my contact lens *blindaf This is the face you make when you can FINALLY see everything after 7749th attempt putting on contact lens *1stworldproblem PRIMER! I’m using the Maybeline Baby Skin Pore Eraser Primer cuz this one is cheap *lol and really helps to ‘base’ my poor skin The silicon formular is not that scary and helps covering (almost_I said almost) my skin condition *badskinproblem FOUNDATION! For foundation I’m only trust the Fenty Beauty PRO FILT’R SOFT MATTE LONGWEAR FOUNDATION in shade 220 to do the job I’m using a silicon (sponge?!) to apply the foundation cuz ya boi need to save everything of that one pump *cryinporverty Nothing is going to waste and the blend is REAL! I’d like to spread it all over my face first to make sure the whole face is covered I’m not worry about the fact that this foundation kinda dry too fast cuz with this oily face and humid weather… *well As you can see it got a little lighter than my actual skin tone but it will ‘blend’ naturally after a while *chemistrythingthatIdontunderstand CONCEALER/ CONTOUR As Rihanna used to say:”Concealer is for hiding your bad decisions” so I’m hiding mine=]] This contour stick is showing nothing on the skin right now *shameonyou I did the blending like it was there omfg POWDER! The Maybeline Fit me! Matte + Poreless Powder really gets the job done nice and easy It helps me control the oil on my face and add an extra step on covering all the *cough* pores BROWS! I thank my mom everyday for giving me them full brows that I only have to do a little effort at the end of my brows=]] EYESHADOW! The story behind how I got the MOROCCAN SPICE EYESHADOW PALETTE was very *intense* and maybe I’ll share with you guys about that in the future=]] Casually warming up my eyes with neutral tones, nothing special here I’m using the ‘earthy’ colors to give my dead eyes some ‘depth & definition ‘ as you would say BRONZER/ HIGHLIGHTER This KILLAWATT FREESTYLE HIGHLIGHTER DUO is not a bronzer at ALL but the shade can helps me to warm up that face ‘cuz I’m too poor to buy a Fenty bronzer *cryinporvertyx2 *look at that shineeeeee DIAMOND BOMB ALL-OVER DIAMOND VEIL This is datenight look so why don’t we get that extra shine we deserve? 😉 *my lips were dry af GLOSS BOMB! You can’t never go wrong with the iconic GLOSS BOMB UNIVERSAL LIP LUMINIZER from Fenty Beauty BAAM! The glow OMG! Not oily shine okay?=]] Thanks for keeping up with me until now!

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