Merle Norman Cosmetics – Revitalizing Bubbly Mask

hi everyone it’s me again
Elle Leary beauty expert for Merle Norman now I am really excited about
Merle Norman’s latest skincare addition we all know that we should get eight
hours of sleep take our vitamins and drink eight glasses of water right every
day to have great looking skin and to feel good but the fact is it just
doesn’t always happen that way and because of this our skin looks like it
needs to be revitalized it’s lifeless and looks like it’s lost its radiance
Merle Norman’s new Revitalizing Bubbly Mask helps recharge skin with the power
of brightening bubbles this mask is all about instant gratification I like to
call it my little rescue in a bottle now this multi-sensory formula goes from a
gel to a super bubbly cloud like foam releasing aeration technology with a
bubbling action that begins upon contact with your skin you will love the
delightful tickly feeling and refreshing citrus burst of pink grapefruit that
will excite and delight your senses you will love how it will leave your skin
looking refreshed radiant renewed and glowing just like it took a breath of
fresh air now makeup artists you will want to keep this one in your kit
because it provides an instant skin radiance that gives the amazing glow
from within look now this product is going to make your skin smooth and silky
and soft and it’s the perfect prep for everything else that goes on after it
all right now let’s get into the amazing technology behind this quick pick-me-up
for skin Revitalizing Bubbly Mask has a self foaming agent that triggers the
aeration technology upon contact with your skin our custom blended pink
grapefruit scent and grapefruit seed extract gives you that fresh squeezed
burst of citrus that just immediately refreshes and awakens the senses skin
conditioning humectants and emollients improve skin condition while adding
silkiness and moisturization that leaves the skin silky soft and ultra smooth
Revitalizing Bubbly Mask also contains vivillume now
that’s an exotic natural extract derived from the seed of the white bird of
paradise flower this extract helps restore skin luminosity promotes even
skin tone and recaptures skins youthful vitality and time-released antioxidants
soothe condition improve clarity and even out skin tone in just 10 minutes
skin will look more radiant and more polished and it will feel silkier
softer and smoother are you ready to see it in action let’s start applying our
Revitalizing Bubbly Mask to our skin now so what you’re going to do is you’re
going to cleanse like normal and then you’re going to dispense a few pumps
onto your fingertips and I’ll show you how that works
so how you’re going to apply this is after you’ve cleansed your skin like
normal you’re going to take this airless pump and you’re gonna dispense a few
pumps onto your fingers so we’ll show you just like this and look at its great
color isn’t it beautiful it’s that grapefruit
pink so you’re going to take a few pumps just like this on your finger you’re
going to apply it in smooth strokes now the important thing to remember is to do
it in sections so I like to say start on your forehead then go on your cheeks
maybe down your nose and onto your chin make sure you don’t go over it several
times because with this formula basically it’s not like a regular mask
you don’t kind of work it into the skin like a moisturizer or a foaming cleanser
you actually just glide it over your skin and let the magic kind of happen so
what we’re going to see look at you can see the bubbles already starting to kind
of pop up and kind of tickle your back of your hand obviously as you can see
the back of my hand but you’re going to feel this on the skin it feels really
fun we’re going to wait for this gel to get all nice and bubbly and again just
one last thing again just do not go over that area again because we want this to
happen we want this fun fizzy bubbly action to happen on our skin all right
you guys look even after this just few minutes it’s getting so big and foamy
look at you can even see it from the side right so as you wear this as it
goes on your skin just keeps getting bigger and bigger and
working more and more and making your skin look beautiful and soft and silky
so let’s talk about taking it off alright so you’re just going to take off
the foam just gently with you know whatever you have at home and then
you’re going to either splash with a little bit of water
you don’t need to rewash your skin you don’t need to do anything like that but
maybe just a little water would be great just to kind of finally take off all of
the product what I see here is skin looks silkier healthier definitely more
hydrated and more moisturized it is this is going to be your go-to product before
you start everything love this this is a definite makeup artist kit must-have
because it works as a quick skin prep to create the perfect canvas for makeup
application it’s also great before a special occasion and now I don’t mean
just weddings or proms I’m talking about looking good on your next date night or
your next night out with friends so make sure you run don’t walk to your nearest
Merle Norman store to try out this amazing mask for yourself thank you so
much for joining us in the studio today I’ll see you guys on the next one

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