My Best Lip Makeup, Liners, Shaping Tips & Lipstick Giveaway, Women over 50, #5 of 5 Part Series

Hey awesome ones, Heather here. Today
I got all kind of glammed up for you because today’s video is all about the
lips. I’m going…you know I’ve got really small lips. So I’m gonna be teaching you
how to shape them, maybe make them look a little bit bigger than they
actually are……… make sure that you’re using maybe a
longer lip color on them and also caring for them. The video starts in just a
few seconds So if you’ve been following along on
this five-part series this is number five. Well you know the time flies it
really does, but don’t worry when I finish this series I’m still going to be
putting out lots more videos. So I’m just gonna keep them coming to you, but in
this video we’re going to talk about the lips but let’s just kind of recap what
we did before. The first video was all about eye shadow and I’m going to put
the link up there for you so if you want to watch that video if you missed it you
can take a look. That was all…it had a lot to do with sometimes when we get a
little older we have those hooded eyes. So it talked a lot about the swoosh and
you probably know what I’m talking about there. The second video of the five-part
series was all about the brows and I’m again gonna put the link up there for
you. I don’t know we seem to be losing our…at least I did…lost a lot of hair in
my brows and it was about shaping that sort of thing.
Number three was concealing and foundation. Boy and I got those age spots.
I’ve got those blue veins…I’ve got everything that I had to hide under eye
circles and again great video as far as information. When I say great video I
mean I’ve been learning a lot of things lately and there’s some really great
tips that I have learned. I’ll put the foundation and concealer video up there
as well. Then number four was all about adding a little bit of rosiness to
our cheeks. Some contouring and also I touched a little bit on bronzing and
maybe over bronzing and a little bit on highlighter. On that one again I’m gonna
put it up there so that brings us to number five and let’s talk about our
lips. So let’s start off talking about caring for our lips because you don’t
want to put lipstick on dry chapped cracked lips. And every
single night I have one of these. I think it’s called an EOS and I’m just starting
on a new one right now and there you go, there’s your moisturizer. The old one
that I had it’s it’s in the drawer beside my bed. I put it on every single
night. It has literally lasted and it……… well more than a year so that’s a really
good investment. The other thing everywhere all over the
house my drawer and at my desk, in the kitchen everywhere. I have
some other lip balms. This one happens to be Nivea and it’s got a little bit of a
tinge to it but I’ve always got these nearby because whenever my lips are
feeling you know dry I’ve got to put those on. I’ve also really…I don’t know if you
can see these but I like the the Burt’s Bees ones as well because the Burt’s
Bees lip balm, they’re an all natural product but they also have a little bit
of color to them. So when you…when you put them on this one happens to be a
pink and this one is a red it actually gives you a little bit of color as well
during the day. Look at how thin that is. It’s great for putting in the
back pocket of a pair of jeans. So another way to care for your lips is
make sure you’re wearing your SPF. I really love this one from Vichy. If
you’re going out in the summertime and you really should wear something to
protect your lips, this is actually SPF 30 and also don’t forget in the winter
that Sun is beating down on you maybe you’re going skiing or something along
those lines and don’t forget to wear your SPF and don’t forget to wear it on
your face as well. So I just took off my lipstick with a tissue and a little bit
of cream and Bill if you just do a close up here you’re going to notice that even
though I took off my lipstick my lips still look a little bit tinted red.
It’s kind of a healthy look. Oh my gosh I don’t know about you but I just have to
look at a coffee and it seems that my lipstick comes off in most cases. I’ve
kind of perfected that now and I’m going more for a lip tint than just a lipstick.
We’re going to get into that in just a few seconds. Another thing that I
wanted to mention about my little…like usually when I wake up in the morning I’ve
got these little pale lips and I have chosen not to have any fillers put in my
lips. If you guys know and you probably know I’m 63 years old. I’ve never had any
needles or surgery or anything like that. I mean if you like it that’s great that’s up to you, but it’s kind of not in the cards for me. Now I’ve gotta tell
you that lately I’ve been really going for the red-dish lipstick and the only
thing is, is if you have small lips or you know one side of my lips isn’t
really the same level as the other side. Drawing on the lip liner you know it’s
just not forgiving at all, like you really can’t make a mistake. So on those
days where I’m kind of in a hurry and I want to get going, I’m usually going for
maybe the pinks or the corals and yeah not so much getting into the red but
it’s so beautiful. Let’s show you how I put on the liner. Now I usually want to
go with a lip liner such as these ones. Got all different colors for them but
today as I mentioned I’m going to go for the red. This one is by L’Oreal. It’s
number one or two and…102 I should say. And it’s called ‘Ematulated by you #102. So
they come up with these weird names don’t they for their liners and lipsticks…but anyway.
I’ll try to do this without making a big mistake, but you really have to be
careful when you do it as I said especially with the red and I like to
start just at the Cupid’s bow I think it’s called…..right here. Make sure that your pencil is fairly
sharp as well. Now this side of my lip as I said isn’t really the same shape. So looks a little bit weird right now
and I’m just going to mention at this point too…a lot of women have been
mentioning in the comments that they have the vertical lines sort of going
above their lips and they kind of want to know what to do about it.
Well first of all I would say that like… I’m moisture…I know I’m gonna get them
eventually and so I moisturize a lot there and also you know all around these
lines that we naturally get as we age. I would really strongly suggest that
you work up your eyes a little bit more you know a little more mascara maybe the
little swoosh and I would probably suggest that you put on more of a coral
kind of lipstick. You don’t want people really drawn to your lips because that’s
going to accentuate something and a lot of people who have been smokers this is
something that they experience. So I hope that helps. Now let’s get back to the
bottom part of this lip. Now you probably notice if Bill does a little bit of a
close-up here that really my lips are off balance because this one isn’t the
same as this one. So I have to do a little bit of a cheat and you’re
probably with lips as small as mine you want to go a little bigger then a little
smaller. So on this side here I’m just going to bring it up a little bit more
and that’ll help the look. Now the bottom. Again You don’t want to go…just
take your time into the lip. Yeah right see this part here right in
there…hmm okay now you’re going, ‘Heather that looks totally weird. I want to show
you two applications but if I fill this all in right now I won’t be able to show
you the second application. So what I have done is I…before I used to fill it
in all the time with the lip pencil just fill the rest of the lip in and then put
maybe some kind of a gloss over top. I have gone to breakfast meetings where
I’ve had a whole breakfast and after I finished it about three cups of coffee
and went back to my car checked my lipstick in the mirror it was still a
beautiful, tint. Not as bright as it was before but it still is a
beautiful tint but I found another way of putting on my lipstick and I want to
show it to you now, So I found this great product it’s called NYX powder puff and
it’s like a lip stain…it’s and by the way you guys probably know that I have
never showed you something that’s like really super expensive in makeup. I might
one day, but a lot of these are available in places like Amazon or at your
drugstore. Let me just show you this. it’s…it comes in lots and lots of colors
and it has a neat kind of sponge on the end of it and all you do is you give it
a little squeeze not too much and you just kind of DAB. Isn’t that great?
It goes on like a mousse and then it dries to a beautiful powdery finish. I love it, I love it. I love this
application. And oh and by the way mmm we have also found these products and
we’re gonna link them down below here and we also have them again……. over 50 We’re so proud that Amazon decided to
give us a storefront for our makeup in our fashion and everything and you know
I’m required to say we make a little commission, but that’s how we keep on
making these videos for you and it kind of helps finance that. So thank you very
much from the bottom of our hearts for doing tha,t but I’m not finished with the
lips quite yet. So I just have to mention that this is
still a little too red for me. I might wear it on a date with my husband Bill. I
like it but I just wanted to show you something else that I would do with it.
So what I like to do is just put a little glisten of pink on and I’m just
going to put a little bit here. You probably can’t notice it but for me
it just gives a little bit of shine there and I rather like it. Now this…what
I’m using here is from Revlon the color is 720 and I think it’s called pink
cloud. Boy they really write the names really small on the bottom, but I think
it’s called pink cloud. it is number 720. Now you probably notice that I’m not
wearing one of those goopy lip glosses. I’ve got a bunch of them. I’ve thrown them all out because I just don’t like
them. They’re they’re really sticky they usually don’t last long for me and I
find them…well goopy. So if you’re thinking to yourself, hey there’s some pretty
cool ideas here at Awesome Over 50. You certainly don’t have to be over 50 to be
watching these and enjoying them. We’d love you to be a subscriber. So all you
need to do is just click on the button below and also don’t forget to click the
bell and you’ll be notified when our videos are up, usually I’m doing the
beauty fashion that sort of thing on Fridays and then we got some kind of
cool inspirational, fun, travel, food, those videos come out on Tuesdays. So let’s
talk about the giveaway. I decided to give you three products this time in the
giveaway since this is my final part of the series, but you know what, we’re
not always going to give away something every single time we do a video. I’m
gonna really start thinking about doing it every once in awhile. So stay tuned
for those as well. Look at what I’ve got here. I’ve got the powder puffs the
red NYX. I also want you guys to look after your lips so I also have the
Vichy 50 or no sorry 30’ SPf and I also decided to throw in that beautiful pink
as well. So all you need to do if you want to win this giveaway is be a
subscriber and then just put in the comments that you want the lip product
and we’ll make sure that we put your name and a hat.
We are going to draw for that next wee. So good luck to everybody.
Okay so it’s draw time. I got Bill here and Bill once again, he went and got all
the comments cut. Then you printed them all up. Then…well you tell them what
you did. It was a very very long hard thing to do, but I did it because I want
you to win it. She’s done the mix-up and I’m gonna do the mix-up on
camera and we’ll see what happens. What do we…what are they getting again. Okay
they’re getting the handy-dandy retractable brush and they’re also
getting the L’Oreal infallible contouring and highlighting. So that’s a
pretty good and this is not a cheap brush either. I made sure I got a really
good one for you. did I drop any? Pick it up alright…there’s the
winner and I will read it out to you. Oh it’s a really nice…..Cobweb Afternoon! Oh
she said congratulations to the winner last time. She said: “congratulations to
the winner. Heather I tried contouring my face once and my husband asked me why
my face was dirty. I get that…if you don’t do it right…. right yeah lol. I’m glad you made this
video and would love to be entered in your next drawing. Oh and I really liked
Bill’s facial hair. Oh yeah you picked this one on purpose.” She’s smart.
“Just my personal preference, he looks good either way though.” I agree but we
just got our passports in and I’m kinda glad, yeah I’m gonna grow it next
winter but again let’s focus on this and you Cobweb Afternoon congratulations!
We’ll get in touch with you and we’ll get these products out for you and your
face won’t look dirty anymore. So now it’s time for the cuteness factor. Okay do you notice that he always gives me
a big kiss on cue. You certainly do Hurricane. And our little Hurricane doesn’t
have to worry about lipstick coming off or anything like that when he gives his
kisses, but anyway he’s always here to sort of say hi to everybody. And a big
thank you for all of you who are subscribing to us and commenting down
below and by the way you know this has been really like a labor of love this
five-part series. I really enjoyed doing it for you and I know a lot of you have
been joining…er enjoying the individual segments and let me know in
the comments you know whether or not you enjoyed it and I hope it was helpful. They…
you know we’re never too old to learn. I mean that’s just one of those things
that we’ve just got to keep on learning. I’m just like a sponge. I just love to go
out there and try out the new things especially in the makeup section. So oh
and by the way I know it’s a little bit of a slow climb but I’m really enjoying
every single day I put out something on Instagram. I’m just kind of building
it up there as far as followers are concerned, but if you want to follow me
on that, just go to Instagram and just look up AwesomeOver50 and you’ll
find me there. I’m also everyday I’m trying to think of
something maybe inspirational to go with a photo as well. So I hope you enjoyed
that as well. And until we meet again you know we can do up the most beautiful
lips, but we’ve got to also share our big beautiful smile along with it. And until
next time keep on smiling, keep on sharing a little bit of happiness and
keep it awesome. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our videos.

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