Hi guys Merry Christmas 2019 hmm So I thought I would do a get ready with me today doing my Christmas makeup this year. I’m gonna do all drugstore Oh Drugstore and actually at my family’s house as you can see the backgrounds a little different. Look how cute my mom is she decorated I’m gonna show you guys real quick before we start makeup First of all, we have all these photos of me looking super awkward and then my brother looking super cute somehow But no honestly at family photos like family little Christmas photos everywhere, and I love it Well, that one wasn’t Christmas, but you know I mean, baby And then over here we have our tree As you can see we are a figure-skating family. I have so many pictures our tree is a little bit more like I would say like Homey, and like all about family a lot of these ornaments we’ve had forever. We don’t usually change them out I know some people like decorate their tree different every year But we always have the same ornaments which I love because you know when I was a kid I used to look at all these ornaments and it’s crazy because we still have them like 15 20 years later, you know, the real question is how many figure skates do we have on the street? There’s a lot like There’s so many figure skates and then our little angel I love these Christmas decorations. Look at this iconic iconic This is not the most awkward thing you’ve ever seen. I don’t know what it is. Like look at me It’s just screaming awkward everything about this photo screams Awkward teenage phase or I don’t even know how old I was like, what are these shoes? I don’t know if you guys can tell but they’re like black and white like jazz shoes errs. I Don’t know but there we go Little rocks and little Spencer obviously looking cute like well what happened here? Why did he get like a cute childhood phase and then I got this this this. Alright, so we’re gonna start off with Zipper dolls, and of course, I think you guys could have guessed all off I’ll Ultra-precise profit school. Oh Oh, so that’s what I’m gonna say from now on all extra precise brow pencil. It was like to take this really lightly I wish you guys could feel how light I press because I don’t like my brows to be too dark I just like to really carve them and create the shape Presley Look at mr. Presley. He got a little haircut If you farted on me, he’s a model You know model All right. So I’ve also been using this Maybelline brow fast cult. It’s actually really nice. It’s a tinted brow gel I use the shade soft brown because I don’t really like my brows to be too dark what this just helps keep them lifted and fills them in a little bit well At the end so for my eyes, I actually want to go in with one of these I just got these in the mail and they look so good So these are else new liquid glitter eyeshadows. They have so many pretty shades too. There’s a copper one There’s this one called dirty martini Which actually looks very Christmasy to me for some reason because it has like that kind of like olive green undertone You have a rose gold. We have 24 karat gold, which is very pretty. What else do we have? There’s actually two silvers. This one was like a straight silver And then this one is more like a white with like colorful multicolored particles almost if you could see the difference I love blue shades like this personally and then they also have a black glitter shape. It’s called black Magic a really cute shade range. Honestly, I feel like I want to go with dirty martini just because it looks Very Christmasy to me. Oh my god Dude that is so Christmassy to me cuz it has like that all of the kind of undertone I’m just gonna swatch all of these now because now I’m in the mood to do a little swatch Swatch because these are so pretty I actually wish I knew the price on this Oh my god, this is the copper pop one. Oh my god Wow Wait to excite it. I love drawers or makeup though. I honestly do like I really love making videos on it I love finding new drugstore finds that are just like different or You know a good a good product for a good price if you don’t want to criticize okay? This one disco queen is a little more chunky and we have flirty birdy, which is like the rose gold This one is the straight gold. That one’s called 24 karat gold 24k gold I should say and then down here. These are so pretty. I love this one Actually that’s called black magic. And then this one is bling bling. I think it was called Yeah, and then the blue one that one’s ocean eyes My dad is always on the floor I remember some of you who watch this like Friday haul you know what I’m talking about deja vu deja, boo’ but yeah, anyways, these are So pretty. I’m honestly very excited. I don’t even know which one to choose now though. I was planning to do silver originally So the the cards are really up in the air at this point But I kind of like something makes me want to do dirty martini just because it’s so different I don’t have another shade like that. Maybe we shall. All right, I’m gonna go ahead and apply a little bit of concealer Right towards the eyelids moment of truth We’re going in with dirty martini, but glitter almost like I don’t want to say dries up But it’s not it’s definitely not a metallic eyeshadow it’s actually like an eye shadow that has glitter specks in it, which is actually really pretty a little bit of the 24 karat gold shade Look at all that glitter. I love it O-silk holidays. No, I really feel like that’s a cool formula though. It’s like glitter Shot shot of glitter. I Need you and me do I forgot to bring a makeup wipe? So I put some micellar water right here I’m just gonna clean up the edge you do get a little fallout, but you win some you dim some you know I’m trying to say I’m gonna add on a little bit of black liner to the outer corner This is the covergirl perfect point plus liner And then I found these little lashes and I thought I would try out our dell demi wispies studio effects pro designed layered lashes They definitely look different than the original and demi wispies because if you can see here It’s a little more feathered and then as we get to this side It becomes more dramatic eyelashes kind of bring the whole look together, too. So I Just like to see it after I think my lashes on oh, but before we get to that mascara And I’ve been loving the falsies lash lift from Maybelline This wand is so good. Like I don’t know what it is I just feel like I like like hourglass shaped wands. They just make such a difference in my My lashes ooh Do you like that? You guys know, it’s honestly, it’s really difficult for me to find drugstore lashes that I like, especially like more Dramatic ones I would say these are actually nice. They feel a little plasticy, but I feel like they look nice. Yes I’m just gonna go ahead and prime with my wet and wild coconut three-in-one primer water So good and I have to go in with this this is my newest obsession it’s so bomb. So this is colourpop’s new liquid highlighter Girl it’s so good. Like I I really do feel like this is comparable to the Marc Jacobs. Um Coconut dew drops that are like, I don’t even know 60 70 dollars or something And this is you know, obviously a super affordable price. It is actually you know, what? You know what? Let me take it on my little brush. So this is the brush that comes in the collection you guys are gonna see how glowing Good this looks oh my god honestly Obsessed and it’s really smooth – you know how some liquid highlighters have a lot of glitter? This one actually doesn’t look so good. I’m sure you guys have seen me use this before. Umm well It’s actually a really good one for like kind of like medium covers that still Looks like skin and just blends out really nicely So I’m gonna go in and apply that and what I like about this foundation is that you don’t feel like you’re wearing anything It’s super super lightweight and it just blends in really nicely and it looks like skin cuz I don’t know. I’m Christmas Like honestly, we don’t do that much. Um, it’s just mostly about like spending time with the family we use of a tradition where my parents would hide like this Santa gift and me and my brother would go around and like Look for it and it was like a whole hide-and-seek treasure hunt kind of moment if you guys have any Cute like family traditions leave them in the comment section because I just like to read though It makes me so happy then for concealer. I’m going to take my covergirl trublend under cover Take a little bit on the back of my hand and then go and apply with a black to concealer brush, then I’m gonna take some banana powder from La girl and just go in and bake And then while that sets I’m going to take this True blend covergirl trublend serving sculpt to tell it I’m gonna actually take the bronzer and the blush from this palette actually You know what? No, not the bush just the bronzer. Oh no, I forgot to use this which I’ve been obsessed with a Liquid blush. It’s like a it’s a cream blush actually from Maybelline I tried in my last video and I’ve been using everyday. I don’t know why I forgot to use that but first off but alright and then for blush, I’m gonna take Iman’s palette because it Katrice and I think I’m gonna take a little mix of These two shades Alexandra and Cairo Alexandria. Sorry Alexandria and Cairo. Her face is looking good. Um What else highlight I’m actually to use the makeup revolution one that I got in my last video So this is the loose highlighter in rose quartz I would really like this one and I feel like it’s gonna be a good one for Christmas it’s so Pigmented boo and then for my inner corner, maybe I’ll just use this is this such an OG product for me? But I just picked up a new one because my other one was like in a million pieces and almost gone so this is Maybelline’s eyeshadow in the my OGIS will definitely Remember this product if you actually use this as a highlight as well, and it’s really really pretty But today I’m gonna use it as my inner corner. Oh, I love it. So good actually name, you know just the top Topper off top off the cheekbone little a little bit of this because it has a slightly more golden like warm tone There we go. We’re going we’re glowed and with the color pop underneath like it’s really a glow to Blow up I should say. I’m just quickly gonna finish off my bottom lashes I’m gonna add on some red lip liner with Maybelline Color sensational lip liner in brick red I want to make this a little deeper. So I think I’m honestly gonna take this hooker girl Eyeliner. It’s like a purple eyeliner. I’m gonna try to line my lips with that on the outside, honestly What is Christmas without a red lip so we have the Maybelline? Forget what these are called, but this is such a good formula the color sensational Lipstick. No, there’s definitely something else. I think it’s called shine compulsion It’s not actually on here, but I’m pretty sure it’s called color sensational shine compulsion This isn’t my favorite lip formulas. They have a really good nude called baddest beige so fire, look how juicy it makes your lips look and then one time I Mean set it down with the same Primer Oh, so Christmas late. Alright guys that is it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it and like my Christmas makeup 20:19 Um, hope you all have an amazing Christmas and are having an amazing Christmas as well I think honestly in the next video that I do is gonna be like my top favorite drug store makeup of the year I did like a couple like mini ones like foundation and concealer and stuff like that but I want to do like a roundup of all the like drugstore makeup that I love this year because there’s a lot all right guys, love you so much and Happy Holidays. I’ll see you my next video Sunday. Watch out Sunday notification BAM Knows what’s up. Bye guys


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