My everyday makeup look

hey guys it’s Mandy so I’m actually
recording this from my phone it’s a little bit better quality and you can
see more of my makeup look but this was my first video that I’ve edited and that
I’ve done um I have finally built up the courage to make a video I’m not the best
with editing but I will learn and I will definitely try my best but I did a very
simple look this is my go-to look for everything for church for work for
school anything you could think of this is it perfect for your brown eyed girls
thank you and thank you so much for the love and support I am really really
excited for this new YouTube journey I normally do live streams so this is new
and continue to hit that subscribe and that like button and I will continue to
do any looks you guys asked me to do I’m excited and I’ll see you guys soon bye Oh I pick the baby when I are undeniable
but about it now love’s unreliable keep it on the cut to make you safer am I
just a roadblock II do with your pretty little weird song
on the pole about something like a sunset oh yeah I shoot your son’s I
might drive myself insane if those lips start speaking my vision or maybe I’m
superstitious but a peacock baby sweet pill that’ll swallow it down chowder
this addiction I’m the owner miss Charlene can I get a break somehow say
no she’s got love like feel like you to make sale because you
bring me in tonight give me a together in suspense because you bringing me in
and then you kicking me out she’s got love because you baby and then you get me oh
yeah but signing and the moment all seems so
right so would you say would you say she’s gotta love like feel lucky to make sales because you’re
bringing me in and now you’re kicking me out again spells because you’re bringing me in and
then you yeah because you bring me because you bring me in you please fuck you
No instead I see scared so I swallow the fear the only
thing I should be drinking is an ice-cold gear so cool and line and we
try try try but we try too hard it’s a waste of my time done looking for the
critics cuz they’re everywhere help they don’t like my jeans they don’t get my
hair strange ourselves and we do it all the time why don’t we do that why do I
do that

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