Natural Korean Makeup to IG Baddie/Asian Baby Girl (ABG) Transformation (still in shock)

Hey guys and welcome back to my channel
Excuse the look I’m still kind of sick Anyways, one of my goals this year is to be more experimental with my makeup My look and just to have more fun with it :)) As you guys know my makeup never really changes It’s always been that very natural Korean makeup look and I’m honestly getting kind of tired of it So I’ve never had a full face of glam on my face.
So I’m very very curious What I would look like with it.
So for this video, I’m gonna go for like an Instagram baddie transformation (ooh yesss) I guess some of you guys can call it like an ABG look: Asian Baby Girl Whatever and however you want to call it If you guys don’t know about ABG’s,
I’m not too sure either But the stereotype around ABG are girls who have a lot of makeup on, Typically long platinum blonde hair Or like black or blonde hair, I guess. Oh and a lot of tattoos. They’re always eating boba and always around nice cars (sounds like tik tok girls hee hee) And so I’m gonna keep that as an inspiration and see what I would look like I need to go get my brows done I need to get some lash extensions.
Some long long nails, hair extensions I also need to shop for some makeup and clothes and accessories. So let’s just take one last good look at this just woke up, very puffy bare face this is our before look and It’s about a change. I’m about to go to the eyebrow place because I haven’t gotten my eyebrows done in like two years And they’re a little bit grown out. I just feel like it’d be nice to get my eyebrows shaped professionally And I have a lot of sparse hair. Also, I wanna see if they can wax my mustache I got it lasered but, I still have a lot of hair growing out here. I’m actually a pretty hairy person like I have very hairy arms too I am one hairy girl All right next up I have to go get my lash extensions So I will see you guys at my appointment So, this is Minji she’s gonna be lashing me today So this is before, my natural lashes Very sparse, we’re doing a hybrid set and it’s gonna look a little glam. So I’m excited whoa -Oh my god.
-The results Oh my god. They’re so good. So long!! Yeah, I like the shape a lot. My eyes are super puffy right now She’s so good She’s in Chinatown in Manhattan. So if you guys are interested hit her up on her Instagram I’m gonna be looking at these all day We’re on our way to Sephora to pick up some makeup I do have like a little bit of makeup But I want to get some tools like brushes so that I can bake my face. Do you know what baking means for your face? Baking? Which colour? I want to do like makeup like her. This is the look i’m trying to go for -Is that Kim?
-No Today we’re gonna go get my nails done They look a little janky right now and I’m gonna get them kind of long I was trying to look at all these photos of Some Instagram baddie girls and they always have like nice long nude pretty long nails though you know look up some photos as I walk over to the nail salon, and I will show you guys when I get my nails done Deciding whether or not to get one of these colours Got like a natural colour, like a natural clear coat It’s cold So i’m at forever 21 right now and I’m about to get some clothes and some accessories for my look [laughing] Aww yes So I got some new makeup This is all makeup that i will be using today Alrighty, well, let’s get started For face, I’m gonna use a new foundation that I got Actually, should i put on primer? I didn’t actually get a chance to get the mustache waxed. I’m gonna use a little eyebrow razor. I have like little hairs here on my forehead. I’m also just gonna go ahead and lightly shave it off Next I’m gonna go in with concealer and normally I would put little dots of it but I’m just gonna go straight in I’m gonna go straight in with this We want that lift. I watched a few tutorials before doing this But I don’t remember If i’m doing the steps correctly. I think they put it on their nose Forehead and chin Wait, I think they also do like contour at the same time, so Now for the most exciting part I’m going to be baking my face So usually they kind of wait for this to set so in the meantime, I guess I will do my brows How does that look? I’m gonna remove the powder now with a fluffy brush Whoa, this is kind of cool Woah I’m gonna use the Laguna bronzer from NARS I’m gonna use California love palette from Colourpop and I’m gonna use The Bay. Going in on my crease I’m going to use the nude mood palette in ooh natural Oooh I’m going to pop that color right in the inner tear duct area Blush, I’m gonna go in with orgasm from NARS I’m going to line my lips for the very first time and I’m going to try to like over line it just to give my lips a more fuller effect I’m going to use pillow talk in the lipstick version Like that I like this color I look so weird and different :0 I’m not used to this at all I also have some hair extensions, which I’m going to put on And I’m also going to put on some colored contact lens See the difference Now it’s time for the outfit and accessory Some stuff from Forever 21 A lot of you guys asked me how I wear like tank tops and strapless. I wear these guys I call them my chicken cutlets They’re like sticky and they look like chicken cutlets. Okay, so this is my first outfit it’s like a tight dress. That’s not very tight on me because I i don’t really have much of a figure and I also have a freaking Tiger Balm patch cause My shoulder and my neck was killing me. I’m so excited to FaceTime Ivan after this Get his reaction Oooh All right got some rings I also got myself some fake nose ring And I got something else Fake tattoos, these are actually kind of pretty Ohhhhhhh My god I feel like I need another one right here Alright so that completes the look Feel like this really just kind of tied everything in with the whole ABG look Ivan: oh my god 😮 You like my tattoos? Ivan: Which club are you going to? Ivan: You know what, the tats really add the ABG flare. Ivan: Did you put contacts in too?
Michelle: Yea I put coloured contacts Alright so that pretty much completes everything I had so much fun filming this video It is so different than what I’m normally used to I’ve never had this much makeup on before Let me know what you guys think of this transformation If you want to see something similar to this again, Please make sure to hit the like button and make sure to subscribe

100 thoughts on “Natural Korean Makeup to IG Baddie/Asian Baby Girl (ABG) Transformation (still in shock)

  1. You're so damn good looking and your personality is so cute and funny. You have a new suscriber!!!💛💛💛

  2. She kinda looks like Jennie from bp. Like Im getting the vibe from, she’s so adorable when she talks and Ilikeheromggg!

  3. Wow that look is so damn fire loved it <3 but it's not that diff from your face without makeup it's about u, u have a beautiful Asian face which most of Koreans have that kind of face but the tatts really added sth diff on the outfit and the look it made it prettier <3

  4. I really hope she had gone to a club after this because like… imagine doing a makeover, in this level, just to take some pictures and lay in bed…

  5. I like the look, you nailed it. You looked perfect before and perfect after the transformation. The tattoos look so natural, too- natural & feminine but not over the top. Cool.

  6. just my opinion: she looks like a mix of IU, Jennie from BP, Ryujin from ITZY, and Naeun from Apink but besides that omg her beauty is something else tho

  7. okay first of all you look incredible and second of all, i'm willing to leave europe to get those lashes like girl, she's so talented, if i ever visit the states imma get those lashes like dfhsdk

  8. when my plastic surgeon asks what nose I want I will show hers!!!!!! ITS SOOOOOOO NICE YOU ARE JUST TOO PRETTY


  10. It just feels like she was born to be an ABG for real the look fits her so well you did an amazing job

  11. Her picture in the thumbnail with tattoo look similar to jennie a little bit and sometime iu and yeah she got good fasion sense

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