Never Leaving My House Again…

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi virus free! okay everyone hi Christian alright what a time to be
alive I know oh my god Jay just got here.. oh hi this is what I’m gonna be wearing
today! omg how are you?? how you been? I’m good! how are you? this is
stunning nothing yellow here! oh my god I’m
feeling nothing good Jay had a little surgery we’ll talk about later.. the world is it
a crazy place Christian I know I also just got Botox ago I have a little lump
and a little bruising right here yeah we’ll talk about that a lot of change
has happened I haven’t seen you in like a week I know a few weeks that feel like
yeah a lot of changes that have also happened in my home but we’re gonna do
that in a separate video you know mr. Kate transformed my entire spa
I’ve been waiting it’s beautiful that will be on their channel and it will
show it off as well hi oh my god it’s been announced that and dogs cannot get
that virus I’m afraid of seeing the C word and I don’t mean only because I
heard that YouTube is a little bit like you know I think I know what I think
because if anyone is gonna spread misinformation they don’t want it
monetized or I don’t know so I don’t know what words I’m allowed to say today
but I mean the world’s weird right like a lot happened since my last member
unlocked happens so let’s sit down here we’re gonna get ready today what we’re
gonna get ready in the quarantine environment everyone out there watching
I think the world in a really weird state now I looked at my last I know
drama my last makeup review was end of February and then things really got
serious in March right and I’m just like there’s that we went from this to like
literally and like the fact that there’s real cities on full lockdown there’s so
much happening it’s just really overwhelming so we’re gonna talk about
everything today but also a lot of people come to my channel to escape all
the craziness out there so we’re gonna talk about things for a few minutes and
then really we’re gonna get ready we’re gonna have that beautiful hair laid
we’re gonna get my makeup done I’m too tired to do
my own okay I’m gonna be really honest we’re gonna try some new Anastacio
mascara today and we’re also gonna go pick up a McLaren cuz what are you doing
in Jeffery stars quarantine you’re gonna see today oh my god okay guys so we
gettin ready today now you may see a little a few lumps on
my forehead I got Botox yes for the first time I know no one believes me
they think I’ve had it forever I’ve never had it before and never needed to
and I felt like bitch it’s time to quarantine these fuckin wrinkles while
we’re all sitting here so I hadn’t left the house in six days and I was getting
a little stir-crazy so I went down to dr. Kirby mr. will Kirby he really took
care of us I’m gonna insert a little footage of me getting it now cuz it
looks a little wild because the world’s ending let’s get Botox for the first
time all right dr. Kirby here we go good morning okay well I am not bad when
people realize not injector mistake is to go too superficial okay good morning
little Alec Watts are in a very long being stupid it’s not bad right yeah
that’s like a tiny little food tab even my doctor for ten years never done it I
think you know longer yeah long are you surprised for me here okay great go
ahead relax five to seven little injections in that
area will serve you really well and those are at the risk of self
aggrandizement ways really well now you’re very surprised for me if you
would take great go ahead relax you’re gonna say why didn’t I do this years ago
by the way people don’t believe me that I’ve never done it oh hi look at Kirby’s
next victim yes are we doing a little touch about
Madison or what are we doing – it’s been a little while it’s been about seven
months and she came in for her boat hour really surprised me here I keep her busy
and then her lips are about to be ready in case everyone’s wondering what’s
happening over there is numbing she did not do a bukkake it’s numbing everyone
relax boo bitch she was looking like rocky
road with that forehead it looked a little gnarly so I have a little bruise
and a little bump right here which is going to go away it’s literally on day
two so lord but I feel good just do I look any different boom what do you
think your skin look so flawless I mean it’s always been perfect but I really
feel like it’s really tightening your skin and is just making you a little bit
more snacks you guys have Botox and yes definitely
I love okay I just felt like I don’t know cuz I don’t move my face a lot
anyway come on training but hold into the coast medic yes so I feel like it
was time we’re just dipping into the jawbreaker palate Chris okay oh yeah
that’s classic girl throwback that’s sold out plastic okay my next collection
and palette is so sickening so I don’t know what’s gonna happen with the world
it’s slated for like end of April I know has nothing to do before 20 oh it’s so
much sicker than a 4:20 moment but we are gonna have some 420 merch and some
and some cute honeys but the next collection Chris and you know that did
she got neutered I know DaVinci Lane he’s on day seven means a
really good boy villain and I mama took your nuts away dude I’m so sorry just
life it’s really good for the hell of long term and it was time the question
is will he still do a handstand wall peen he’s done it a few times but he’s
peed more way more normal than ever Wow yeah so see that’s weird yeah
no I still do hands spoons I’d be but that’s for a different video okay so
we’re not gonna do a full review today on any makeup but the new anastacio
Beverly Hills mascara it is the lash Bragg mascara it looks like this I
definitely want to try it out I’ve been hearing really good things
oh hello wand hi that’s what she looks like
alright let’s give it a whirl come on lashes okay clearly we’re gonna put on
ball C’s today but you gotta have our lashes just have a really nice coat okay
the brush is easy to work with that looks cute this brush is thick I love it
it’s coating everything really easy BAM top lashes are done oh okay so you
can see definitely the bottom lashes this side has the full mascara this side
has none it looks really pretty it’s very like bedroom eyes that looks a very
sultry and I just love how the lashes love yes bitch alright let’s do this
side okay mascara is on it looks really pretty I like it so far we’ll see how it
wears throughout the day now let me see them lashes so many people have been
asking what lashes has boomed and putting on you lately so let’s talk
about honey they’re really big so what is the brand called is chemi win and
she’s based out of Redondo Beach she’s amazing
okay and he circled thank you thank you now we’re gonna take these out now these
are really fluffy and really long a little spiky moment oh I love it so he’s
gonna trim them down a little bit they get my lid and then you guys are gonna
see we’ll do one so they can see Firenze cos bitch it’s a movie oh my god
Lin you see that Chris oh yeah the difference the lash makes is so
crazy it like pulls everything together one more lash not in the vaccine bitch
okay lashes are on oh my god these are so stunning what’s in that box oh my God look at it comes out of the
head engi oh look at these two though they
really do kiss oh very cute all right so what is Jeffery Lin do
during quarantine besides get my hair and makeup done sometimes I like to just
sit around the Louie Vuitton finish reading relaxing have you seen this in
person yet no never seen this isn’t it master it’s it’s so much tinier than I
expect for six foot one and look it I feel little it’s like a it’s like a
giant bench yeah so I like to just sit here and read sometimes like to watch
the sunset over here that’s just nice even is she so I’m probably gonna put this in the
garden Chris but I think for now that’s cool here looks really cool it’s very
like how does looking far away this is 300 pounds of wood and steel this is 300
pounds like she ready you got a little bit of bodybuilding not
today look at Vinci doesn’t care he’s like it’s gonna be cool
he’s so sick it was in Paris at the runway show for Virgil
for his Louie Vuitton his last collection for them and I saw it and I
was like will you sell me this please and they said okay what insane I love
the little light accent that’s so cool so I think it definitely needs to go in
the garden but I’m gonna keep it here now it’s a good photo op mm-hmm okay so
this rainbows in my house because of the elevator and like every few minute –
changes one in the wool where oh look at this angle that’s brighter on the corner come on minty let’s go
jeez the elevator pro well the sound is different in here is it it just totally
changed for some reason oh by the way this never gets old
no like I know I live here I bought this house it’s mine I paid the taxes
but this doesn’t get old okay I have to show you what I got it’s kind of cool
good morning oh hi look at this refurbished from a nineteen this is
Republic okay so in the wine room ready mm-hmm
I got redbull to send me a grocery store aside there’s so much red boy in there
the new watermelon one is so good hope you tried this yet no I haven’t I’m not
like I don’t I try not to drink with my soda but it looks like we’ve been going
ham on those but yeah this a bit weird like I don’t drink but definitely into
this I love the dishes in your wine cellar
yeah this is your wine alright I throw in a tracksuit now it’s time to head off
to Burbank which is like 30 miles away now normally with traffic it’d take an
hour an hour and 20 la has the worst traffic but no one’s on the road and it
literally says 25 minutes so my McLaren has been there for almost two think
three months and it’s all transformed everything is hot pink so I’m nervous
Christian should we just go let’s go see let’s go come on guys let’s go so um hi
we’re here crazy what’s going on wiping it down again it ready here Lysol and
arm relief fully Santa’s are going into a quarantine zone right now
okay Barbies and supermodels only I mean for myself I’m finally doing my
own all copper way my Brown can’t all copper
that’s cool with copper okay and then obviously my
1965 rolls is the next transformation so we haven’t even seen the McLaren and
we’re already we’re already onto the next project cuz we’re that crazy here
she is the before this is the before then we
got to get a whole bunch of during because this is the during is gonna be
pretty crazy so tell everyone how long is this project for up full real
transformation modern engines full paint I would say earlier like this needs a
lot of love 12 months whoo that’s cool so like a year from right
now okay all right mark that on our calendar whoa that’s
cool though because it’s somebody to look forward to and it’s a really big
project and there’s gonna be a lot of like involvement I’m gonna need from you
like gotta get this paint like on point okay so one of the most famous pink cars
on the planet is Paris Hilton’s Bentley that they transform and it’s over here
we got to stay hideaway oh so iconic
I know I know it’s high up there but that’s one of the most famous pink cars
on the planet shout out to Paris because you know all the paint Wow look at even this look at this
polish so you see it’s the light it’s a dings look at this look at the sparkle
oh my god the inside I already am like die yeah I mean when you sit in is like I don’t remember it looks like pink the
orange that’s the craziest day SoDo rethink Chris who’s hope you know for
sure seeing this much pink in my face is like a dream I mean it’s it’s perfect –
it is so to me it’s like yeah I mean I’m sure I’d I think I’ll does it Lambeau it
does it does outdo it huh yeah Wow sorry to take off what was the
most difficult part about this the inside this cat look so we’re all good done
this edge right here this is what makes it pop it look at the sparkle at the key
it’s sick huh okay you guys this is I don’t even have words for it this is so
iconic it’s time to get on the freeway and give this bitch a spin I cannot wait
to break some necks on the 101 oh hey there how do we all look together lines oh
good oh wow the fact that they’re all different shades of pink is so sick I
really wanted the signature jeffree star hot pink that was the first unit carton
we ever made for our liquid lip and this color was definitely missing in the
collection look at the 570s it’s just so cool but the fact that you can see the
glitter inside thank God because that’s sparkle I wanted to mimic like an eye
shadow you know like I want some glitter too I mean it looks crazy whoo all right
everybody thank you so much for watching a day in the life of me being
quarantined mobster
take 20 hints see one

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