hello gorgeous welcome back to my
channel I have a bur butt face right now the things I do for you guys because I
am going to do a first impression nish video I’m gonna try out the covergirl
this is the true blend map made foundation it is Comfort matte
transfer-resistant we’re going to get into this foundation talk about it try
it out figure out my color all that stuff so let’s just get started okay so
if you follow me on instagram you saw me open this box already
they sent me a PR package with all the shades and that’s not an exaggeration
literally all of the shades were in the box and there were this regular size so
what I want to do is I’m gonna I hopped on CoverGirl’s website and I want to
tell you a couple of the things or the key points that this particular product
claims to do so that we can figure out if it’s true
this by the way it’s not sponsored I just wanted to do this for you guys so
let’s put on the glasses shall we so this is the true blend map
made liquid foundation it’s rated 4 out of 5 stars on their website it says from
your favorite covergirl foundation line comes a matte formula that isn’t drying
or cakey troublin matte mates formula is developed with flexi whole technology
that creates a strong yet flexible film on skin for durability and comfort while
the mattifying powders absorb oil minimizes pores for a soft matte
flawless finish up to 12 hours of wear so that’s a big promise ok so the 5 main
points that I see here on the webpage is that it is a 12-hour comfort mat pore
minimizing oil control transfer resistant and all 40 shades so it comes
in 40 different shades so the fact that it is pore minimizing is pretty insane
to me for a drugstore foundation it’s a big promise y’all so let’s hop into this
I pulled two colors I’m gonna see which one works for me and yeah alright rings
are coming off that means it’s getting serious I don’t know why but I can’t
stand I just washed my hands and I can’t stand when there’s water under my ring
and that’s always yelling at me he doesn’t yell at me but he gets on to me
because I take my rings off all over the house I leave him all of the house which
is a horrible habit don’t do that at home okay first off I’m gonna apply
primer using the Laura Mercier foundation primer it’s hydrating this is
the one I’ve been using like as my go-to so what I do is I have you guys have
seen my studio and if you haven’t I can link that in the description bar below
the video or you can see my studio it pretty much looks the same for the most
part but when I’m using something on an everyday basis I now have a set of
drawers over to the side of my desk and that’s where I keep the products that I
use on an everyday basis or but I’m testing out currently so this is the
only primer I have in there besides the Giorgio Armani which I tested in the
Nordstrom video which I can also link in the description box below but I just
really like this one because it’s hydrating and it’s summertime and my
skin has just been really feeling dry because I just so dry here in California
oh gosh and I am having some issues on my chin I feel like I’m looking at my
screen I don’t feel like you can really see them I you know how like you know
there’s a pimple coming but it’s not there yet but it’s coming it’s brewing
and it’s like painful to OS on my chin right now I’m ready for them to be over
with already and they just started okay my two shades here that I have is m10
and m50 there’s a pretty significant shade difference between the two I don’t
know if you can pick up the difference I’m definitely not tan right now but I’m
also not like winter pale I try to stay out of a Sun as much as possible so
let’s try I’m gonna try m10 it’s always tested on your neck because you want the
color magic mmm I don’t know about all that
mm-hmm I feel like that blended pretty darn well yeah we’re gonna go with that
okay so we’re gonna do at a 10 so what I’m gonna do is apply it on the back of
my hand and I’m gonna use my favorite foundation brushes the Marc Jacobs the
face to and love this brush every time I talk about it in a video or on insta
stories I get multiple let’s try that again every time I talk about this brush
on YouTube or in stories or wherever I get
multiple DMS about it because you guys always want to know and yes it is pricey
and yes I do think it’s worth the money because I use it all the time don’t get
me wrong I still use my Beauty Blender and use the crap out of it but I love
this brush okay so applied it so now I want to look at my face I always do this
when I get a new foundation I always want to look really close to see how I
think it looks pore minimizing isn’t what I would describe it as what’s the
word for costume like I don’t notice them as much that’s what I’m trying to
say there’s a word that I’m looking for don’t know how to use my words but I
what I’m trying to say is that I don’t notice my my pores as much on my nose
because like this is the area right here where I have the big it built large my
largest pores Hula’s reflecting sunlight right here so I don’t notice them as
much there with this foundation on so that’s really a positive thing it
definitely even got my skin tones I would say it’s got a very sticky feeling
to a pie you can’t judge that until you actually said the foundation I feel like
it’s definitely evening I feel like I have a more even overall skin tone right
now I’m gonna turn it to the other I was looking at magnifying I’m gonna apply
some concealer and some powder and get right back to you
alright so have my foundation set I used my go-to lately this is the it
cosmetics to your skin but better see see it’s the airbrush perfecting powder
and then I also set under my eyes because I used my normal concealer
dermablend with the Kat Von D translucent and I just feel like I have
a really nice even canvas now I do feel like my face is still pretty sticky more
than usual after setting a powder so I’m gonna go ahead and set with my bronzer
to do a little contour so my face doesn’t look like one giant blob got a
contour and see how I like it there I’m just using a matte bronzer this is the
Marc Jacobs tantalizer I hate to do this to you guys because
it’s not available man it is my favorite bronzer lately and I don’t know what I’m
gonna do what it’s not available anymore all right I’m just gonna add a little
bit of dimension to my face and just a little bit of blush hardest palette and
my Real Techniques brush so I did put my brows on because I don’t even recognize
myself myself without brows and it’s all pretty
pale I just lightly did did a little bit of contour there so that we get a feel
okay so overall I feel like it’s a very nice
even shade I have to go back and look at what what it promises to do because now
I don’t even remember isn’t that terrible hold on let’s look I know
pore-minimizing which I already addressed that 40 different shades
that’s a fact that’s not a claim oil-control transfer-resistant 12-hour
comfort mat so those are the things that I can’t tell you right the second
because I kind of have to see how they where it says it isn’t drying it it is
and it isn’t cakey I would agree with that it’s definitely not cakey it’s a
medium coverage it’s not drying feeling like I said it’s got a little bit of a
sticky but it’s still really fresh so that might dry out a little bit towards
the end of the day um I do feel like it’s true to a matte shade because it’s
definitely I don’t feel like there’s any Sheen or or luminosity to it at all um
see powders absorb oil minimizes pores for a soft matte flawless finish I do
feel like as a soft matte flawless finish okay so what I want to do is
check in with you guys here in a little while and see how it wears throughout
the day I don’t have a full face of makeup on right now but the next time
you see me I might or might not I don’t know that’s some stuff to do so I’m
gonna check back in with you in a little bit it’s been approximately four hours
which of course isn’t the twelve hours but there are special circumstances here
as to why I think four hours is an acceptable time to check one being that
my nanny’s about to leave and I’m not gonna have anyone to watch the baby main
reason why but I did venture out into the hot hot weather and it was
a hundred and two degrees on my car so that is good enough reason right there
to see if it withstood the heat test then I went to the chiropractor and was
facedown in the the paper thing and got adjusted and deep tissue and all that
because I still can’t feel my butt I saw the numb but after childbirth so that’s
another another story for another day so that’s a lot going on for this you know
so that’s that’s what’s happening in my neck of the woods let’s let’s check it
out and see what we think okay so first of all the paper that my face was up
against for a solid probably fifteen minutes there was some residual left
over but not as much as I’ve seen when I have worn a full coverage foundation
going in there before so I do I was impressed even I even told my refractory
I said I’m doing a test to see how this lasts and and I got up and I was like
there’s something goes thud is nothing I’ve seen a whole lot more from other
people so that was a good sign the other thing that I would like to say is that I
am a little bit shiny right here and I’m a little bit shiny right here but I’m
not really through here and I’m not in my typical t-zone it’s literally just
right here that I have the the shininess I’m a little bit tacky overall though I
still look pretty matte I feel like you can like in the lights reflecting off my
forehead a little bit and it looks oily the oilier than it is there’s really not
much there at all since I’ve seen you I’m getting a new zit on my nose so
that’s fun literally that that’s popped up in just a few hours it’s so
frustrating overall though I don’t see any oxidation I do see the little bit of
the shininess I do feel like it’s worn really well on my cheeks on my nose like
and everywhere so I feel like it stayed pretty matte it would need a touch-up I
would say with some powder which most foundations are gonna need touch-up
especially in that extreme heat and you know putting your face smushed up
against a table but overall I feel like this is a thumbs up for me
am coverage I feel like it’s really delivered I don’t feel that my pores
look smaller but they do look blurred that’s the word I was looking for
earlier blurred so yeah I think it’s a good foundation especially for the price
point actually all I know is that as drugstore I don’t even know what the
price point is let’s look it up covergirl trublend matte made so it’s
849 at target 844 at Walmart so under 10 bucks I feel like it wore fantastic for
a medium coverage it’s great for everyday I give it two thumbs up
let me know in the comments below is this something you guys want to see for
me more one see more product reviews like first impressions see how it how it
wears throughout the day because I did this a couple weeks ago with the Thrive
mascara and you guys seem to really like that video so let me know if this is
something that I should do more of because I I like this I like testing out
a product and figure out whether it’s a keep or a toss so let me know in the
comments the you guys so much for watching love y’all so much don’t forget
to visit me on my blog angelo intercom for evoi I actually kissed my hand that
time I’ve never done that before I was weird


  1. First to comment!๐Ÿ˜ƒ LOVE you from Spain!๐Ÿ˜ When you come here?โค I LOVE you and your husband! Lot of kisses!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

  2. Why would you use a foundation that company is tested on animals? You wouldnโ€™t want anything tested on your pup…

  3. Ahhh I love your videos and videos like these ones!! Do you have any mascara recommendations for someone with pin straight lashes? I always have issues keeping my lashes curled

  4. Could you do another my husband does my makeup video? I love seeing your clothing hauls, cooking videos, new products you have been using daily. I would love to see all of these! ๐Ÿ’•

  5. Love the first impressions videos! …. QUESTION: does it make a difference for wearability if you use powder from the same brand/line to set the squid foundation?? Maybe the chemistry of the products is designed to work together?

    Also when you mentioned foundation wearing off on the chiropractor chair were you able to tell whether it was just the top layer/powder, or whether it was also the liquid foundation from underneath?

    Also I'm really jealous of the dry California weather. I know you're from Ohio so you know what the humid summers feel like, maybe it's not as humid in Ohio as it is in Minnesota but man I would take California over Minnesota any day!! Thanks for sharing this review I just think you're so sweet and relatable!!

  6. @Angelalanter how do you stop your makeup melting off in the heat? Weโ€™ve just had a heatwave here in the U.K. and I didnโ€™t wear any makeup because I tend to look like something out of a horror movie even by the time Iโ€™ve finished applying ๐Ÿ˜‚

  7. Love it. Yes love these first impression and your thoughts on products .. my beauty routine has improved since I found your channel!!

  8. I understand Matt getting on you about your rings, my wedding band is behind our bathroom vanity (somewhere in the wall) bc I always took mine off to wash my face! Now my engagement ring never comes off lol! Loved this video ๐Ÿ˜Š I never use drugstore foundation – only bare minerals – but I think I need to!

  9. Please tell me someone told you that the Marc Jacobs Tantastic bronzer is now permanent?? If no one did, then now you know!

  10. Love this! I've been using Kat Von D foundation for about 2 years but lately I've been feeling like its just too cakey or full coverage and want to try something more medium coverage so I think I'll give this a try ๐Ÿ™‚ Not to mention the price is like whoa! haha

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