New Maybelline Dream Radiant Liquid Foundation10hr Wear Test best drugstore foundation 2019 review

I’ve got a risotto in my hand and the
boys are letting up from my kisses special guy hey guys what’s up its ya girl A.MaRee and I
am coming today with a foundation review and a weird test so if you guys don’t
know maybelline has dropped yet another freaking foundation and you guys know
I’m all about the maybelline light I’m always here for the drops so today we
have the Maybelline Dream radiant liquid foundation
this one has hyaluronic acid and collagen in it and I didn’t pick up the
shade 125 coconut now I give come upon this foundation from another youtuber I
will have her name linked right here because I really don’t know how to
pronounce it but she found it on Amazon and so I had to hurry up and go to
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tips now let’s jump right on it so you guys know I love to give a beep
look for any day but today I’m gonna keep it real simple and flawless so that
you guys can focus a more on the foundation more than my eye once again
everyone has all the details and specs about this eye
have it linked right here all I have it linked right here and all the shapes
that it comes in I’m not so happy about the shade range Maybelline has been kind
of falling off with the shade range because you guys know Maybelline has
like 50 different shade ranges for every foundation watch they have but with this
launch and the dream urban cover they didn’t have mini shades in neither one
of these two but I can’t tell you guys this one I did a review on it if you
guys are like I have it linked up and down below you guys this dream urban
full coverage protective makeup is one of my top 5 foundations for all year
round but especially for the summer because this does have SPF in it SPF 50
in it so they did drop this for you know the summer and to protect you for the
summer but this one has no SPF in it and also this is more for like winter slash
fall type of foundation but I do like the fact that this one has collagen so I
should be looking what and flawless with this foundation but this foundation
right here is my top and this girl right here has to beat this one so we’re gonna
jump right on now this does say a radiant liquid foundation so I did use
where is it my ELF pour this putty primer because it’s more of a matte from
a matte primer are going to talk about the claims is that it gives up to 12
hours of continuous hydration we’re gonna test that
it’s visibly improves the look of your skin we’re gonna test that too it’s a
medium coverage with radiant finish so it is a medium coverage but I wonder if
it’s a buildable to a full coverage and it says it doesn’t clog your pores
dermatologist tested now I can’t say the models that they had on Amazon for the
foundations I don’t think Coco was my shade I would have them you know
Pierre up somewhere around me but you guys keep y’all look at my history of
maple in foundations I always give warm coconut or coconut or mocha but mocha
seems to be a little too deep so I’ve decided to just stick with coconut and
we’re gonna pray for the best right now it kind of looks like it maybe orangie
for my skin but we’re gonna hope and pray for the best
I probably I’m probably pumping out way too much but okay she’s running a little
bit can y’all see her but she’s a thick girl now I can’t say the urban dream is
very liquidy so I think this one is more of a full-on sit steel type of
foundation so I did do three pumps I believe it was I am gonna bring you guys
in a little bit closer so that we could get all close some crisp or knowing
things so that you guys can see how this foundation lays so back for the
foundation we are gonna take one little dab and we’re gonna go in on this side
oh she is looking kind of much but you can tell she’s kind of thick I am going
in with another dad and we’re gonna place her everywhere
I am using my Real Techniques miracle sponge Beauty sponge wherever you like
call her and we’re gonna go ahead we have to remember she says she’s a medium
build but she spread it out even in quick so my only problem is is I’m kind of
scared she’s gonna oxidize and be too dark
Maybelline excuse me you guys maybelline shade ranges are like one of the best
shade ranges but I can’t say I’m like super stay in them the oxidized in has
become real serious some of them are like just extremely too orange and some
of them just oxidize extremely too dark all right so you guys I don’t really use
brushes anymore to apply my foundation for some reason I feel a lot of love
with that so we’re just gonna look at the sponge and I can actually say I’m
liking it you still see a few things peeking through like I still see my hole
right here and my mole right here but I really like her I’m liking what she’s
given I do see a radiance but I don’t see like a extreme radiant glow I see
where the light hits real good and she gives like a soft radiant look but she’s
not like one of those dewy foundations that just like make you look real
hydrated in to bring it because you guys know I’m not like radiant foundations
I’m more of a matte girl but I think so far I think I can like her so let’s go ahead and finish off this
side a foundation is not picking up nor is she giving like nor is she given blotchy placement I did
have her sitting for a second I wanted to see if she drives down fast and she
does it she actually still moves really freaking good I actually like her I
don’t really feel the hydrating feel to this foundation but she is lightweight
it doesn’t feel like I have anything on my face but I am gonna go in with the
maybelline superstay concealer I did do a review on this to you guys if y’all
just search my name a marie beauty and put whatever product you would like
behind it in the youtube search bar all my videos for whatever product you’re
looking for a shit popular so this one is in 40 caramel you guys know I’m in I
think it’s 40 cafe or 30 cafe in the fit me but I meant actually really loving
this lately I haven’t seemed to be able to put it down and I forgot I forgot to
tell you guys in this bottle you have one full one fluid ounce in here and in
the urban the dream urban cover is one fluid ounce so this one is for the last
bottle and it comes in a pump but this one is a squeezy too but you get the
same amount of product in both wow so my face is looking really flawless right
now I am really enjoying this foundation when I blended out my concealer my
foundation did not pick up it did not separate it it move it actually blended
well together and it really is mission will together
it’s like thick they go together like like it is so pretty right now I’m
really enjoying this foundation so far now I am gonna move into the Maybelline
fit me medium deep this one is in 30 medium deep one of my favorite setting
powders to use especially for a everyday look
I also have a review channel of this one too so just type in
a blurry beauty Maybelline fit me loose setting powder and you should find that
video wow I’m really loving the way this is looking
I am gonna go in and set the rest of my face I don’t I didn’t pull out any more
Maybelline products to set the rest of my face but I am gonna go in with my Mac
skin finish and I’m gonna go in with my benefit toasted hoola and then I’ll come
back so we can talk about this because right now I’m like really now that I
actually applied the foundation is settled and I started working on the
concealer it is not looking as radiant anymore so I think that could work for
my skin so like I said I’m gonna finish my face then I’ll be right back okay
I’ll let you guys and we’re back I did go ahead and apply everything that I
said I was gonna apply I am loving this look so I am gonna move on into the joy
selfie rating setting spray it’s a matte setting spray and I didn’t know which
way to go with this fitting spring I kind of almost want to do a full face
without spray on my face so I’m just gonna spray a little bit I’m not gonna
dry my skin like I normally would so that we could give it some type of
chance but that is each of guys this is how the face is looking I can honestly
say right now I am really enjoying and feeling this foundation I’m not too for
sure if it will beat the dream ribbon coverage at this moment but I could
probably put this on the list the top drugstore foundations at the moment it
didn’t oxidize it literally matches my mate
perfectly so right now it is 1042 we started around nine-30 ish I was saying
so around 9 o’clock p.m. I would be my final check-in but you guys know we
are in the middle of vlogmas so y’all say hey say it to yourself girls
bragging I’m vlogging and right now you guys will be seeing this bad boy right
here and y’all will see this in the review of course you know now I know you
guys don’t know but a lot of times a lot of people are saying that I’m using
filters on the vlogging camera but you guys literally I’m gonna plug in what
I’m seeing right now sunny 83/100 has its own filter I guess
it’s like a built-in filter because right now your bra is looking oh girl
I’m gonna plug it in and let you guys see like exactly what I’m seeing right
now I’m loving it right now you gotta be the judge down below and let me know
what you think in the comment section let me know if you’re gonna pick it up
let me know if you’re looking into it let me know if you’re liking what you
see and I will get you guys in the chick in okay okay I’m doing a check-in
because you guys I am really really filling this foundation like so
seriously I have not creased I have not cracked up
I have not started fading I haven’t started sweating or anything and I told
you guys my skin type right now is like kinda
combination is when I’m really a normal skin girl so to say we’re kind of
combination II for this you know season you guys let me get job in the full
sunlight like I am looking super freakin good
the foundation has literally dried there is no transfer so that should have been
one of the claims on the foundation it should have been that is transfer proof
because I haven’t transferred at all normally with my foundationist of me
going to work and stuff it will be all on my neckline and stuff because it
transfers but y’all I have my transfer yet this foundation is like really
looking really good really really good like on my nose and stuff we’re still
put together and on my face like I literally haven’t budged whatsoever and
I only been around her for about two hours now but she is holding up so
freaking good I’m like super excited about that so that is just my little
check-in I’m on my way home now hey you guys check in yah it is written
in the afternoon and look at mine yeah look at the way this foundation is
sitting like I’m barely creasing on my on my smile lines like barely and
underneath my eyes we creased like always but look at my face hasn’t moved
it hasn’t swag I haven’t had to feel enough sweat and I’m not a sweater as it
is but you guys I haven’t started beating up I haven’t my foundation has
moved none of the product has moved like my
highlight my blush my contour all that is still there the highlight on the tip
of my nose is still there I have not started creasing or oil it up in the
corners of my nose at all like look at this I am starting to think that this is
a great foundation for the fall and winter time oh my goodness ok so I did
tell you guys that the hydration part we were gonna kind of you know continue to
watch the revenue and when I first applied it it didn’t feel hydrating or
anything like that well it still doesn’t feel hot dream but one thing I can tell
you my face does not feel tight like when I apply a matte foundation my face
still looks like when I first applied it like me literally everything still looks
the same and I’m moving this way because I’m
going to insert the clip from when I very first applied my makeup y’all can’t
tell me y’all see a difference because everything still looks good the only
thing that looks like is worn down is right here hey guys I am back with the
final check-in I got you guys close because I want y’all to be up close and
personal with my skin yeah it is like not something
so we are like nearing the end of the 10-hour rare so you guys as y’all can
see that looking at my skin up close there has been no changes in the
foundation in the wear of the makeup or any separation or discoloration or
anything going on so just to show you guys the up close and personal and
giving you guys the results I’m still not oily I’m still not wearing down I’m
still not breaking up I have no creasing going on in the
forehead or in these small lives no different from my earlier chickens I think that this foundation is really a
goal you guys know that I will always tell y’all if it’s a goal or note and
this one is a go I’m super excited and happy that Maybelline came out with this
I think this would be a great foundation to wear for fall and winter time because
it keeps your skin looking flawless all day long I really want to say worn
throughout the day the collagen in this foundation is really 80 there’s no way
with any other foundation in my collection can I go a full 10 hours and
still look like I just applied my foundation I don’t know what kind of
magic potion Maybelline you put in this one but don’t stop selling this one I
highly recommend for you guys to go and get your shade test it out let me know
what you think come back to this video down in the comments and let me know
what you think please make sure it’s aware for four days to get the full
experience of this foundation and oh my god you guys I’m super excited for this
launch so that is it for this foundation review and rear tips on the new dream
radiant cover foundation by Maybelline I will be back later to do another
foundation review but you guys I’m happy to say that this foundation is a match
made in heaven for me like I am super excited to say that I will be wearing it
and testing it out a few more days here on out and I can give you guys an update
later on once I get like a full week of this foundation so until next time you
guys in the words of my loyal subscriber y’all keep Shawna and I will see y’all
tomorrow you

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  4. I think it looks really good on you! I picked up the same shade. Some people have been saying they didn't know about it. And I dont think it has made it to Canada yet. 🤔

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