Hey guys, it’s Kelsey here. So today I’m gonna be showing you this super easy. No falsies glam So this is for my girls who don’t really like putting on false lashes or you’re not that good at it This video is for you. So let’s just go ahead and jump right into it Okay, so I was extremely tired when I started filming this video because kinder and I were up kind of late the night before filming Another video so I had on some eye patches from Peter Thomas Roth But I’m just gonna go ahead and jump into my foundation routine If you guys want a detailed video on my flawless foundation routine kinder and I did a video on that A couple of weeks ago so you guys can check that out if you haven’t already so I’m just gonna speed through this part Because this video is mainly for the eye look. So yeah, I’m just gonna speed through my foundation routine I’ll have all the products that I’m using on my entire face and the description box Like I always do if you’re curious and you want details on the foundation and concealer and powders that I’m using Okay guys so for the eyes I’m taking this bird-of-paradise palette by colour-pop And I’m first taking the color hatched on a Mac blending brush But I’m just dragging that into my crease softly. I like to build this color up because it’s extremely pigmented So if you go in with too much at first, it’s kind of hard to blend out So I’m mainly focusing the color on my outer crease and lightly dragging some of it into my inner crease So the next color I’m taking is the color golden egg and it’s kind of a burgundy orangish color And I’m mainly focusing that on my outer crease So I’m trying to keep this on the outer crease because this is gonna help with the winged effect That we’re gonna give our eyes for this look, so I’m trying to keep this color on the outer crease as much as possible So after that I’m just gonna go back in with that blending brush just to soften up that color a little bit so that it doesn’t look too harsh So this is the most important part of this look I’m gonna be taking a small angled brush I think this is some elf I got it from Target a while ago and you want to take a chocolate brown? Eyeshadow and basically create a wing with this So this is also great for my girls who don’t really like using a liquid liner or you’re not that good at it So this is like kind of like a beginner makeup tutorial as well But I’m just taking that in an angled motion and basically patting that on my lashline And it also helps to make your lashes look thicker So I do this trip all the time, especially about also like going in with liquid liner And I don’t want to wear false lashes this is the trick that I do because and make sure lashes look thicker and it also gives your eyes that winged effect in a Softer way without you having to use liquid liner Now I’m just going to take this bronzer shade from the k’kaw Beauty Contour palette and dark slash deep and I’m taking the bronzer shade again like I said on a Pencil brush and I’m just going to apply a little bit to my lower lash line just to create a more smoky effect like a soft smokey effect And then I’m just going to mix it to highlighter shades and apply them as eye shadow and I’m gonna apply it to the Front portion of my lid, so I’m not gonna take it all the way to the outer part Of course, you don’t want to do that because you have shadow of that part already I’m also gonna take this into my tear duct area as well Which is one of my favorite things to do because it makes the eyes look more open. So this is perfect for early mornings It’s a great trick that I do all the time So for mascara I’m gonna be using one of my favorites which is the milk makeup push mascara So you want to use your favorite slash best mascara for this look because you don’t have soft lashes to fall back on So make sure is one of your like ride-or-die mascara. So I like to do this technique when applying mascara I like to look down in a mirror and apply my mascara of that way so that I don’t get any Mascara on my lid. This is one of my favorite tricks to do. Also. I like to apply more mascara on the outer Portion of my lashes because this also helps with the whole like winged Effect and it helps your eyes look more open and awake as well And for the bottom lashes, I’ve been really liking only applying it to the outer portion of my lashes Now I’m just going to blend in my translucent powder Indeed by Laura Mercier, and I’ll have all these products in the description box And I’m just going to finish off my face with some bronzer and I love this brush. I’ve been obsessed with it. This is an hourglass Double ended brush so I’ve been loving this brush for bronzer And for this look I am going to be applying highlighter and I’m using the Bronzed side of the k’kaw Beauty palette and I feel like highlighter is necessary for this look since you don’t have on any false lashes It just gives a look a little bit something extra So now I’m just going to wipe off my lip balm and get ready to apply my lip color And the first thing I’m gonna be taking is a sponge I like to do this just in case I don’t have any foundation on the areas that I need it on I’m gonna be taking my Kat Von D crucifix aligner and aligning my lips And I’m just gonna top that off with a glutes and this is in the color bronze to tation by Pat McGrath This is one of my favorite glosses ever. It’s bomb So that is it for this look I hope it helps some of you guys out I hope it’s super easy for you to follow and that you try it for work maybe or if you’re just a minimal girl and You don’t like wearing too much eye makeup. So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I’ll see you guys next time

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