Together today we are going to talk about the organizational changes in cosmetic industry Cosmetic industry is worth multi billion dollars and is growing stronger than ever before So what’s the forces driving behind the success? In the environment where changes in customer demands are fast, constant and inevitable the company have the vision to provide mass customization Be the most influential trends-setter and also the fastest producer in the market itself so more and more innovative and customized Beauty goods are introduced literally every month thanks to the organization agility from R&D production to retail. I think the best agility adapter is L’OREAL so what’s agility for them? according to the manager of high-tech transformation in L’OREAL Agility is the ability to decode the information around us to take the right action, make the right decision at the right time following those words, in the era of technology 4.0 which means strong digitalization. the company is intensively investing in Innovation and Digitalization in order to accelerate time to market before it was 30 weeks in order to launch one product now is takes only three weeks It means it put a high pressure on the manufacturing operation and it need to be transformed so what are they doing? L’Oreal is using 3d printing in order to print prototype of packaging and also the spare part of machines when there are emergencies more of that, many flexible automated lines of machines and IoT devices (Internet of things) are being implemented by IBM More automated lines and even robot can also collect data, make reports and send it to the manager which means the people the human resources of L’Oreal Can be used for more valuable job One thing you need to remember that short production time allows you to provide mass customization, which is very important to gain more share of the pie in the cosmetic industry It can be seen that L’Oreal is giving the manufacturing operation a “makeover” and the result is turning out beautifully when the company is becoming bigger than the giant it has always been So beside that all the cosmetic companies are also using advanced technology in every aspect of their business as well For example Gotha they are using cloud-based system in assisting the projects inside the company and LIME CRIME is using AR app that has a virtual assistant in order to enhance the customer experience as you can see Technology is driving the organizational of changes in cosmetic industry therefore, the employees in those companies need to be educated and trained properly to prepare for the Environmental changes and forces so together as an individual or an enterprise they can respond to the change smartly and timely Thank you for listening. That’s all of the of this today

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