Panther Foundation Capital Campaign

(upbeat instrumental music) – For more than 14 years, the Panther Foundation
has made dreams come true for the students in
Spring Lake Park Schools. We have helped to pioneer
and pilot projects from single classrooms to
district-wide initiatives, like smartboards, iPads, and opportunities in emergency care and so much more. We financially support and
partner with the district to ensure our children
have world-class education. – We’ve also raised
money to support families through our Angel Fund,
our Panther Pantry, which addresses immediate
needs in times of crisis. We provide books to hand
out to our preschoolers, weekend food packs, and school supplies for
our students in need. – Because of our successful fundraising, we’ve invested $120,000 in
innovative learning spaces and $60,000 to purchase equipment and create spaces
dedicated to STEM learning. We believe that innovative ideas to help students learn
and focus on science, technology, engineering, and math will better prepare our
students for future success. We’ll continue to invest in
these areas going forward. In our 14 years of supporting SLP schools, we’ve made grants totalling $1.1 million, and we’re just getting started. We are proud to announce
our largest grant ever. We will need your help in driving this exciting project to completion, which will benefit the entire Spring Lake Park Schools community. Participation in activities and athletics is a driver of higher
grades, better attendance, and in general, success in school. It also contributes to
the overall experience students have while at school. We are proud that more than 86% of our high school students participate in athletics and activities, one of the highest in the Metro. In our vision, we state that we are a significant contributing partner in providing enriching experiences leading to student success. We believe this grant will
make a significant difference to the Spring Lake Park Schools community. – We are pleased to announce
our Panther Capital Campaign. Over the next two years,
we are committing $600,000 towards enhancing athletic
and activities facilities. Our board believes this is
the most impactful opportunity for our foundation to fulfill its mission of supporting world-class learning. So the foundation will use up to $400,000 of its cash available to fund this grant and over the next two years, will look to raise the remaining balance through this Capital Campaign. In both parts of our grant, we are participating in much
larger district projects in the Fine Arts Center and
the biggest community space in town: Panther Stadium. We are funding the difference between what the district can deliver and what we believe is needed to give our students the
best experience possible. – In the Fine Arts Center,
we will look to add to the district’s capital plan, including considering funding ideas, like upgraded sound and lighting systems, state-of-the-art projector and screen, remodeled entrances, and
improvements to the stage. This area is used by almost every student in the district each year, and our investment will have an impact across the entire community. In Panther Stadium,
through our partnership, the district will be able to do much more than originally expected, giving everyone who uses the
stadium an elevated experience. The list of improvements in the stadium includes an expanded and well-lit plaza on the north end of the stadium
near the rotunda entrance with improved access to
the home grandstands, rebuilding the entrances to the stadium, moving and expanding the concession stand on the home side of the stadium, and adding four outdoor restrooms. Our contribution expands and accelerates the district’s plan. – [Jonelle] Our investment
will enhance the experience of our students and
everyone in the community and will make a significant
difference for years to come. – We need your help to
make this dream a reality. Invest in this dream, in our
students, and our community. From the quarterback to the goalie, the pitcher to the musician,
singer, or budding actor, your commitment to this
project supports all students. Thank you for investing in our children and Spring Lake Park Schools. We are Panther Proud. (upbeat instrumental music)

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