Panther Foundation Fund-A-Dream 2019: Career and College Pathways

– [Narrator] What do you
want to be when you grow up? – When I grow up, I want
to be a ocean biologist. – When I grow up, I want to be a lawyer. – I want to be the best teacher as I can. – When I grow up, I want to
be a construction worker. – When I grow up, I want to be
a school nurse and help kids. – [Narrator] At Spring Lake Park Schools, from day one of kindergarten, we help each child find their passion, identify their strengths
and explore the interest that will lead them on a path
to accomplish their goals, whatever they might be. Early in our children’s learning, we begin to prepare them for
career and college readiness. Through our district’s focus on innovative and personalized learning, teachers throughout the
district customize learning for each student by providing
a variety of opportunities for students to connect with relevant, engaging and real-world learning. One of the newest and quickest
growing of these initiatives is the Pathways program at
Spring Lake Park High School. Our Career and College
Pathways were created in order to give our students a chance to explore different career interests while also having a chance
to earn college credit and meet some of the academic standards that they need to meet while here. – I’m not just going
in blindly in college. I’m going in with some experience and kind of an idea of what to expect. – We have the business and entrepreneurship pathway, the technology, engineering
and design pathway, and a health and human services pathway. Each of the pathways was
created based on job needs that are predicted in
the State of Minnesota, so we’re confident that our students have a lot of opportunity
because of the exposure they’ll get in these three pathways. – What we do is we bridge the gap between school and real life. When you can see why
you’re learning something, it makes it so much more attractive, it makes it so much more interesting, it makes it so much more fun. – I just know that I’m
working towards my future. – [Narrator] Pathways at
Spring Lake Park Schools is meeting the needs of a
wide variety of students and is helping to ensure our students are prepared for the
futures of their choosing. As the district continues
to focus on pathways and emphasize career
and college readiness, for even the youngest of students, the Panther Foundation has
an opportunity to partner with the district to grow this program and expand its reach to all grade levels. Through your financial support of this year’s Fund-a-Dream initiative, you will help provide more
and more opportunities through Pathways and help
students find their passion and explore individual interests. Your investment will support
bringing computer science and coding programming in our K-8 schools. Your contributions will
help purchase materials and resources for K-12
maker spaces and pathways, such as body scanners, 3D
printers, laser engravers, vinyl cutters, Legos and more. Your support will allow our students to get into the community, learn side by side with local businesses, agencies and partners. Your commitment to this work
will expand opportunities for our children and help them see no limits to their future. Your contribution tonight
is laying the groundwork for each student in our district to engage with their interests early
on and to ultimately pursue whatever direction they
may take beyond graduation. We are preparing our students
today to become the thinkers, entrepreneurs, inventors
and leaders of our future. Help us grow the future. Invest in our kids today. – Thank you Panther Foundation. – Thank you Panther Foundation. – Thank you Panther Foundation. – Thank you Panther Foundation. – Thank you Panther Foundation. (bright music)

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