PINKY CLOUDS MAKEUP LOOK l Đám mây hồng l Linh Trang Official

>>Music Hi guys today im going to do this makeup look let get started first thing im using color corrector and apply the peach color in the under-eyes area yellow for the redness on my nose i has discoloration around my mouth so it looks darker than my whole face so i apply the color peach on it as well as my chin Then i apply slightly on the skin using L’oreal G1 This foundation is very light and thin coverage for who already has a flawless skin And then im using concealer from O.TWO.O Then pressed powder from CEZANNE Last but not least is bronzing OMG!!! This butter bronzer smell so good! My favorite eyeshadow Color studio from Beauty Glazed Isn’t it stunning? im going with the pink Apply it on the outer corner and the inner lid and blend it into the crease im chosing a light purple and blend it in middle of lid Then the dark blue in the lash line Im using dark red Kimuse liquid lip for eyeliner with a painting pen Last step is my FAVORITE is HIGHLIGHT this highlight is from Caiji And then im using a slight pinky blush How can i forget lipstick from O.TWO.O I picked the baby pink in O.TWO.O’s newest collection and lipgloss from Victoria’s Secret i’ve dropped a little bit, silly me :))) i hope you guys like this video YEAH! This is my PINKY CLOUDS makeup look i hope you guys like this video and dont forget to like and subscirbe for my channel and if you guys dont like this video please let me know in the commet down below and also dont forget to follow me on Instagram links in the description SEE YOU GUYS ON MY NEXT ONE ! BYE!

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