Recreating the Lil Icey Eyes Makeup Look! Easy Makeup Tutorial // Christine Le

hello friends welcome back to my channel
if you’re new welcome my name is christine today we are doing a fun
little makeup tutorial and I haven’t done just a plain old makeup tutorial
and so long and I feel like lately I’ve been going for the more natural soft
glam looks but today I wanted to try something with a lot more impact and
I’ve seen this filter all over Instagram stories and it is the little icy eyes
Instagram filter and I’ll pop a picture on the screen of what it looks like but I’m
obsessed with the whole look so that could be pretty easy to recreate as well
so if you are interested in seeing my take on this little Instagram filter
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new video every Tuesday and Thursday without further ado let’s go ahead and
get started so first off I have nothing on my skin and I’m currently in Malibu
if you have noticed from the different background with the whole coronavirus
being quarantine we’re actually seeing with Brandon’s family that way all of us
are all together and I kind of am loving like the decor and how pretty this house
is I would love to live here I have here a big ol makeup bag of
makeup that I draw all the way from home and this makeup bag is actually from
Amazon I love it I’ll go ahead and link it down below but this is kind of the
look that I want to recreate today this is actually the filter on my face with
no makeup currently and I just think it is so beautiful but also pretty easy to
recreate so I’m going to go ahead and try that out I have nothing in my brows
right now and it takes me forever to do my brows so I’m going to go ahead
and speed through that and I will bear back okay so brows are done and like I said
that took me so long and I’ve been so into like the bushy effect lately so it
does take me a little bit longer anyways we’re gonna go ahead and actually finish
off the eyes first but I want to go ahead and prime and allow this some time
to kind of sink into the skin so I’m going to use this benefit be
professional just because I kind of want to use like a full coverage foundation
and this primary is really great for covering up any of the pores that I have
okay for the eyes in the photo it looks like the liner it’s just super super
smoked out and it’s mainly the lashes that are in focus I currently have lash
extensions on but they are like nearing the end of its life so I’m actually
gonna put on false lashes on top I don’t have all my makeup with me but if I did
I would use like a black kohl pencil or like a pencil liner and kind of smudge
it out but to make do I’m actually gonna go ahead and go in with my Urban Decay
Naked honey palette I think there’s a really nice dark brown in here that I’m
gonna go ahead and try to smudge out this one is in the shade stain I have a
little angled brush I’m gonna use and kind of smoke that out so we’re gonna
try to do like a little winged effect and then I’m gonna go in with a fluffy
brush to kind of buff it out I’m picking up a lot of powder and I just want to do
it really really thick and messy preciseness doesn’t really matter too
much here just because we are gonna buff it out and I’m gonna go on top with like
a black winged liner as well if you have like a black powder or like a darker
Brown that would work even better but this is just what I have with me right
now the filter has a really like crazy wing so we would kind of want to imitate
that and you want it to be a little bit darker on actual lash line okay so next
I have this little morphe and 4-3-3 brush this has a really nice fluffy tip
but it’s a little bit smaller than like my normal crease brush I’m actually
gonna use this with no product on it kind of just buff out some of the edges
kind of drawing it pulling it out on the outer
as you can see that gives it a really pretty like winged out effect it makes
the lash I look a little bit more fuller versus the other eyes so it is fading a
little bit right here so I do want to add a little bit more I’m actually gonna
use the same brush and pick up just a little bit of that and kind of tap some
in that outer corner because we want it to be really deep right there that is a
finish effect super pretty I’m gonna do the same to the other eye you kind of
want to be aware of your eye shape too I kind of have an almond eye shape so I
know my liner looks best when it’s a little bit thicker on the outer corners
but if you prefer your liner to be kind of the same thickness all the way around
that’s how you should place the shadow so that way when you blend it out it
does look really nice in shooting of your eye shape then I’m going to use
another clean fluffy brush this is just a random one that I have umm no product
and I kind of want to clean out the edges so I’m just gonna add a little
more shadow to my lash line and make sure that is darker okay so I’m happy
with that next I’m gonna go in with some bling wire I have this one from honest
Beauty that actually really enjoys so and when you use this one today this one
is a felt to liquid liner as you can see from the photo the eyes look super
angular and you can really get that effect with like a good sharp winged
liner so I’m gonna go ahead and try to imitate that so I do have a video on my
channel on how I do my winged liner so if you guys want to check that out I
highly recommend it it would be super helpful if you really struggle with
winged the eye liner I’m gonna start here on the lash line and I’m actually
just gonna speed through this because I have a video on how I do my winged liner okay so this is the finished wing I
accidentally made it a little bit thicker than I intended but that’s okay
because we can definitely make it work still I’m going to use that same brush
that we started off with and pick up some more of the dark brown shadow and
I’m actually gonna Pat some right on the edge of the liner just to kind of smoke
it out you kind of want that really smoky effect so some of that kind of
disappeared make sure I buff out the edges and then we’re gonna move on to
the other eye okay so this is how the AI is select
after super dramatic these lashes make such an impact the next leg especially
stacked on top of my eyelash extensions this is exactly the look that I wanted
to achieve and you don’t have a pair of lashes like this one thing that you do
is you can actually double stack lashes you can take a pair of like ardell demi
wispies or whispies and just put two pairs on top of each other to get that
really dramatic effect or if you wanted just to put on a dramatic set of lashes
the winged liner will still give you that kind of like effect next we’re
gonna go ahead and finish up the face makeup we want something super full
coverage I wanted to use a foundation that is a little bit darker than my skin
tone too because as you can see with the filter it kind of just makes your face
look like there’s like a bronzer effect so I’m gonna use this foundation I
haven’t use in a really long time but I love it is the L’Oreal infallible 24
hour fresh wear foundation and I have it in shade for 85 so I’m just gonna put
about two pumps of that and I’m actually gonna use my totty Beauty Blender full
to go ahead lend that out one trick that I found with this is I use this
yesterday to blend out my makeup but if you want to use the other side all you
have to do is take the band and kind of like flip it on to the other side and
then you have another whole other application that you can do so this is what the foundation looks like
blended out if you guys saw my blender full video I love the blend flow and I
feel like it gives such a pretty effect to the foundation but I do like going
over with a sponge just to make sure that everything is really blended out okay so Brandon’s mom had some guests
that came over and the dogs weren’t absolutely wild so I quickly thrown the
rest of my makeup pretty much all that I did was I grabbed some cream blush and I
dragged it across the nose because you want that really cute like natural
blushing effect and then I went ahead and bronze with my Fendi bronzer I
haven’t used this in a while but I forgot how much I enjoyed this blend it
out so easily and I couldn’t that color gives me the perfect
bronzy tan and then I also really contour it the heck out of my nose
because the filter does make it kind of look like my notes a little bit more
snatch so I wanted to kind of use that and then I also applied a little bit of
highlighter not a lot just enough to kind of give my face a light glow and I
did go a little bit heavier on the nose because I just want to kind of emphasize
that like short cute little button nose effect next I want to go ahead and
finish out the bottom lash line the filter makes it look like I have a
really full bottom lash line as well so I kind of want to emphasize that so
picking up that same brush that we use in the very beginning in that dark eye
shadow I’m going to go ahead and add some shadow to the lower lash line and
then I’m gonna take my Beauty guard mascara this is actually a mascara that
is safe for lash extensions it’s all I’ve been using lately but I’m gonna go
ahead and put that on my lower lash line and you want to put a lot I’m kind of
holding my brush kind of sideways like this because it helps to apply a lot of
product and that’s we want that really clumpy thick of that okay so that is
what the bottom lash line looks like and next I realized I haven’t even set my
under eyes yet that hourglass concealer is just so stinking pretty and it just
looks like it’s set itself but since I have really oily skin I want to make
sure that doesn’t move at all I’ve been using this kbd vegan Beauty translucent
setting powder so I’m just going to apply a little bit of that to my under
eyes using a sponge also another trick that I found to help really cinch the
nose is to grab some translucent powder and kind of run it down the side of my
kind of like reverse contouring where when you add a darker color it kind of
makes that part of your face kind of sink in a little bit more when you add a
lighter color it kind of brings it out so that helps to make that nose contour
stand out just a little bit more so I always like to do this finally I’m just
gonna go ahead and set my face and I’m using this wander Beauty wanderlust
powder foundation in the shade golden medium I’m just gonna pop this pull over
my face this is one of the last few stats before
we go ahead and add faux freckles I want it a little bit more on the blush to
kind of shine through I feel like that was kind of lost with all the powders
that we put on so I’m gonna go ahead and use this Emma Cosmetics heavens glow
faded Clementine this is a baked blush in this color it’s just so stunning so
I’m gonna apply this in that same area where we had cream blush earlier and go
ahead and drag it across my nose as well and I want to bring this a little bit
higher than usual just because we want really flush cheeks and kind of ate
almost suntan look and this just helps to bring a lot more color to the face as
well it just makes your foundation look a lot more natural looking yeah I’m
gonna go ahead and bring some down on my chin or on my forehead as well just to
bring some that color back okay next we’re gonna do some lips I’ve been
loving this Kevin Kwan unforgettable lip definer this is in the shade minimal
this has a a little bit more of the pinky color I kind of want to go with
some pink tones that I have on my cheeks right now and we want to over line as
well okay next I’m going to use another Kevyn Aucoin lip product this is the
unforgettable lipstick in the shade dominatrix oh pretty then finishing off
the brows with this glossy Aboy brow I enjoy this but it’s not my favorite
actually prefer that em cosmetics one over this but this is definitely not the
worst that I’ve tried finally this look would not be complete without some faux
freckles so I’m actually gonna use my brow pencil this is the color pop boy
brow I wish I had like a lighter brown with me but this has a really fine tip
sort of be perfect for creating those faux freckles so I’m just gonna start
dotting and you want to make sure that you’re being super random with
some you want like glue clusters some darker and some layer as you get to the
cheekbones you want to make the freckles a little bit more spread out and then on
the nose there are usually a little bit more closer together then I’m going to
take my blender full and kind of blend out some of them just so it looks a
little bit more natural and then this is the finished makeup look I’m gonna go
ahead and do my hair and I will be right back so this is the finished look I went
ahead and changed into a bodysuit this party suit is from revolve and I just
posted a little tick-tock haul on some of the stuff that I picked up from
revolve recently I also yesterday was randomly I was just like in the mood to
shops at word a ton of new clothes for hashtag quarantine life so I got a lot
of cozy outfits lounging outfits if you guys want to see a clothing haul just
let me know down below or thumbs up this video and this is a finished look I am
obsessed with the way that the face makeup looks feel like it’s a fairly
easy look to recreate as well I hope y’all enjoyed and I will see you in my
next video bye

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