100 thoughts on “Red Velvet Irene’s ‘Psycho’ makeup – Edward Avila

  1. didnt aoora say why they sometimes dont say hi at the broadcasting station tho? lol like they have a job to do and it can get tiring like any other job, from both idols and staff

  2. When u brought up the fact that bc of a stupid staff person, Wendy canT even promote to the fullest makes me so mad bc this comeback really showed how beautiful and talented she was 🥺 like X1 Yohan couldnt even dance during promotions cus of his injury too smhhh ( Not mad at u tho u speak fax )

  3. Every time eddy contours his nose I feel like it looks exactly the same as before but I do appreciate the subtlety and all that

  4. my mum walked in when this video started and she thought I was watching porn like why you gotta moan like that in the start of the video I almost got an ass whooping

  5. Oof this turned out so fucking pretty~ I’d love to see you do Suho or Chanyeol’s makeup from obsession~ their X EXO versions~

  6. I love that lonely baby cloud on the wall. It looks like it's floating like a real cloud with sun light emanating from behind it.

  7. I👏🏼need👏🏼a👏🏼series👏🏼of👏🏼all👏🏼the👏🏼makeup👏🏼red👏🏼velvet👏🏼showed👏🏼in👏🏼psycho👏🏼pls

    Or just a compilation of them pls hehe
    keep on slaying bb

  8. i agree with the comments! wendy's and seulgi's makeup looks too pretty please? 🙂
    also it's really heartbreaking and frustrating what happened to Wendy because it's a major injury, not just a sprained ankle or a bruised knee. it's just SUCH a relief she didn't have a much worse injury 🙁 more than recovering physically, i hope she's emotionally and mentally recovering too. as much as it is frustrating for us fans, it must be moreso for Wendy who had to be "benched" throughout this comeback 💔💔💔

  9. Edward we need to talk: you need to review the colourpop x bitti collection, EVEN IF ITS BEEN TIME SINCE ITS LAUNCHED I NEED UR MAGNIFICENT REVIEW ON ALL THE GLITTER

  10. Ugh I wish my skin could tolerate ELF products. It's instant breakout/allergic reaction central for me 🙁 🙁 🙁 but you look super cute!!!

  11. It's so funny because yesterday I uploaded a NYE makeup video and I am just now realizing, while I'm watching this, I probably had Irene's makeup on the back of my head 🤷🏻‍♀️😹 You look amazing, sweetie 🥰

  12. Your soo talented eddie! Ur makeup looks awesome and you always look flawless!! Hope u have a great day love u loads! I 💜 u!!!

  13. sooo you might not see this but i just wanted to say, if you do, that you have inspired me to start makeup and start (trying) to make vlogs/videos. thank you so much edward! 🥰💕

  14. HONESTLY I can't focus 100% a.k.a seriously glaring at my phone bcs of the bgm. Chuckling for like every few seconds bcs of it lmao


  16. i rarely ever comment bc i watch on my tv, but i hopped on my phone just to tell u that i fucking luv u and ur skin looks flawless asf 💞💗💕💓💖

  17. Honestly I had to unsubscribe to kbs and some of the channels because it was pissing me off how little they cared to broadcast everyone. And hearing what happened to Wendy was the last straw for me. So good job everyone but fuck u broadcasting stations.

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