RIT’s College of Art and Design Foundations: A Student’s Perspective

*Cheery Music* My favorite class was 3D design and I
really liked it because out of all the other stuff we did it was a lot of more
hands-on projects a lot more sculpting. And even though, like, that’s not my major
it’s kind of cool to like use different mediums that I’ve never used before like
plaster and work in the woodshop. I think getting the opportunity was just like
super fun, and really interesting and yeah, so 3D design. My favorite class is drawing because we
had a lot of fun in there and I learned a lot of new things that I didn’t know. My favorite class is 3D design because
the class is not only fun but also very constructive. My teacher was very
knowledgeable in her field and there were also a lot of very cooperative and
fun people in that class. My most challenging project was any
figure drawing I had to do. I’ve never done figure drawing never had to draw, really accurately in any of my art classes before and I’ve never taken any
professional art classes before so having to like draw really realistically
and have a teacher that can like easily see what the proportions are and what’s
wrong and what’s not it was like really hard for me but I like got there and I’m
learning more but because of it so, yea. Um, the most challenging project was
definitely, the Charrette because I had never done anything like that before I
never designed an outfit so I kind of had to think in a different way. The most challenging project I did was
the Charrette because the Charrette was very creative there was a lot of creative
freedom that we were given and I think just the creativity needed and the work
that was put into the project was just exceeding all the other projects that we
had to do for class. My overall take away from the foundation
classes is that they were really helpful and definitely what I needed to start
building on my skills in my other classes. My overall take away of the
foundation classes are that they’re pretty useful I think that there are
some classes that don’t retain to some people’s majors but I think overall
they’re pretty helpful they give pretty useful skills and I think it’s a great
way to interact with people in different majors as well as meet amazing
professors. My overall takeaway is that just because
you don’t know how to do something when you start doesn’t mean you can’t learn
and it doesn’t mean that like your failures and your setbacks mean that
you’re a bad artist. It means that you’re just not there yet.
But if you keep going like you can do it and I’ve proven that to myself time and
time again through the Foundation’s classes which have like showed me all
these new kind of projects and ideas and mediums *Cheery Music*

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