Rose Gold Halo Eyeshadow Tutorial – Lydia Yapp

I’m gonna try and attempt a halo
eyeshadow today and I just wanted to show you how I do it I’ll be using the
Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette using mostly the rose gold color and we’re
gonna go ahead and try and find our crease so basically I’m just moving this
in to where my eyeball kind of sinks into my skull do the other side and this has to be a matte eye shadow
because it’s creating a shadow and shadows are not shimmery so I’m gonna do
it in little circles into the crease area because I am blending this out and
then what I want to do is grab a small definer brush I’m just gonna go in with
like a cranberry ish color and I’m just gonna go ahead and put it mostly onto
the outer third of my eye so I kind of separate it where you see like my iris
so I’m covering you know this white section with the darker eyeshadow with
the halo makeup I’m also going to cover this inner 1/3 as well and I’m following
it in a circular pattern because I want to emphasize these the eyeball the
roundness of the eyeball I guess and do the same thing on the other
side same thing here outer third, inner third I like to also do the bottoms as
well so I’m gonna do the outer and inner bottom you don’t need much eyeshadow you
can definitely just use whatever is left onto your brush make sure everything is
connected so kind of do a quick sweep with the inner and the outer make that
round halo kind of look so I’m gonna go ahead and blend this now I’m going to go
back into my white little fluffy brush and make sure that it’s not harsh at all you don’t want to blend too too much
with this one because It’ll just start looking kind of muddy round and round so
when I’m blending I’m actually doing little circular motions but I’m like
sweeping it into the iris and the same thing on this side I’m sweeping it into
the iris and I also like to line the eyeliner. I’m gonna do the bottom. And the other side. Hi Hunter! Home from schoo…l this is supposed to be our Spring Break slash isolation
from the corona virus sorry so I’m lining only the upper rim of my eye. I actually
don’t really do too much on the upper lid because I want that halo to pop. Okay
so now you can kind of see there’s a space in the middle where the iris is
I’m gonna go in with like a shimmery eyeshadow oh I’m wearing a black glove as
well I usually do this for makeup clients cuz I can just easily take out
product and then I just throw the glove away it’s more sanitary that way so I’m
gonna go in and put it in with a brush just right into the middle of the eye okay I’m going to put this on the other eye because it’s pretty strong so kind of
just where your iris is you want to put that yeah I’m going wide at the bottom
and just fading thinly when I reach the top okay I’m gonna do the other side
fade it up and what I’m doing is just pawing at my eye just slowly
fading up and I’m gonna add some on the bottom as well and the other side pretty
looks like I’m crying glitter I’m gonna grab some eyelashes and do my eyebrows
and a be right back I’m just gonna use this magic lash adhesive that I bought
from camera-ready cosmetics down in the States and I’m just gonna go ahead and
apply just a little squeezy amount on here when you’re applying glue onto the
eyelashes you want to make sure that you follow the manufacturers instruction I
also like to put two extra dots on the very ends just for extra security
because I find that depending on the kind of lash that you’re wearing it can
lift quite easily on the ends so when you’re putting eyelashes on I usually
grab a tweezer so it’s not close to the glue whatsoever and then I look down
look down into the mirror and then kind of just slide it in from top from the
top and I place it into the middle and then I go ahead and grab the outer ends
and then place it onto the outer end and I grab it, grab the inner and then
place it into the inner and then you can push it in with your finger to kind of
secure it. Then, make sure that your tweezer is kind of like in the middle of
the eyelash like this was not touching the glue but you still have a pretty
sturdy grip on it you want to go in downwards I’m wearing eyelash extensions
they are so grown out cuz I haven’t been able to get a fill with Stephanie we trade eyelash extensions and it just
makes your life so much easier as moms we like wake up looking not like zombies
like that wait till it dries a little bit I’m just gonna quickly comb some
stuff in my eyebrows I’m just so I’m just gonna
use this Mac brow set I like to start kind of in the middle and brush it up
and out and this one is a lighter color because I have blond in my hair. Out. I
kind of like that hairy brow look. Plain lip I’m just gonna do a plain matte
liquid lipstick because I want the eyes to pop and not the lips to kind of
compete with it. I’m just gonna do a contour slash blush thing because I’m
gonna go in with a little bit of this start at the top of my ear and kind of
brush down where it’s like this you don’t want to go past like the iris of
your face and you don’t want to go past the tip of your nose, kinda
see where the smile line is you don’t want to go past that and top of the ear
and most of your color should be deposited in the back and then you kind
of just blend it out front and I’m gonna just take a little bit more and then I’m
just gonna flatten my brush and just go down the side of my nose. Actually, I
kind of do more of the contour on the top of my nose kind of like boom boom two
lines and just fluff that out alright so I’m gonna go in with a little
bit more of a color what is this shy rose this is the NARS
orgasm kind of dupe. It’s got a nice pinky gold shimmer to it and just makes the skin so
nice so that is the halo eyeshadow look I hope you guys like this look

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