86 thoughts on “Schiff, Trump’s lawyers’ rhetoric at times undermines their positions: McCarthy

  1. It is becoming more and more obvious, since there are no alleged crimes committed by the President, listed anywhere in the Articles of Impeachment, that this is a POLITICAL COUP to remove the President of the United States from office initiated and propagated by the Democrats!! It is also COVER for the whole FISA abuse scandal that got us here in the first place. AND cover for ANYTHING associated with Hunter Biden and VP Biden and Ukraine!!!

  2. What was the case that encouraged democrats to vote to impeach? What were the existing facts that led to an impeachment vote? No other facts are needed. The vote was done. What led to the vote?

  3. Democrats are just overwhelming the public with lofty rhetoric and platitudes just to complain about how the President went about his job. total BS. With the laws in place how would they have had the President done anything differently? Well, their man is on the hot seat so the ends justify the means.

  4. I take comfort in knowing that, despite this charade Fox News, Trump, Jordan and the other Senators are putting on, history will remember them all for who they really are. The ultimate con man and a group of Republicans who value power and money over their Constitutional oath.

  5. Is it just me or are all these demo schiff heads ugly asf.? And what does that thing called maxine waters identify as?.. just asking!!!

  6. I know the President believes he will win if this gets into the weeds and is probably correct but his lawyers are arguing it isn't a legitimate impeachment which is true. Trump doesn't care either way. He wants to go toe to toe.

  7. Keep in mind this is the 2nd time Pinocchio has had " overwhelming " evidence of wrongdoing by Trump. I'm sure you remember he had " overwhelming and irrefutable " evidence of Trump's collusion with Russia. Liars gotta lie….that is all he knows.

  8. The House didnt let the president have the fair defense and did not let him to have his lawyers and witnesses to attend and defend the president!! Now these HYPOCRITE Dems demand fairness!! SIT ON IT!!

  9. It’s funny that he’s supposedly being impeached for trying to get info on his so called opponent to change the outcome of an election. But there’s two senators being aloud to sit on the hearing were they will be voting whether to impeach their possible opponent and that’s ok. Is it just me or is there something wrong in Denmark here?

  10. No one cares what this yuppie hypocrite clowns has to say we want witnesses where is Hunter put Schiff up there the whistleblower we Will take it either way baby you’re an idiot! So sick of pompous 60s generation morons thinking they have all the answers know everything poster children of hypocrisy🤢🤦‍♂️

  11. The facts of the case will be challenged by President Trump's team with their own evidence, which they can and will bring up if this goes to a trial. That will go very much into showing how much of a sham this whole impeachment thing is and will make the Democrats look very stupid.


  13. Five Chimpanzees and a Raccoon could represent Trump and he will still be found not guilty. That is McConnells position from day one.

  14. Mrs. Bush wherever you are, thank you for teaching rhetoric in 10th grade English class, never thought I’d need or use the knowledge and it’s proven to be vital

  15. Fox News is so funny. Completely different from reality. Up is down and down is up. Witness and evidence is bad, blindly following and believing Orange criminal good. Obstruction, corruption & hypocrisy at its best.

  16. Alan Dershowitz
    "It certainly doesn't have to be a crime if you have somebody who completely corrupts the office of president and who abuses trust and who poses great danger to our liberty, you don't need a technical crime,"

  17. Trump's lawyers argued – No President Can Be Impeached for Any Abuse of Power.
    It implies Trump could not be impeached for promising to pardon anybody who murdered his political rivals, but could be impeached if he resold a mattress that was missing its tags. Suggesting that a president cannot be removed for abusing his power, but can be removed for a criminal violation.

    Last Thursday, the Government Accountability Office formally ruled that withholding the aid did violate the law.
    Hahahaha ¯_(ツ)_/¯ Trump and his lawyers are such F- UPS !

  18. Bolton…is not reliable witness…especially when he was fired by person (President) he want to testify against him….

  19. I don't need any lawyer to come in and explain to me that the house's actions were un-fair and the fact that there was no due process afforded to President Trump. MOTION TO DISMISS!! Complete waste of time and tax payer money.

  20. What happened on Fox News? Mr former federal prosecutor decided to be reasonable finally, after seeing the gigantic joke in the Senate?
    "The President is taking the position, that the facts need to be contested… that supports the argument for why you should hear for witnesses who haven't been heard from yet…"
    It seems Mr Trump took the right position, probably first under his Presidency, since without contesting the facts, the acquittal will look like a cover up or a complicity in his sins on the Senate Republican part.
    "They can make the argument that House should have called those witnesses."
    They cannot really make that argument, as the House actually called them, they were only not allowed to go there by Trump, and this is the very argument for one article of impeachment i.e. obstruction of Congress, therefore cannot be an argument for Trump, since it is an argument against him. (Though the Democrats made a huge mistake in assuming that the Republicans would care about the facts and the law in the Senate)
    Host: question about that both parties are accusing each other with the same i.e. unfairness.
    "The unforced error that Senator McConnell made was not allowing the record in the House to be brought in total in the Senate, which normally a pro forma thing."
    When the resident Fox News Republican former federal prosecutor cannot argue for the Senate Republicans, then they do it already wrong, very wrong.

  21. @ 0:50 + Re: Dems insisting that documents be produced BECAUSE documents do not lie. TRUE YOU DIMWITS! BUT FIGURES DO NOT LIE EYE-THUR, AND YOU KNOW VERY WELL HOW  LIARS SURE CAN FIGURE!!

  22. Can any American imagine having a DA charge you with a crime you did not commit and then saying, we need to keep looking for new witnesses until we find one who can accuse you.

  23. McCarthy is blowing off his Schiff.
    When an idiot is interviewed, expect full blown stupidity.
    McCarthy lost his marbles if ever he had any.

  24. The evidence is overwhelming. They just blocked testimony from ppl we NEED to hear from. I want the transcript on the server…not the redacted one. I want to hear from Bolton, Mulvaney, Parnas, & Giuliani under oath. Trump is outta here!!!!

  25. Exactly exactly exactly what I thought as well..

    The president's council is putting their foot in their mouths..

    They're speaking as if they are speaking to the house….

    Thus is the trial ……they should be all for All Evidence and Witnesses…

  26. I keep hearing that it's wrong for the defence to not want anymore witnesses. WHY? If any, and I mean any one of you were in court on the defence you would do all you could to win. (Silly Rabbits).

  27. As an American watching this disappoints me highly. They have wasted time and money. They are not doing their jobs for the people. Imagine how much help their 200 million dollars could have helped suffering Americans.. The demon-rats are traitor neighbors and I pray they all rot in hell!

  28. McCarthy confuses the NO NEED of witnesses (per Trump) because even if the house accusations were true, they do not amount to an impeachable offense, with the REFUTATION of libel/slander from House Dem/Socs which besmirch his character. That Refutation of the substance of the DemSoc slander does not negate the first claim that even if such slander were true, the case should be summarily acquitted as unconstitutional.

  29. A rare moment of logic and reason on this network: the President’s refusal further supporting the need for new evidence and witnesses.

  30. Reading these comments, it's scary how unamerican so many people are. Noe regard or respect for the constitution or the American people. "Democrat this" and "Democrat that". Nothing about Republicans even though many of us are true patriots and believe in the constitution and justice as well. Not all of us want to watch the world burn while arguing that the sky is red with pink polka dots.

  31. No Witnesses! No Evidence! Perfect call should have perfect evidence to back it up instead, NO WITNESSES, NO EVIDENCE, NO TRUTH. This is how you confirm acquittal of Trump? It's NOW clear evidence would sink Trump. COVER-UP! Shame on all of you! Shame!

  32. No Witnesses! No Evidence! Perfect call should have perfect evidence to back it up instead, NO WITNESSES, NO EVIDENCE, NO TRUTH. This is how you confirm acquittal of Trump? It's NOW clear evidence would sink Trump. COVER-UP! Shame on all of you! Shame!

  33. Sometimes I’m sick of this hypocrisy from Fox News,this never Trump. This people from Fox works against President Trump.

  34. I love how the dimwitted demons have cards to put up as they talk😂Shows how long they've been rehursing for what they hope to be their new clown show😂😂😂😂💩

  35. Does anyone believe Schiff has been sitting on any concrete evidence for yrs now haha
    The liar needs to be prosecuted, he’s committed perjury with a gavel in his hands how many times now?

  36. WARNING. Democrats will promise everything for next election. The lies will be too good to pass on. "More money, more jobs, more holidays, less government bureaucracy, free medical and dental,  government provided aged care, free education…", and the list goes on and on of what these liars will say to win. They don't have to deliver, just as long as they win, and they will win because they are deceitfully good liars.

  37. While I've got your attention, maybe you'll consider going over to Judicial Watch and signing some petitions to get these losers to pay up.

  38. The President's team needs to rise above the B.S. and get down to business…. once that happens, it's going to be a blood bath… The Dems have no case and no evidence… any new witnesses won't change a thing, except maybe get the truth out about the Bidens… that needs to happen regardless.

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