SCP-2727 Добрых мужчин (The Good men) | Euclid | humanoid / animal / subterranean scp

SCP-2727 The Good men – object class euclid Item #: SCP-2727 Object Class: Euclid Special Containment Procedures: Each entrance
to SCP-2727-1 is to be closed off upon discovery, and the proceeding area searched for instances
of SCP-2727-2. Instances of SCP-2727-2 are to be terminated
on sight if found outside of the area containing instances of SCP-2727-1. Testing of SCP-2727 is to be approved by at
least one Level 4 Personnel. In incidents in which instances of SCP-2727-2
become hostile, each known entrance to SCP-2727 are to be guarded by at least three security
agents until all hostile activity ceases. Description: SCP-2727-1 refers to various
models of subway trains, located inside several subway stations across the island of ██████, Greece. Instances of SCP-2727-1 have been found to
have ██ station entrances throughout the island. The interior of the subway stations resembles
those from the late 1950’s. The boarding area for instances of SCP-2727-1
have been measured to go as far as ███ meters in length. The subway stations have been recorded to
have support pillars every fifteen meters in any open direction. SCP-2727-2 refers to humanoid individuals
found inside SCP-2727-1 and the subway stations. Instances of SCP-2727-2 typically resemble
Homo sapiens, but lack any facial features. Instances of SCP-2727-2 are typically docile. During times when an instance of SCP-2727-1
is present within the current subway station, large amounts of SCP-2727-2 will enter SCP-2727-1,
while an equal amount of SCP-2727-2 will exit the instance of SCP-2727-1. During explorations of SCP-2727-1, SCP-2727-1
have been recorded to move to other stations not on the island. Train stations explored by SCP-2727-1 have
been shown to be vastly different, including architectural and anomalous changes. Changes include: Station architecture matching that of Gothic
work. Several holes of various sizes along the walls,
ceiling, and floors of the station. Station being made entirely of Osteocytes
(human bone). Station walls, floors, and ceiling being made
entirely of what appeared to be pig flesh. Station containing no instances of SCP-2727-2. It was noted that no instances of SCP-2727-2
left SCP-2727-1 during this stop. During explorations of SCP-2727-1, instances
of SCP-2727-2 changed shapes and sizes, including: Instances of SCP-2727-2 were reported to change
into humanoid creatures similar to Sus scrofa domesticus (barn pigs). It was noted that instances of SCP-2727-2
become increasingly hostile during this time. Instances of SCP-2727-2 were reported to become
invisible inside SCP-2727-1, despite instances of SCP-2727-2 being visible outside of SCP-2727-1. SCP-2727-2
instances were reported to be invisible. Clothing worn by SCP-2727-2 was not affected
by the change. Incident Report 2727-1: Instances of SCP-2727-2
became hostile, attacking security guards and attempting to exit the station. Hostile instances of SCP-2727-2 were terminated
immediately. Approximately fifteen minutes later, an instance
of SCP-2727-1 came into the station. Fifteen instances of SCP-2727-2 proceeded
to carry deceased instances onto SCP-2727-1. Exploration Log 2727-1 D-203583 is a ██ year old Asian male of
average build. D-203583 has no previous remarkable psychological
background. D-203583 is equipped with a camera fitted
with a transmission stream, and an audio headset. Dr. ███████ was observing the
exploration and providing instructions for D-203583. D-203583 is instructed to enter one of the
stations. Seventeen instances of SCP-2727-2 are seen
inside the station. No instances of SCP-2727-1 are visible. D-203583: Nothing is here but those faceless
things. Dr. ███████: Please wait in
the general area until the train arrives. D-203583: Doc I don’t think a train runs through
here, there isn’t even a map of the routes here. Dr. ███████: Irrelevant. D-203583 stayed within the station for approximately
fifteen minutes before an instance of SCP-2727-1 appeared. Seventeen instances of SCP-2727-2 were recorded
to leave SCP-2727-1, and sixteen instances were recorded to get on SCP-2727-1. Dr. ███████: Please board the
train. D-203583: Alright doc, where is this thing
going? Dr. ███████: That information
is irrelevant for your current task. D-203583 proceeds to enter one of the passenger
cabins of SCP-2727-1. Forty six instances of SCP-2727-2 are visible. None of the instances of SCP-2727-2 are recorded
to be sitting down, despite proper seating being available. D-203583: Do you want me to just stand here
with these things? Dr. ███████: You may sit until
the next destination is reached. D-203583: These things aren’t moving doc,
are they alive? Dr. ███████: They have vital
signs but are not sapient. SCP-2727-1 was stationary for six minutes
before moving. SCP-2727-1 continued moving along the path
for fifteen minutes along an illuminated round tunnel. After fifteen minutes, all lights within SCP-2727-1
stopped functioning for approximately nineteen seconds. When lights became functional again, instances
of SCP-2727-2 resembled humanoid members of the species Sus scrofa domesticus (barn pig). Instances of SCP-2727-2 had no facial features. D-203583 reportedly became panicked. D-203583: [EXPLICIT]! What the [EXPLICIT] happened? They look like [EXPLICIT] pigs! Dr. ███████: They do that sometimes. D-203583: Sometimes? Dr. ███████: As in, they don’t
always do it. SCP-2727-1 came to a halt, and fifteen instances
of SCP-2727-2 exited SCP-2727-1 along with D-203583. Sixteen instances of SCP-2727-2 were reported
to enter SCP-2727-1. SCP-2727-1 was reported to leave two minutes
after D-203583 exited the instance. The station appeared to be made entirely out
of pig flesh. Support pillars appeared to be made out of
bone. Twenty two instances of SCP-2727-2 were recorded
to be in the station. D-203583: Jesus Christ. [Pause] It smells like someone is cooking
hotdogs. Dr. ███████: Noted. Can you see an exit? D-203583 began walking towards the far wall
of the station. A slanted hole in the wall, leading to a brighter
area, was recorded approximately nineteen meters ahead of D-203583. D-203583: I think there is a hole outside,
but no stairs. Dr. ███████: Please approach
the hole. D-203583 proceeded to approach the hole. Three instances of SCP-2727-2 are recorded
to follow D-203583. D-203583: Doc? A few of these things are starting to follow
me. Dr. ███████: Noted. Please exit the station. D-203583 exited the station. Audio shows that an instance of SCP-2727-1
was inside the station during this time. The outside of the station was covered completely
in pig flesh. A green smog covered visibility and prevented
sight beyond approximately sixteen meters. Approximately forty instances of SCP-2727-2
were outside of the station and within sight. No geographic features were recorded during
this time. Six instances of SCP-2727-2 began moving towards
D-203583. D-203583: Doc, more of these things are coming
towards me. Dr. ███████: It has been noted. Please move the camera so we can- D-203583: Doc, the ones inside the station
are starting to run. Video feed confirms that seven instances of
SCP-2727-2 were running out of the station towards D-203583. Dr. ███████: Confirmed. Please remain calm. D-203583 does not reply as seven instances
of SCP-2727-2 began bludgeoning him with their fists and heads. An additional three more instances of SCP-2727-2
approach D-203583 with large stones. D-203583 was heard cursing in Mandarin and
begging for mercy during this time. The new instances of SCP-2727-2 proceed to
bludgeon D-203583 to death. Exploration Log 2727-2 D-203584 is a ██ year old Caucasian male
of average build. D-203584 has no previous remarkable psychological
background. D-203584 is equipped with a camera fitted
with a transmission stream, and an audio headset. Dr. ███████ was observing the
exploration and providing instructions for D-203584. D-203584 was instructed to enter one of the
stations. Approximately six instances of SCP-2727-2
are inside the station. An instance of SCP-2727-1 is seen. Dr. ███████: Please board the
train. D-203584: What about these.. faceless things? Dr. ███████: They are not relevant,
please board the train. D-203584 boards the instance of SCP-2727-1
along with two instances of SCP-2727-2, it is estimated that three instances of SCP-2727-2
left the instance of SCP-2727-1. Approximately nine instances of SCP-2727-2
are present within the instance SCP-2727-1. Dr. ███████: Please wait until
the destination is reached. D-203584: Where is this thing going? Dr. ███████: That information
is not necessary for your objective. D-203584: Doc, there’s a poster in this thing,
I can’t read it. Dr. ███████: Confirmed. Please steady the camera on the poster. D-203584 adjusts the camera to show the poster. The poster contains seven instances of SCP-2727-2,
along with the russian words “Добрых мужчин” which roughly translates to
‘the good men.’ Dr. ███████: Thank you. Please inspect the train car for items of
similar nature. D-203584 searches the train car for approximately
nine minutes before finding what appeared to be a small journal and a brochure. Instances of SCP-2727-2 do not acknowledge
D-203584 during this time. SCP-2727-1 begins moving at this time. D-203584: Doc, I found this… journal. Dr. ███████: How many pages
are written in the journal? D-203584 is heard flipping through the pages. D-203584: About five. What do you want me to do with it? Dr. ███████: Please hold each
page in front of the camera long enough for stills to be taken of each. D-203584 proceeds to do so. Refer to Document 2727-1 for journal entries. At this time the instance of SCP-2727-1 stopped. The doors to the train car open, and thirteen
instances of SCP-2727-2 rush towards D-203584, instances are shown to be equipped with gas
masks from the late 1920’s and munitions used during the 1920’s. D-203584 is dragged from the instance of SCP-2727-1
before video feed cuts off. Document 2727-1 January 21, 19██
They took Bill’s eyes today, sewed what was left shut. He’s a businessman, why the [EXPLICIT] are
they torturing him? He stopped screaming lately. I thought they removed his voice box until
he asked me where god was. John stopped banging on the door after one
of them opened it and hit him with the butt of its gun. Whatever these things are, they aren’t human. Bill is really calm considering what happened. Must be in denial. I feel sorry the guy. He never told us how he got here. John was pulled from his platoon, and I was
taking a piss when they got me. Damn Russians. January 25, 19██
They took Bill again. Last time they took John’s fingers. I felt bad for Bill, he’s had the worst so
far. We didn’t hear much screaming. He came back and didn’t talk. I left him alone until I heard him humming. He looked up with his sewed up eyes, and I
almost vomited. They took his mouth. February 3, 19██
Bill’s been gone for about two days now. John’s convinced they killed him. I don’t think they are that merciful. I thought about killing Bill before they took
him last time, just end the misery, but he didn’t hear a word I said. He just sat there, bald, blind, and mute. I think they closed his ears. February 9, 19██
Bill’s back. They took the stitches out. Shaved his eyebrows too. They must have done a flesh graft, I can’t
see where his eyes or lips were anymore. He just sat against the wall next to the door. I can’t figure out how he’s breathing. John said he breaths through his ass now. It was just a joke, but I wouldn’t be surprised
if it was true. They gave him new clothes, just like his old
ones, but not covered in his own blood. He looks like one of those mannequins in a
store. February, 19██
They took Bill again. About an hour later they took John and I out,
blindfolded us and stuck us on a train. It’s been moving for a while. Bill is standing way back, he hasn’t moved
in a while. John just sat down. He’s had enough of this bullshit. So have I. I lost track of what day it was. I think it’s February. The doors opened, and things that looked like
Bill got on. About five on them. John is freaking out, saying they turned Bill
into one of those things. Oh god. They look like pigs.

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  1. This video was redone because of many complaints in a short amount of time with the voice over for the first D-class involved. Also the audio has been remastered to be louder / clearer as well.

  2. Glad to have you back Steve I got a MIT as funny as parts of this reading was it must been a tongue-tied how to say 2727 – 2 all the time

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  4. The Doctor in this one is a real dick for a guy sending men to their deaths. I know D Class are supposed to be criminals and all but still. If you read enough true crime you know that a huge percentage of those convicted of murder are innocent or at least convicted under really shady circumstances.

  5. Has the author commented on this work at all. It feels like there’s a deeper meaning beyond converting people to pig monsters but I’m not seeing what it is

  6. Wait, people complained about a video you made? That's kind of stupid… Who cares who voice acted what… Does it really matter that much??? If you don't enjoy the content created here then don't watch it, and especially don't complain about it… Steve takes the time and energy out of his day to make these videos, and I gaurentee he doesn't want to remake them.

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  9. I love how most of the D class refer to SCP researchers as “Doc.” It’s like an inside joke among SCP authors or something. Kinda love it.

  10. If you think that’s weird, the next metro system over has been reduced to a post-apocalyptic radioactive society where humans battle mutants, supernatural entities and other humans for survival. Though I hear the mushroom tea is quite nice…

  11. Weirdly enough I listened to a creepy pasta with a similar theme earlier this year… and considering we're barely past the half way point in January that's an interesting coincidence.

  12. Oh, wait… the instances are “Communist/Capitalist Pigs”

    Is this a SCP based of the tensions and distrust of the Cold War?
    I noticed a lot of those…

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