Searching for The Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick – L’Oreal Les Macarons Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I
am Vasiliki and in this video we’re going to be testing a new liquid lipstick by
L’Oreal paris and this is the ultra matte liquid lipstick les macarons
the price for this one is nine dollars 99 and I bought mine for nine euros 95 we get
eight milliliters of product and in Europe you can find it in four colors we
have the shades berry cherry infinite spice praline de paris and framboise
frenzy I have no idea what framboise means let me know in the comments in the
us you can find five additional colors these are the dose of Rose Mon
caramel guava gush Mademoiselle mango and blackcurrant crush for this video I
decided to buy a very bright color and I went with framboise frenzy 828 I decided
to get this one because I’m also doing a full day wear test so at the end of the
day we’re going to see if the color is fading or if the lipstick is bleading
on the lips it claims that it is smudge proof it resists bleeding and also it
can provide full coverage we’re going to check that with the wear test this is
scented like macaroons and it has a very light sweet chemical scent but it’s not
overwhelming it is a very light scent and on the website it says that this has
notes of vanilla almond and cream I can’t really tell the notes I’m not a nose
expert yeah I can tell but it is very light let me know in the comments if you
have a favorite a liquid lipstick or if you want me to review another liquid
lipstick I want to start a series with drugstore lipsticks so let me know in
the comments if you have any recommendations the packaging is super
pretty we have a frosted plastic bottle and the American version of this liquid
lipstick is taller and thinner it also has a curve at the center this one also
is very pretty the most important step for the application of a lip
lipstick is to exfoliate the lips before application and I also have this cos lip
bar I’m going to use some more and try to press it a little bit on the lips so
you can apply it on the dead skin also press your lips together and try to move
them so that the lip balm can cover all the dead skin and it can soften it and
after that we’re taking a kitchen paper and I’m folding it on one of my fingers
here and let me take my mirror I’m going to start removing the lip balm from my
lips this way we’re going to exfoliate them and they remove any dead ski would
think that because I look at the lipstick can make the dead skin more
visible on the lips if you apply a liquid lipstick on top of your dead skin
it is going to look like bumps on the lipstick after that I’m taking my
foundation sponge and I’m covering the edges of my lips try not to overdo it
with the exfoliating step because you can cause wounds and bleeding on your
lips let’s see the applicator that we have it is a doe foot applicator with a
teardrop shape and in the middle it has a hole this way it can hold more product
this is the first time that I have a lip stick with this type of applicator so
let’s see if it is working the color is gorgeous I think I’m going to need to dip again
in the bottle the color is very opaque for now it is a little bit stinky I want
to clean a little bit the edges on this side I hope that I will be able to do
that it’s not fully set so with a q-tip I was able to clean the edges that I
wanted to very sticky is this going to be like this all the time it doesn’t dry
completely so you have a little bit of time to do any Corrections with just a
q-tip but you need to be quick with liquid lipsticks the formula of the
lipstick is not very watery it has a thicker consistency but you can also see
that with the color failure definitely we have this full coverage that it
claims the color is very opaque on my lips and we have this beautiful deep
magenta color the shape of the applicator makes it super easy to apply
the product on the edges of your lips also like that it is not very flexible
and this way you can create your Cupid’s bow and you have more control using this
product and I like the applicator a lot the specific shade I think it is going
to work for a lot of different skin tones it is not feeling dry on the lips
that I can feel that I have something because it is a liquid lipstick it’s not
like a creamy lipstick I think it’s been 5 minutes that I’m talking about the
lipstick I’m going to wait for a few more mins to see if it will completely
dry or if it will remain sticky so it’s been 15 minutes and it is still
sticky lipstick is still very opaque on my lips and it doesn’t transfer every
time that I’m pressing my lips I’m going to continue with my eye look and I will
see you in a few hours hi guys it’s been 4 hours and let’s do a
quick check-in the look at the lipstick is drier but it’s still sticky and let’s
do the kiss proof test because I forgot to do it before I only have some color
from the outline of my lips and nothing more that’s good it is weird because it
is still tacky it is what it is hi guys it’s been 10 hours and let’s see what
happened with the lipstick this is what I have applied 10 hours ago I didn’t do
any touch-ups and I still have so much color on their lips what I like about
this lipstick is that it doesn’t have a completely matte finish it has a very
light sheen and it doesn’t make the lips look drier also it’s not a very dry
consistency you can definitely feel something on your lips because it is a
liquid lipstick but it’s not something very heavy it’s faded just a little bit
on the upper part on the outline of my lips but I was drinking water I ate
dinner lunch and I still have so much color I’m so surprised with this
lipstick I am a little bit scared that I will not be able to remove it and I want
to go for sleep now I’m going to have an update here to let you know if it was
easy to remove it but I don’t think so this is transfer proof and kiss proof we
didn’t bleed on the lips even now it is not completely dry it is a little bit
sticky the color is not transferring on my lips and it it looks amazing I’m
speechless I’m going to recommend this to a friend of mine that she’s a flight
attendant she was looking for something very long-lasting I’m going to tell her
I found it I think from all the liquid lipsticks that I have tried this one is
the best new longevity and coverage the dolphin applicator is very good
so I can’t say something negative for this one only the price because it is 10
euros but it’s okay it’s not 30 euros definitely let me know in the comments
if you want me to try another liquid lipstick also tell me if you have tried
this one in another color and if you want to see more lipstick
swatches videos you can watch here the liquid lipstick by essence that one has
a different consistency you’re going to see that in the video if you liked this
video please give it a thumbs up don’t forget subscribe and also click on the
notification bell and I will see you in my next video

22 thoughts on “Searching for The Best Drugstore Liquid Lipstick – L’Oreal Les Macarons Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick

  1. Hi gorgeous cutipie! I'm searching for good liquid lipsticks, let me know if you have a favorite one. You can find here more drugstore lipstick videos: Finally Fridayyyyyyy #friyay I wish you a relaxing and sunny weekend!

  2. They are wonderfull !!! Tell your friend to try sephora lipstains and beautybakery liquid lipsticks …they are there for ever ..

  3. Hey, I am watching you every time that you have new video and I am trust your opinion you was never wrong.

    For this reason I want to see a review for the new essence pallette "epic sunset"?

  4. Fromboise is raspberry. And there are more colours available in germany than 4 shades. I think 10 … and all of them have a different fragrance😇

  5. Framboise means Raspberry (Himbeere) 😉 that's pretty appropriate for the color!
    Thanks for this review, I'm always looking for really long-lasting lipsticks. I hate to worry to reapply, and that means that most of the time I don't even bother to wear them in the first place 🙊

  6. Τι υπέροχο μακιγιάζ ματιών! Δοκίμασε της golden rose αν έχεις πρόσβαση σε αυτά! Εξαιρετικά κ αρκετα οικονομικά, τουλάχιστον εδώ στην Ελλάδα!

  7. I did not like this one. 🙁 It's equally expensive as Maybelline Superstay, but quality is not equal. It collects in the lines on my lips, this does not happen with Superstay. Otherwise it's exactly like Superstay, stays sticky, lasts all day long and does not fade.

  8. Hi beautiful Vasiliki! I’ve missed watching your videos, I’m still away from yt watching for lack of time 🙁

    I laughed out loud when you said ‘I’m not a nose specialist ‘ (or sth like that).

    It’s a gorgeous colour, indeed! Omg, 10h later it’s still super pigmented? If it didn’t dry out the lips so much I’d love to try it, but as i get older I’m less tolerant to uncomfortable stuff. I’ve only been wearing glosses or super creamy lipsticks.

    Btw, I’ve watched at least one of your videos in Greek a while ago and you’ve inspired me to actually start learning Greek. I’ve tried Duolingo, but I have to confess I’m finding it hard to read the alphabet without looking the letters up because I get confused with some letters that look like Latin letters but sound different and I keep messing up, ahahaha! So I’m looking for a teacher where I live. In the meanwhile, I’m enjoying listening to an artist I’ve found out and I’m loving her discography. Is there an artist or band that sings in Greek that you’d recommend?

    Sorry to change the subject!

    Also, ‘framboise’ is very similar to how we say ‘raspberry’ in Portuguese; we say ‘framboesa’, so I’ve mistaken the actual English word for other fruits and felt so confused for ages.

  9. Unfortunately, liquid lipsticks are not my jam as I get older (too drying), but I love a nice gloss (both opaque & sheer ones), creamy lipsticks, & even demi-matte. This raspberry shade looked beautiful on you nonetheless! 😊👄💖💗💜👍🏻

  10. I have mon caramel and it's fantastic, it literally does not budge no matter what I eat and even if it did it would be completely unnoticeable because it's a nude shade. The colour is gorgeous too, it's the only nude pink I've tried that actually looks good on me. Also it's not as sticky if you lick your lips right after applying it and a few more times after that. I find this works best with the Maybelline matte ink lipsticks but it works for this one as well. (I first heard this from Nikkie)
    Edit: Use oil to remove it

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