37 thoughts on “Stardoll Makeup Tutorial Ep.01 (Casual Look)

  1. hey i liked and subscribed btw it would be soooo helpful if you added me btw my username is ladygaga10055

  2. That looks awesome! What kind of camera are you using to view it right infront of the screen? I don't get what it is called!

  3. Omg did u get voted national cover girl cuz I really think I used ur makeup for a tutorial sorry I thought it was a friends account cuz they look super simular he he sorry……… I feel shamed

  4. On stardoll. Immo a superstar CME to ma bazaar I sell cheap wigs and clothes but there are for SD soz if you can't buy it k

  5. tbh, i remembered watching this back then bc of her voice. i just found her voice really relaxing due to me not having any knowledge of 'asmr' back then. omg so much memories-

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