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hey guys how are you today if you’d like to see how I achieved the sugar school then keep on watching instead of a white paint today I’m using a foundation that’s lighter than my skin and this one is l’oreal true match in the shade ivory w2 since i’m going to apply black paint all over my eyes area and brow to i decided to cover my brows with foundation as well and with the white pencil i’m going to do the outline that i want for this look then i’m going to use this red from the spring palette from Creole on the shade is zero 79 i’m going to apply it with a damn Beauty Blender then at the roots i am going to come with the brush and intensify it a little bit more then from the same Creole on aqua color palette i’m going to use the black and the shade 07 you wine and I’m gonna intensified of the root and drag it down for a flawless transition and with a white pencil i’m going to continue to trace the lines on how I want the sugar school to look and the reason why I’m using the white pencil is easy to erase and started over without messing too much your makeup then with the same black aquacolor from kryolan an angled brush I’m going to trace the lines and top of the wine lines that already did and remember this is just Halloween so it doesn’t have to be perfect then i’m going to start feeling in around the eye area and leave a little gap to where I want to add a little bit more color and they get a little different like sort of a colorful smoky as the base i’m going to use the same red color that I used on my forehead from Criollo lon for the under i’m going to use the colour-pop black and then with this beautiful color from bhcosmetics i’m going to fill in the gap that I left in the under eye area to add a little bit more dimension i’m going to apply in the same color on top as well them to intensify of the black i’m using the black i shatter in the shade wanted from the power of makeup from Too Faced to make that red pop i am adding and top of it the let’s roll from Mac all the products and accessories I’m using today in this video you’ll find in the description bar so go check it out as per usual before applying the lashes i am adding a coat of mascara i remember the name of the lashes that I’m using today but i’ll make sure to list them down below so basically i’m done with this I so i’m going to go ahead and do the other one to add more dimension to my school i’m going to use this shade from Anastasia Beverly heels then I’m going to continue tracing the lines the RT side of the sugar school then with a sketch marker from the two-faced basically that the eyeliner i am going to trace of the RT side of our sugar school and then i’m going to fill the man with the actual color from the Creole on and with the self a DC of crystals i got from actually teller store i am going to get great if i’m going to place them all over my face but this is a time where you can get create creative and do your own thing both and this is it for today guys thank you for watching don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you liked the video subscribe for more i love you all and I’ll see you soon

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  1. I'm sorry I'm not trying to be rude but some other people would get mad. Sugar sculls are used during the day of the dead which is a Mexican holiday ( look it up its a beautiful holiday) I'm not telling you to not were this but I would call it a skeleton so it would not offend people please please no hate but just trying to give you the facts

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