Hey guys before I begin this video today I
just want to address what is going on in today’s world with this Corona Virus pandemic, these
are very, very uncertain times I for one am feeling very anxious while also at the same
time trying to stay calm, cool and collected. But I will admit that it was very difficult
for me to get through this video because I was feeling very jittery, my mind was racing,
I think it’s understandably so. With that being said I want to say to you guys that
my beauty channel and all of my platforms, my Instagram, my twitter, my Tik Tok, my Snap
Chat they are all platforms for release for me, it’s my outlet, it’s also what I do for
a living but I am so lucky to be able to do what I do and to be able to share this love
for beauty and make up with you guys, being this is the language that we speak to one
another, I am gonna continue staying positive, staying uplifting and allowing these platforms
to be a source of inspiration and positivity for you guys. I hope you are staying healthy
and positive, staying safe, following the rules staying away from crowds and doing everything
that we are told to do and I just want to remind you guys that we are in it together
and you are absolutely not alone, I love you and now let’s jump right into this video. Hey guys if you are new to my channel I am
Maryam, welcome to my channel or welcome back to those of you who know me, in today’s video
I have gathered up all of my favorite make-up brushes and I am gonna be talking about that,
I am gonna be using them on my face with some drug store make-up, basically I am gonna let
you know why I think these brushes are the best of the best so hopefully you will find
this video useful, hopefully you will learn a lot and just walk through it with me. Thank
you so much for watching and for subscribing, hit that notification bell if you want to
see all of my Wednesdays and Sundays videos, you guys we are almost at 250,000 subscribers,
this is massive our Team Truth family is growing and I love that for us, let’s jump right into
this best make-up brushes of all time and how to use them, let’s do this. Okay so I am gonna start with primer as I
always do, for today’s video I am going to use this Neutrogena rice protein matte primer
and serum shine control, drug store primer that I tried a couple times already and I
have been liking so far, gonna blend that out with this baby blendaful by Tati Beauty.
As I have been doing with most of my primers lately and just an FYI, because some of the
brushes that I am gonna be mentioning in this video are kind of on the pricey side I admit
I am a lover of really high quality luxury brushes, I decided that to maintain balance
in this video I am gonna be using all drug store make-up and also of course I am gonna
be giving you guys some alternatives, if a brush is really, really expensive I am gonna
show you some other brushes that I love that are much more affordable. Okay primer is on and I am ready for my foundation,
for my foundation brush if you guys have been watching my videos for a while you probably
have noticed that I used the same foundation brush over and over again in pretty much every
single video I haven’t really swayed from this one because this one is truly my favorite
foundation brush of them all. Yes you guessed it correctly I am talking about It Cosmetics
heavenly Luxe complexion perfection #7 brush, this is a dual ended brush with a really,
really dense but super soft bristle top kinda rounded but also flared out and this one applies
foundation like an air brush. On the other side there is a similar concealer or spot
treatment brush, also very, very dense, rounded but flare so perfect for concealing the under
eye or blending it out perfect for around the grooves of your nose, in between the brows,
smaller areas. I discovered this brush after attending make-up by Mario’s class in which
he conducted a whole, whole glam tutorial on Kim Kardashian and this was the brush he
used on her. I noticed how quickly, how evenly he applied
foundation with it, he recommended it and after I tried it I became hooked and I stopped
using everything else. Now this brush is kind of on the pricey side, it’s $48 I know that’s
a lot, that’s the price of like a lot of palettes but I have good news It Cosmetics has collaborated
with Ulta to create this same brush but the Ulta version, so this one is literally called
IT Brushes for Ulta but it’s their same super-duper dense bristles, rounded but flared, the only
difference is the concealer brush, this one is a flat top as opposed to a curve top so
I would say this brush isn’t as great as this one but honestly, literally they are the same.
This brush right now is on sale for $23, I am going to link it below in case you guys
are interested in purchasing it, anyway let’s use it to apply my foundation to my face. Today I am going to be using the Cover Girl
Clean Fresh Skin Milk which I have been loving in the shade 570 Medium tan, I think this
is a really nice every day foundation. You know what before I start, I am gonna use this
brush I am such a fan of this one, this brush really does give you flawless application
every single time which is why I keep reaching back for it and in my stash I probably have
about 6 or 7 of these brushes, all different versions. I have at least 2 of these black
ones in colab with Ulta and the rest are all the original brushes. How impressive is this
foundation though, really impressive I feel like this is a really good everyday option.
Also the cool thing about this brush is that if you feel that you have applied too much
to one area, you can kinda use these different strokes almost like a lifting and picking
off stroke to remove some of the product or to stipple it in for a more even application. From the foundation brush category I am also
a huge fan of the Wayne Goss brushes particularly these 2 from his face collection. These you
can get on I will link it for you as well, they are also kind of on the
pricey side $45, less than IT Cosmetics actually but these also give that super airbrush finish
to your foundation and if you look closely they are both kinda dual fiber so you got
longer bristles and shorter bristles. I am also a big fan of the Hourglass Vanish Foundation
brush, this one is the original brush that came with the Vanish stick foundation so it
was originally meant for that type of creamy formula rather than liquid but this brush
is so serious you guys, I travel with the brush all the time $46 also pricey. Okay, for my concealer today, I don’t really
like drug store concealers to be frank but I do have some concealers here in front of
me that I want to test out, specifically speaking I have this radiant cream concealer from Neutrogena,
just got it in the mail the other day, I haven’t tried it. Why does this feel like Pat McGrath,
interesting I really like the applicator too, it’s very, very flat but then wide not bad
at all. So the shade that I am applying right now is bisque, light medium 02, don’t really
like to use brushes to blend out my concealer but for the sake of today’s video I am gonna
use this side of the brush just to test it out to see if it’s as good as the original
brush, and I would say it is, its just as good I would say I prefer the flat top over
the rounded top for this precision brush really, really easy to use and easy to buff out. So
really if you are looking for a foundation and a concealer brush in one then $48 for
this original brush isn’t terrible $23 is certainly better, oh my God my cat. For powder I recently tested out this Catrice
cosmetics light illusion loose powder in yellow, tested it in my video with my girl Laura Lee
and I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I really liked the way that it minimized and
covered up my porous areas, not sure if I would like it for the under eye. For the under
eyes I am going to use my Maybelline Master fix but I actually do have a special technique
that I like to use for the under eye, I always get a ton of questions about the brush that
I use to seal in my under eye concealer and I am never really great at responding because
I don’t have one specific brush for the under eye powder, rather it’s a shape that I go
for, so the shape is something like this. Smaller than your regular powder brush just
as fluffy so this brush as you can see has no name so it’s probably one of those old
school Coastal Scents or I don’t know BH Cosmetics one of those type of brushes and I looked
around in my stash I have so many more of this version. Oh this one is clearly dirty
okay, this one is from Motives Cosmetics and this one is called the big shadier brush,
basically it’s the same shape, kinda like a really large eye shadow blending brush.
I also really, really like the powder and sculpt brush from Charlotte Tilbury looks
like this, this one is bigger but it’s tapered so it can easily get inside the crevices of
your under eye. And last but not least the Bdellium Tool or
Dellium Tools I have no idea, brush #788 angled on the side, also very, very fluffy and easy
to use and it’s perfect to get inside this groove. So this is the brush that I am going
to use today one eye and then I will show you the Charlotte Tillbury on the other eye,
I’m gonna dip into my powder and tap that right under the eye, easy peasy now same thing
with the Charlotte Tilbury brush, this one I imagine is probably somewhere around $40
but the Bdellium Tool #788 is only $14, both work but I prefer a smaller just a little
bit more precise brush for the under eye specifically. Now to apply powder to the rest of the face
I really only reach for one brush that I consider my absolute favorite and its the Wayne Goss
#11 brush you can also get this one at Beautylish, I used this one actually in my previous video
to apply bronzer so this is a very versatile brush that you could use for any type of powder
whether its translucent, pressed, whether you want to bronze or sculpt or apply blush
or even highlighter so this is a really good one, I think it’s $48 but it’s totally, totally
worth it all. I am gonna dip gently into this Maybelline powder, I’m gonna apply that here
using a pressing motion kinda like that and then I’m gonna sweep the rest of the powder
to the perimeter of my face. Oh I forgot I wanted to use the Catrice powder. Let me dip
into the Catrice, gonna use that one for the centre of my face because I specifically like
how it looked in that area. So now for my bronzer, you guys might remember
a couple years ago I came out with my first collaboration with Pixi Beauty and one of
the products in my collection was a brush, this was my strobe and sculpt brush a dual
ended brush that was meant for all of your sculpting, chiseling, contouring, highlighting,
blushing and powdering needs and because this brush was synthetic you can even use it to
apply your foundation and grooves, it was that good. And it’s still that good but unfortunately
it’s no longer available. When I came out with this brush I was very inspired by all
of the contouring and highlighting brushes that I have been using specifically the Japanese
ones and I really wanted to create something that is very, very versatile. So generally
speaking when contouring or bronzing this is the shape that I like to go for, something
that is very dense, rounded by kinda big so that it can get in the grooves of your face
if you press the brush together or it can easily take over an entire five head like
mine. And then specifically for highlighting I look
for something that is tapered but also very, very fluffy and easy to control so I am not
gonna use this brush today but I will reach for something that I discovered recently,
that I find to be kind of similar, not as good but really good. So this is the Wander
Beauty dual ended brush, this one is much larger than my original Strobe and Sculpt
brush so it may not work for everybody but it’s still a really, really decent product.
Also very, very fluffy, very dense and I think it gets the job done. So for my bronzer today
I am gonna reach for this Milani silky matte bronzing powder bronzer, I have 2 here in
the shade Suntan 3 and Sun kissed 2 use this one as my bronzer, ohh kind of a pigmented
bronzer there Milani not bad but I don’t know perhaps a little too pigmented for my liking.
I’m gonna have to blend that out with my powder brush, I’m gonna have to blend that out with
my powder brush, I’m gonna do the same thing here just a little bit of warmth and I am
going on a diagonal specifically using the angle portion as a guide, kinda curving it
up here, ohhh that’s a lot of pigment. Their blush brush is really nice too, also
curved very, very dense and very soft and fluffy so that’s what I generally gravitate
towards when looking for brushes, I want it to feel nice on my skin. Oh for my blush today
I’m actually using my girl Jan’s from head to toe colab with Pixi and it’s her Glowy
powder in Wednesdays. I love this color a lot, it’s just really prink, prink guys I’m
trying to get through this video, oh man there is just a lot going on, there is a lot on
my mind and as much as I am trying to disconnect right now it’s proving to be a little difficult.
But anyway this glowy powder which doubles as a blush and a highlighter is just so pretty,
I love the shades it’s very, very complimentary to my skin tone because it’s the opposite
undertone from my skin tone. The blush is more on the cool side, I am definitely more
on the warm side, there you go. The next category is something that is very,
very specific to me, I don’t know if everybody else does their make-up the same or uses these
type of brushes for this specific technique but for my detailed contour, specifically
speaking contouring around the mouth and around the nose and hollowing out these cheek bones
I like to use a much more precise brush. I whipped out a bunch of brushes that I kinda
like to use for that specific technique and this is what they all look like, as you can
tell these are all squared brushes with a flat edge, they are all a little bit different
from one another but still very similar and they do the same thing. Basically they apply
your contour powder in a very precise manner, so the last few days I have been using this
one from I think it’s Lime Crime honestly, it is Lime Crime yup. And what I like to do
is basically just add a little chisel under my bottom lip maybe a little bit around the
mouth, a little bit right here around my nonexistent nose bridge and just separate this section
of my nose from the top. I’m not certain if this brush is still available so I found some
others that are very similar that I still love and use and reach for, I have this one
from motives also very, very similar probably the most similar to the Lime Crime brush and
then I have this Morphe M572, this one is very, very, very square so it’s perfect for
nose contouring for just for hollowing out right here just in this one very tiny area. And then the final brush from this category
that I am absolutely obsessed with and I reach for it often, this is the Sigma 3DHD precision
brush, looks like it is kinda like a pencil edge, comes to a point let me show you what
it does, gonna go for this sun kissed 02 Milani bronzing powder, dab just a little bit on
the brush look how precise this brush is mam, this is sick, this is definitely not for everyday
usage but if you want that super chisel contour, if you really want your features to pop I
would highly recommend this precision brush. Also great for underneath the mouth, kinda
just adding a little bit of that without making it look like a mustache of course afterwards
you do need to kinda powder it down and make sure that its not as harsh as it looks right
now but that is the trick, love that brush so much. Time for brows, for my brows there is one
brush that I like more than others and it is this very cute and simple #6 brush from
Doll 10 Beauty, I like this one because it has a very nice sturdy spoolie on one end
and then on the other end it has this very precise, very fine edge stiff bristle brush,
angled so you could perfectly apply your brow powder so let’s do that, I actually don’t
have any brow powder here in front of me so I am gonna use a taupe eye shadow similar
technique as seen in my previous video where I used a piece of toilet paper, if you guys
haven’t seen my retrying old favorite make-up and make-up techniques video I will include
it up here and also down there for you guys. Anyway so the technique with this brush is
really, really simple basically just apply powder and brush it out and because of how
precise and how stiff the bristles on this brush truly are you can really get detailed
and even draw on individual brow hairs just with eye shadow. Funny thing is I don’t this
brush is actually sold separately as it’s own unit, I think it came with another brow
product from Doll 10 Beauty but clearly I was more impressed with the brush and I just
keep reaching back for it, it’s so, so good just realized I might need a wee bit more
powder right here. Alrighty, you guys I think we are done with
the face make-up outside of highlighter I am ready to dive into the eye shadow category.
First and foremost primer, I don’t have a drug store primer that I love for my eye shadow
so I am going to use my Fenty Beauty, if you can recommend a great primer that’s from the
drug store I’m all ears please leave it in the comment section but so far I haven’t really
tried anything that’s comparable to my Fenty Beauty primer, I love this one so much it’s
just so tried and true it’s perfect for me. For my eye shadows I didn’t really want to
reach for new make-up in this video just because I don’t really feel like reviewing new make-up
right now at the current moment you know what I am saying but I did receive the PR package
from Milani, it’s their collaboration with Salt and Pepper, something just fell out of
it, it’s a lip liner I got it, I did show this on my Insta stories about a week ago
before things got really, really crazy. I was really feeling this PR package I thought
it looked like a boom box, just seemed very, very cool and when you open up these eye shadow
palettes over here they actually look like cd’s it’s so, so cool it’s me with my boom
box carrying it on my shoulder so we have 2 eye shadow palettes here, Very Necessary
and Hot Cool and Vicious not really sure what kind of look I want to go for today. I don’t
know I just feel like these palettes are popping and I kinda wanna dip into them and they are
$20 each. Generally speaking my favorite eye shadow
brushes are from Wayne Goss, they are very, very pricey. I have the eye collection which
is over $200 all together, I also have some individual brushes that are still very, very
pricey but I have gathered some brushes that I use for Morphe and from Sigma that although
don’t feel as nice on your lids because they are a lot stiffer and they are not as soft
but essentially they do the same thing. So here I have the Wayne Goss 04 brush in 2 different
colors but essentially it’s the same brush just a really luxurious beautiful super soft
fluffy blending brush that’s great for applying in your crease or for your transition, I have
them in pretty much every single color from every single collection. But I found an equivalent
from Morphe and from Sigma that basically do the same thing but don’t necessarily feel
as nice. Morphe M514 brush looks very similar to my
Wayne Goss and the Sigma E25 blending brush, this one I actually reach for a lot but probably
recommend this one over the Morphe. I am gonna put the Morphe down I am not gonna talk about
her anymore. Sigma E25 blending brush is the one brush that I always find myself reaching
for, I’m gonna utilize her today. I am gonna pick up this pretty yellow shade here because
I am starting with the yellow because I really wanna be happy you guys, and yellow makes
me happy. I’m gonna pack that on to my crease, as you can see this is a really nice packer
brush because it’s kinda flat on one side so you could use it to pack the color on and
also use the edge to blend the color out. Next up I like to take something a little
bit more precise from Wayne Goss that would be the number 06 brush; it’s narrow on one
side and kinda fluffy flat on the other side. Brushes are really unique you can’t find really
find exact duplicates of his brushes in Sigma or in Morphe you can kinda come close but
it won’t be exactly the same. I was looking for the equivalent to this Wayne Goss 06 brush
in my stash and I gotta say that the Sigma E25 is still the one that comes the closest;
it’s got that same wide one side narrow on the other side type of shape. My suggestion
is if you like this brush get several, because although I like to go between this one and
the 04 and Wayne Goss in Sigma it would be the same brush. Let’s reach for this brown here, I like this
brush because of how precisely it applies the shadow, ohh this brown and yellow combo
is actually making me kinda happy, I like that. Next I’m gonna take a previous brush
E25 dip into a little bit of yellow and go over those edges kinda just blend them into
each other so that it’s not so harsh. I wasn’t really going for a Fall look but it’s feeling
very much like Autumn vibes right now on my eyes which is fine by me, I’m not mad at it
not going anywhere anyway, a little bit more brown. Next up Wayne Goss Brush 05, this is a really,
really tiny little blending brush which is perfect for the outer corner or for the crease.
This is really great for those of you who have smaller lids or a narrower lid space
or if you have mono lids and you want to fake a crease, this I would say is the most Asian
eye friendly crease brush. Sigma equivalent being the E36 brush but it’s not as precise.
This one as you can see fluffy and soft but still kinda dense whereas this one is just
really, really soft. I’ll try to use both just to see if there is any difference, I’m
gonna pick up this darker brown shadow here. Kinda like a dark chocolate color, not super
pigmented but good enough. I’m gonna use that to basically add depth and dimension to the
outer corner of the lid and crease and then I’m gonna run that through my actual crease,
through the fold which is right here. So, this brush because it’s just so precise
it makes it really easy to apply color exactly where you wanna apply it and then it just
makes the blending seem very seamless. I’m gonna go back with the previous brow shade
and just add that in, blend that out. Now for the other eye I’m gonna pick up E36, this
one because it’s so fluffy it doesn’t grab on to the pigment as well as the Wayne Goss
brush so you are seeing a lot more fallout and it’s just a little bit harder to control,
it’s just too fluffy. So I would say this brush would be really good for blending out
small areas. Not necessarily for packing color on whereas the Wayne Goss brush is more about
both, it’s like a technique brush, but this one is good to have. I’m thinking I want a pinch more yellow, and
I just want this eye look to be a little more sunny-er ohh I forgot that I had applied this
pink blush highlighter, kinda clashing a bit right now with my eye look I’m kinda a hot
mess today. My absolute favorite lid brush is this super simple flat eye shadow brush
from Sonia Cashuk, I got this one in Target probably like 12 years ago and I still use
it today its really great quality but unfortunately I don’t think you can get it any longer. Now
I have kinda drifted to using more synthetic bristle brushes kinda like this one from Urban
Decay or this one from Royal Langnickel they are basically the same brush, curved at the
top very, very flat they look like concealer brushes but because they are synthetic and
because they are so dense and so flat they pick up eye shadow really great and they adhere
really great to your lid. I’m gonna go for this rust metallic shade
here, I’m gonna add that all over the lid of course you can also use your fingers, I
think it’s even better than the brush just make sure your fingers are clean, make sure
you wash those hands, I’m not really in love with the quality of these eye shadows. I don’t
know I was expecting a lot more from this eye shadow palette I think I have seen this
many, many times before. Anyway going back to brushes and back to my Wayne Goss brushes
that I love, there are 2 brushes that you must absolutely get from his collection; they
are the 07 and the 05 brush. The 07 brush is actually said to be lip brush but I use
it specifically for the under eye to blend out, to blur and also to darken and sharpen
my lower lash line. And now the 05 brush is a precise little brush that you can use for
your inner corner or for the highlighter under the brow. There are definitely some equivalents
in Sigma and in Morphe, I found Sigma’s detailed lip L04 brush to be very, very similar although
smaller but it feels the same, the bristles seem to be the same density though not as
soft but still pretty good. Gonna start out with my highlighter, going
back to the same palette I think I’m gonna pick up this shade, kind of a nice pinky shade,
gonna add that here as well. What I like about this brush specifically is that although it’s
very precise it’s not super tiny; you could use it to add a touch of highlighter to blend
it. And of course you could also use it to add a shimmery highlighter, oh that was necessary
that was so, so, so, so necessary yes thank you. And now for the lower lash line I’m gonna
start with the yellow then go to the lighter brown and then to the darker brow and I will
kinda should you the technique that I used with this specific brush, because it’s flat
on one side you could easily pack on the color and you can also use it to clean up the top
of the eye shadow, I think I’m just gonna wipe off the brush and pick up the next shade
and apply that a bit closer and a little bit more precisely. Man this is such a good brush there really
isn’t anything out there like this one, but it’s also so soft and precise it doesn’t feel
like it’s tugging on your skin or that it’s irritating your skin or scratching your skin,
that’s something that’s very important to remember when it comes to eye brushes, I feel
like it’s more important to invest in really high quality eye brushes rather than face
brushes because this eye area is just so, so delicate. You don’t want no pulling and
tugging. Darkest colour pushing that straight into the lashes, also winging it out because
that’s just what I feel like doing today. Alright guys the look is coming together I’m
not as frazzled as I was before about it, I’m just gonna add a line of liner using this
Essence super precise eye liner I have really been liking Essence Cosmetics products lately
I think they have been delivering, this liner isn’t super precise but not super-duper black,
kind of impressive actually a very, very thin formula, it feels like a marker applied with
a brush. Ohh this might be the perfect liner for twiggies. Alright, I am gonna apply my mascara, my lashes,
my lips and I will be right back for the highlighter and for the final recommendations. Alright
lashes are on, mascara is on, lips are on a little bit of Pixi brow gel for those brows
boom, boom. For the lips I decided to go with the new salt and pepper Milani collab lip
liner 240 in shoop and lipstick #27 in shoop. Alright highlighter brush is the final brush
that I want to mention to you guys and it’s the Chikuhodo also from Beautylish highlighter
brush, this one is the most incredible the softest, the fluffiest, the sexiest highlighter
brush you will ever own in your life, I’m gonna use it with my Maybelline master chrome
highlighter here just to show you how precisely and how flawlessly it applies that highlighter. Alright guys you have made it to the end of
the video, I’m looking a little bit more put together and a little bit less frazzled although
I think my jitters and my anxiety is totally understandable given the fact that these are
very uncertain times and there is just a lot going on, it’s actually kinda hard for me
to get through this video because my mind was racing, it was here but also everywhere
at the same time but that’s just the reality of the situation and I am sure I’m not the
only one who is feeling this way. With that being said I hope you guys still enjoy this
video and I hope you were able to learn something from this, I definitely did try to gather
up all of my favorite brushes, the best of the best the ones that truly stand out from
my massive stash. I probably own over 1000 brushes so these are the ones that I continuously
reach for, these are the ones that stand out amongst others, I love you guys I will see
you in my next video, I am going to continue making videos business per usual, this is
sort of a release for me and I’m pretty sure it’s probably an escape for you, I love you
so much and I will see you in my next one, stay safe, stay healthy, be kind to one another,
I love you guys muah!

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