100 thoughts on “The Weeknd – In Your Eyes (Official Video)

  1. It's hard to decide which song is my favorite on the album, but Damn it! This song and "Faith" I can't stop listening to them ❤

  2. In my opinion, In Your Eyes is the sequel to Secrets from Starboy
    If you listen closely you can tell now he doesn't care that she lies and he'd "rather be oblivious" as to look away from her secrets that she reveal unconsciously
    He's also "blind" as he don't want to "see the lust in your eyes" which is the title of the After Hours track

    The Weeknd figured her lies in Secrets and that she "can't be the one" he rely on
    And he had to break "we're divided"
    But then in In Your Eyes, after a lot of tries "I tried to find love
    in someone else
    took many times"
    And "I hope you know I mean it when I say you're the one that's on my mind" Realize that despite all the secrets and lies, he can't get her off his mind. when she play with his dead head she's all over his thoughts and he can't control his head when thinking of her the thoughts take control.

    He realize It's just her nature and she's the one for him so he says "You lie but I don't let it define you"

  3. Someone probably already said this before The Weeknd's voice sounds exactly like Michael Jackson's voice… amazing

  4. All the music videos are part of a continuing story.. Watch them in order {Heartless, Blinding Lights, After Hours (short film), and In Your Eyes}. He experiences a chaotic night out partying and then spirals out of control.

  5. What’s wrong with u the weekend what is these violence in yours videos, be the one who we knows sensual not scary!!

  6. Клип напомнил "Кошмар на улице вязов " , хотя наверно это все из за мрачно красного цвета , и да ждал когда же она поцелует голову )

  7. I let my mom listen to the audio only and she loved it. Then I let her watch the video and now she want me exercised lmao!

  8. This is pure art in here .maybe the only guy does not talk about money and things .this is why love his songs . I feel like he sings like Michael Jackson .idk maybe I’m just idk

  9. Modern Day "Thriller"??? I laughed my ass off when she was dancing with the head… During that part, sing Gimme some head repeatedly. Funny as hell.

  10. Psycho, Maniac, Lunatic, Madman, Homicidal, Insane, Crazy, Cuckoo, Bonkers, Mental, Deranged, Unhinged, Wacko, Demented, Nutty, Unbalanced, Crackpot, Batty, Bonkers, Fruity, Screwy, Unsound…

  11. Latinos Presente ! Pronto mi favorito Eli X con The Weeknd. Escucha las vibras

  12. Check out this tribute song for Kobe by The Silver Thinkers : Kobe Bryant. It's beautiful and he would he loved it :')

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