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– Hi, guys. So, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, the day of love. I could just see, like, hearts, like, popping up everywhere. Heart, heart, heart, heart, heart, heart. This is Anton, and he
is my makeup artist here at Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. You guys are always asking
about my makeup routine, and I think one of the biggest questions is how I get my Tia glow, right? I don’t have this glow just
because I’m pregnant, okay? It’s because of this guy here, so I’m so excited to share
with you guys my secrets. – We’re gonna do some of my
little, like, Tia basics. – Okay.
– But, we’re gonna sort of transition them into, like, some sexy Valentine’s Day looks.
– Ooh, I like that. – Yes. – You know what, also,
I love about Anton is, he was the one that actually taught me that
you don’t necessarily have to buy expensive products
to look expensive. – I am a drug store junkie. (Tia laughs)
I’m not even gonna lie. I love my prestige makeup products, too, but there is a plethora of really, really great products in the drug store. – Being a black girl, I
think a lot of girls out there can relate, we
have a hard time finding the right foundation for us. Even on Sister, Sister,
I remember my sister, we had a makeup artist come
in, it was the first time, and I literally looked
like an Oompa Loompa. You know the Oompa Loompa,
they had, like, orange– – You were, like, salmon-colored. – It was terrible, I remember crying, so– – I’ve heard this before.
– Yeah. – Finding the perfect
foundation, for anyone, is tricky, but for you,
I happen to love MAC. I just feel like it works
really, really well. This is the Pro Longwear
Nourishing Waterproof Foundation from MAC, and this is the NC44. Actually, I just use one color.
– So, I can go swimming like this?
– Yes, you could go scuba diving, swimming.
(Tia laughing) We actually just use one color because I use a couple
different concealers. – When you just tend to use one color for the foundation, it just goes flat, so you kinda have to use different types of tones and colors to give it some sort of texture and depth, I guess. – Exactly, this is just a
little custom MAC palette that I made, but on Tia,
I use NC42 and NC45. This is the Studio Finish Concealer. You know, I’ll start with
this lighter color here, and I sort of use this under your eye,
on top of your cheekbone. And then, I’ll actually start to mix these guys together.
– Oh, cool. – So, you’re getting, like, a multi-tonal situation happening. In between these two and the foundation, you have three colors that are kind of communicating with each other. With that foundation, I
always mix skincare into it. I put a few drops of essential
oil into it, sometimes I’ll use an illuminator.
– There’s that glow. – Oh, the glow, we’re gonna get there. What it does is, it cuts
down the amount of coverage, so it actually turns it into almost, like, a full-coverage tinted moisturizer. – And that’s why it looks like my natural skin. – Exactly. This is a strobing liquid,
this is the number 300, this is Deep Gold. – When he does my makeup, I don’t have to do any
airbrushing at all on my photos. He just has my skin just
looking so smooth and glowy, and this is, like, a part of the process. This is why, I mean, especially
when I get those angles, you know, in the light? – Well, girl, you can take a selfie like nobody I know. – Maybe that should be my next, um my video on how to take a selfie. – I would so- The highlighting is one of those things that you have to just take a
little bit of time with it. You have to have a, you know, you have to have a little
bit of a base of a foundation or some concealer. You can’t just really
put it on your bare skin because when your skin
looks nice and smooth and you get that strobing liquid on there, it just gives you this really beautiful- – I mean, it’s all about
the highlighter, honey. It’s all about the highlighter. Hunty. – Oh yeah, less is more. I’m literally, like, taking a tiny bit, wiping off the excess, and then I’m going in. I like a fluffy brush like this, but beauty blenders are
great for this as well. I love me a beauty blender. Just gonna set this a
little bit with powder. I’m gonna use a mineral powder from MAC. This is medium tan. I’m literally using a super fluffy brush, and I’m just gonna, really gently, just put a little bit of powder because we want it to last. You know I’m gonna hit it
again with another highlighter. (Tia laughing) So. Powder’s important. You don’t wanna overuse it, but you know, you gotta set
your makeup a little. How about a little gentle contouring? – Alright, let’s do it. How important is contouring? – It can be over-rated on some levels. – Okay. – I think sometimes people take it a little bit too seriously. (Tia laughing) I’m not mad at a good contour. I love a contour, but I think people will
concentrate all their makeup on the contour.
– Got it. – And I don’t really think that’s- I’m more into the highlighting. Highlight is the new contour. I like to use something warmer. This is a Geurlain bronzer that I love. This is 07 and it’s great,
great, great on darker skin. – So how do you know where to put it? (laughing) – You wanna work underneath the cheekbone, but this is a really
great way to remember. This is the E-3 trick. – Okay, what is that? – So you make an E on
one side of your face. – Okay. – And then you make a 3 on the other. – Oh, so it’s E 3? – Exactly. So that’s temple, to underneath the cheekbone, to underneath the jawline. – Oh my gosh, I miss that. I miss that step. I miss the jawline. – When that product is nice and diffused, which is one thing you said you like about how I do your makeup (heavenly choir) it’s gonna look more natural, and it’s gonna look,
just, you know, gorgeous. So this is one of my fave products. This is Charlotte Tilbury, love. And these are really cool. You’ve got your, like,
bronzy, contoury color on the outside, and then
your lighter blush color on the inside. So I’m kind of sweeping the outside. I wanna get a little
bit of the darker color. And we’re gonna start and kind of just go over the bronzer that we already did. But these are beautiful because they’re super illuminating. So as you can see, you’re already getting a little bit more of
that, kind of bronziness. – That’s so cool. This one in particular
has almost a little bit of a pluminess to it. So then, the color that’s in the center, I’m just gonna really kind of
concentrate my brush there. – This is when I do that face. – Well, now I need you to do like, a cheesy yearbook smile. Yeah. ‘Cause I’m gonna
concentrate the light color just right on the apples
of your cheeks there. – Oh man. – So it’s cool, ’cause you kind of get two products in one with this. So you get that nice little, kind of pink tone right on
the apples of the cheeks, and then you can sweep
that darker color out. So I love this product. It’s by Laura Geller. It’s called Gilded Honey, and this is really, like- – The queen of all the highlighters? – Yeah, especially for you, it’s perfect. This is amazing on darker skin, because it has that really
pretty goldeny tone in it. So with this, you wanna put this right on top of the cheekbones. So contour was here. Blush is more in the middle here. And this is going on top. So what this is doing is it’s just bringing the higher planes of your face forward. – Ah.
– Yes. So when we did our little E-3 technique, the bronzer is higher
up, around the hairline. But then you can kind of
highlight this whole area right above the eyebrow, and
then on top of the cheekbone. – There’s, like, a method to all of this. – Well, yeah, I mean it takes a little bit of practice, but it’s totally doable. This same highlighter, this is gonna kick off your
eye makeup a little bit. – Oh, okay. – So we’re just gonna
pat this under the brow. And I’m gonna go a little
heavier than on your cheekbones because, you know, we want
that brow highlight to just be poppin’. I’m gonna go on top of that
with eyeshadow from MAC. This is called Woodwinked. It’s just a really
pretty, kind of neutral. I love this. And I’m just gonna kind of place this all over the lid. I kind of just take it up a
little bit into your crease. – Okay. – You got a lot of real estate here. – I know, that’s what I hear. A lot of makeup artists are like, “Oh my gosh, I love doing your eyes, “’cause you have such big eye lids.” – Yeah, you have space. It’s like, super fun. – Wait, I have a question. – So would you go darker with the crease? – Yes. – Got it. – I mean, you don’t have to go super dark. I mean, really glad you asked that because what I’m gonna
use is fairly neutral, but you’re gonna start
to see that definition. So when we do the softer, like you said, the natural
eyes that are like, super-duper finished, that’s
what this crease color is all about. This is the warm-neutral palette from MAC and they have really, really great colors. This is Sadle eyeshadow. And what I’m gonna do- Tilt your chin up just a little bit. I’m actually just kind of lifting her brow ever so slightly, because you wanna get that crease color
underneath the browbone here. – So matte in the crease
and shimmer on the eyelid? – Shimmer on the eyelid. You could do shimmer under the brow, but that matte color in the crease just gives you that extra dimension. I’m a big fan of underneath eye makeup. – Yes!
– Yes. (both) I love that. I love that. Look up all the way. So I’m taking that same
neutral brown, Sadle, and I’m using this underneath. And don’t be afraid to kind of, really, bring it down a little bit. So this whole, sort of, lower lid, you could fill in with this neutral brown because we’re gonna build
it up with some eyeliners. This is called Brown from Sisley. I love this. It’s like a shimmering, gorgeous brown. – Okay. – And this is a cool product,
because it actually has a little smudger on the other end. – Oh, that’s so cool. – We love that. So I’m gonna have you look up all the way. I’m placing this, kind of,
in between your lashline ’cause we still have one
more step after this. (Tia laughing) Don’t think I’m not gonna get
some black eyeliner in there. – I wanna know what is the best- Oh, that’s Maybelline. – It sure is. This is Maybelline Lasting
Drama black eyeliner. This is Sleek Onyx. What I’m doing, is I’m going on the inside of Tia’s eye here and I’m just really being
generous with this product. I’m really pushing it
in between the lashes. So I’m gonna take the brush that I used to apply the shadow. I’m just gonna go right
against the lashline and I’m just gonna sort
of blend that right into the eyeliner and the eyeshadow
that we previously did, I’m gonna move to the top liner now. One trick that I think is hysterical, ’cause I just like torturing people. If you want, you can kind of
go back over the waterline of your eye one more time and then, Tia, I’m gonna have you squeeze your eyes together. Squeeze! Yes. So what that does, is it actually, I’m sure you’ve noticed,
when you do any kind of eyeliner underneath, you might see, like little spaces of skin where you can’t get the product in there. This actually just pushes the
product where you want it, and it looks really, really flawless, and just, jet black. So I’m gonna use this same pencil and I am building a line on top here. – Are you, like, literally
on my lashes right now? – I’m like, in your lashes, and then I’m kind of pulling it up. Because I don’t want the line
to necessarily be perfect. I’m just gonna kind of,
almost smudge the liner to thicken the line. It’s gonna blend it, and it’s
gonna just really push it in between the lashes so
we don’t see any space. We’re almost done. We just need a little mascara, right? – Yeah. – This is my fave. – This kind of mascara? – Yes, yes. – ‘Cause I have a problem with,
like, clumping my mascara. How do you stay away from that? – This is L’Oreal Voluminous. This is literally my fave. – Okay. – It doesn’t flake, it doesn’t move. I love it so much. I’m glad you said that,
because what I’m gonna do, is I’m actually gonna take
this on a paper towel. – No. – And I’m gonna just take a
little bit of the excess off. – That’s what you do. – That is a really common
makeup artist trick. – Yeah, ’cause there’s
all the clump right there. – Yeah, and you don’t necessarily
need that much product. – Well, see, that’s what I think. I think in order to get my lashes to look, you know, big and full,
I have to put on a lot. – Yeah, no. – So you’re saying no. – No, no. It’s not necessarily like that. It’s just like hair product. You want to get it on both sides. So I like to just push the
brush to the base of the lashes and then really move it back and forth. Then it just coats the lashes. I know you’ve done your mascara. I mean, not necessarily
you, but people in general and there’s, like, product on one side, and you could like, see your
bare lashes on the other side. – Well- – Okay, so you have done that. (laughing) – Yeah. – So a little mascara
underneath, of course. I like the side of the brush for this. – Is it so that you don’t put too much on? – Exactly. You can use the side,
and then kind of like the angle here. – Okay. – To get as much product on without- – Clumping. – Exactly. So now that we’ve finished the mascara, and the eyes are pretty much just done, we need some false lashes. – Okay. – This is Valentine’s Day. – Hello?
– Hello. – I mean, there’s gonna be a
lot of batting of the eyes. (laughing)
(hearts dinging) – These are our Ardel Whispies. – Okay. – These are available in drugstores. I mean, I love these. And they’re fluttery, and
they kind of criss-cross, so they look like a full
set of natural lashes. – I like that you use black glue, too, as opposed to white. – If you’re doing the black liner, I say go for the black glue, because it’s gonna really- It just bumps up the smoky
eye a little bit more. – Enhances it. – The easiest way to get them
on is to let the glue set. I like to apply them with tweezers also. I just feel like you get a
little bit of a better grip. I like to place the middle down and then the inside corner and then you can kind
of follow the lash line. Like so. – Hmmm. – Yes. (laughing) We love all lip colors. – Yes, we do. I’m not afraid to try all types. – No, I love a bold lip on you. We’re gonna go a little bit more neutral, but we’re gonna keep it, like, juicy and hydrated. – Yas. – We’re gonna use two of the same product. These are actually Revlon. These are the best. This darker shade is amazing
on deeper skin tones. It’s called Koi. I love this. So I’m gonna use this. I’m kinda gonna fill in a little bit, because I want you to have
a little bit of a lip, but I’m almost gonna
use it more as a liner. So this is, actually, like
a moisturizing lacquer balm. – (whispering) That’s what I love. – Yeah, so it has a lot of color. There’s like, a mintiness to it. – Yeah! – I love it. I love it. And it’s just gonna be really hydrating, but it has a really nice color payoff. – Mm-hmm. – So I’m gonna pair
this with another color, called Demure. Paired with the darker one,
it just makes for a really really beautiful, like, pink-ish brown. So I’m going over the entire lip, including the edges where I kind of lined and then I’m filling in the center. – It’s so moisturizing. Like, it almost feels like a lip balm, but it’s giving off this
color that’s gonna stay. – I love it. Oh my god, you are Valentine’s Day ready! – Yeah! (clapping) Oh my gosh, thank you so much Anton. – Anytime. – For just, sharing your secrets. And I wanna say happy
Valentine’s Day to you guys. I hope you get loads of
hugs, kisses, and candy. Make sure you guys subscribe, and I’ll see you next week. Bye!

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