TOP 10 GENIUS LIFE HACKS FOR GIRLS || Funny Tips That Will Save You A Fortune!

A biology class next to the weirdo in
the class. As if sitting through a boring lecture weren’t bad enough all of a
sudden you realize it’s that time of the month and definitely time to make an
emergency trip to the ladies room. Oh god yeah mind getting that tampon away from
my paper. I don’t know what to say! This is the most embarrassing thing ever
okay let’s take a few steps back here next time you’re scrambling for a tampon
in your purse try this nifty little trick
take an old lipstick or chapstick container like this one and make sure
the makeup is out of it place a small tampon inside the
container where the lipstick would normally go super easy right so next
time you’re in class and having a well moment take comfort in the fact that
you’ve lessened your chance of having a super embarrassing moment and off you go ah mascara the final step in your long
makeup process but why is it that you always manage to sneeze right before it
dries yep looks like those made-up eyes need a redo unless you’re into that
raccoon eye book you’d better text your boss you’re gonna be late this morning
all right it’s a new day which means a fresh start
oh come on this can’t be happening again this time try holding your eyes so the
mascara doesn’t press against your face Hey
it totally worked now all you need is a fresh cup of coffee to make this morning
absolutely perfect looking gorgeous Olivia sleepy and a quick load of laundry
before you head out for the day forgot I put my sheets in here it won’t fit in
the basket if you’ve ever pulled in a sheet by yourself you know it isn’t
always the easiest what is she doing finding the corners of this damage job a
minute oh okay I’m going to fold you if it’s the last thing I do is it just me
or is this going to look like some kind of performance art yeah things just got
a little out of control there for a minute
next time try this a little room please put the sheet over your arms
outstretched bring your hands together wrap it over one hand and pull the rest
of the sheet out like this see you’ve made a perfect square bring your hands
together again and do the same motion now that you’ve created actual corners
to the sheet lay it down flat and fold it like you would a blanket don’t forget
to smooth things out as you go to prevent too much bulk once you get to
this stage fold the side over creating the rectangle and there you have it a
perfect fitted sheet fold family I have a present for you is a smooth fold or
what job well done Olivia now help me hold
the rector Victor let’s see what do I feel like wearing today yes this shirt
is perfect this color orange is sure to turn heads now onto the shoes this is a
toughy speakers it is oh those things are
really dirty girl huh how did I not notice how dirty these guys
oh my favorite shoes are ruined aren’t they or are they I have a brilliant idea
Oh grab that toothpaste and toothbrush have a dirty pair of shoes you thought
were ruined take a tube of toothpaste and put a handsome amount of it onto the
dirty part of your shoe like this yep now using your toothbrush a separate one
that you never use in your mouth of course scrub the toothpaste into the
shoe really get in there once you’re done scrubbing wipe it all away with a
damp cloth or wet wipe Wow these puppies look good as new all
right it’s time to get going and InStyle of course
yes it’s the best part of the day lunchtime and boy does this smell good
Wow Sophia you got quite the appetite don’t you okay all done I’m so full
well I better clean this mess up and get back to work yikes oh man that’s a lot
of dishes you’ve got piled up there Sophia the endless hours of scraping and
scrubbing it’s tiring just thinking about it I definitely don’t get sucked
in with all that if only there was a way to get around having to wash all these
dishes hey maybe there is cover a rubber glove laying around like this one with a
hot glue gun pour some glue onto the fingers like
this in stick cut strips of a coarse sponge onto them you can do this to all
five fingers make sure the sponge is the right size for each finger once the
fingers are done just put some glue onto the palm of the club it’s best to
squeeze out the glue in the shape of the seed then it place a circular sponge on
top of the glue once it’s all dry you’re ready to go with a handy glove like this
one washing dishes is a total breeze ready simply squeeze out some soap onto
the damp sponge and get scrubbing without having to hold the sponge
washing plates is way easier on your wrists and arms and before you know it
you’ll be all done see that wasn’t too bad was it nothing can spoil a beautiful day
outside in the fresh air right that is until a greedy little thief steals your
hard-earned cash right out of your pocket Helly come on turn around oh man there’s got to be a better way to
hide your cash in your pocket here is that nifty hack take a regular old maxi
pad and open it up but don’t take it out of the wrapper take a wad of cash and
fold it up inside the pad right in the middle
now seal that sucker back up and watch the magic next time you’re sitting
outside stick your makeshift wallet into your back pocket and you can rest
assured no one’s gonna want to steal an old pad Wow Lana you look extra spiffy
this afternoon waiting for your lunch date huh oh hey I’m over here hey Carol
nice to see you Oh ed you brought the pup he’s so cute
oh I just can’t get over how handsome your dog is and his little shirt is
adorable can you come say hi hi good boy oh you’re so cute yes you are you’re the
cutest boy in the world yes you are um Lana you may want to put the dog down
hey what’s that foul smell oh my gosh he literally peed all down my shirt this is
so disgusting Lana I’m so sorry he’s never done that
before I swear Lana you’d better go to the bathroom and wash
that off before the other patrons start to smell you Pig what on earth can I do
to fix this aha stink hey maybe I can turn this scarf into
something more useful to make a quick shirt out of a scarf tied to of its
corners together in a double knot like this then twist it around and put your
head through the hole you’ve made now use the extra material to cover up the
front of your shirt don’t forget to pull the rest of your hair out
Wow Lana this thing looks better as a cover-up than a scarf
okay where were we Wow how’d you miss that so quickly and how can I get my
hands on one I guess I can let you in on my secret one day alright then better get off the classic
nearly 8:30 these new jeans are super nice I just wish they weren’t pixelmon
you see what I mean I wonder if I’ll regret wearing them okay I’m sure it’ll
be fine hmm and wonder if any of my friends
found a table yet Vicki isn’t here girl oh I sure hope she doesn’t trip on those
long pants oh no she’s totally gonna face plant it
in front of the entire school cafeteria I sure hope you didn’t want those fries
yep this is definitely gonna hurt and boom
floor meet Vicki many people saw wish she hadn’t worn those pants now huh hey
I have an idea these hair elastics are about to save
the day roll up your pant legs into a giant cuff
like this next take one of your hair elastics and wrap it around the middle
of the cuff before rolling it back down over it keep going and the elastic will
catch the bottom so they won’t blow all the way down
hey guys GG Missy so high fell it’s not the end of the world right oh you place
are the best prints ever thanks another fashion crisis averted

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