100 thoughts on “Trying some of that Tom and Jerry makeup – Edward Avila

  1. Question from a non makeup wearer who watches hella makeup tutorials…any chance you can use the lighter shade of the 2 tone blush as a highlighter???

  2. Title:Trying some of that Tom and Jerry makeup – Edward Avila
    Me; WaIt! ThAt ExIsT????

  3. Edward: brb I need to wet this
    Then Edward come back

    p/s: every time I try to follow Edward makeup steps I will still look like a potato 👀

  4. Im not focusing to eddy 🤣sorry eddy hahahaha but i focusing to that cute BEBEGOM at the back 😭and he used THE CONNECT t-shirt. MY HEARTEU 😫😭

  5. I dont know why I'm so obsessed about you since I'm Latina and all those makeup products and techniques dont work for me but I truly love your videos and you seem like such a nice person. Keep the good work and be healthy ♡

  6. Your hair color really is Tom damn. But it looks really nice I think this color and that one golden color you had are my favorite!

  7. I love you and your videos!!!! I've been obsessed and have been wanting a video so bad!!!! Have a great day! <3 I think that the second lip product looked better because it had more of an orange tinge which matched the color of your lids better than a lip product with a pink tinge.

  8. Lmao when you put on the blush i swear i saw nothing i was like where is it and then when you looked in the mirror and said thats cute i screamed omg he fucking Houdini how did he do that ??my mom told me to put my glasses on 😭😭😭

  9. I love love love Edward's product reviews they're something so calming but fun and down to earth but also entertaining about it. oN POINT

  10. Eddie! Since you're Filipino, what do you think of trying Filipino makeup products? Because I live in the Philippines and I feel like their pigment is not as pigmented as American products but they are good though…. I'd love to hear your opinion of filipino makeup

  11. Haven't tuned onto your channel in a minute and bitch, you are glowing! Your skin has improved so much! Proud of you, king ~

  12. This video was sooo informative. I mean all his videos usually are but whenever he talks about edute house he does it with a lot of heart lol

  13. Looking at Jerry's Cheese eyeshadow
    Him: this one is definitely . .. uhh . ..

    Me: bronze

    Him: an antiquey brown-gold


  14. who else feels that there's not much difference after he used another lip color? Like am I the only one who's blind???

  15. When Ed went to go wet the dry cheese puff, I turned away to look at my phone for 2 seconds and when I looked back, it was TWICE THE SIZE LMAO. I HAD TO DOUBLE TAKE AND REWIND.

  16. Ok this Tom & Jerry make up is super beautiful but I couldn't help but tear up because>>> Bebegom + The Connect shirt✌️

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