Hi guys, it’s Kelsey and Kendra and today we are back with another twin top for you guys we have not done one of these in Quite some time And we know you guys love when we do these because it’s basically a chance for us to sit down and have some girl chat With you guys. Yeah, wherever you’re watching this now, welcome to twin top og subscribe, which I already know what it is We get super super blunt and I feel like we cannot give valuable advice if it is not going Sugarcoat it is a waste of time We’re gonna be talking about a number of things today and then at the end of this video we’re going to be answering some of you guys’s questions that you have for us at the Beginning of the video we’re gonna be talking about Silveri we’re gonna be talking about how women should treat each other as far as Success than having kids and getting married and what our priorities should be and not judging other people for not having the same Priorities. Yeah, we’re just gonna be talking about all of it a little bit of everything so in honor of International Women’s Month, we felt that this video was very necessary because It’s different when you’re single Are you taking a seat back and watching a lot of things happen in relationships? And thing with other women are doing and it usually directly affects other women Yes how you allow men to treat you in a Relationship and what you continue to allow them to do they do in their next relationship? Yes, or they expect us a single women to tolerate the same things that the previous one had Yes, if you put up with BS, you’re messing it up for the rest of us. Yeah Yeah, we have to look out for each other So when you have standards the next man is going to expect the next woman to have standards and so forth. Yes, okay I’m a no effect Because if you’re like the one out of ten want women that have standards men are automatically gonna think that you’re difficult They’re high maintenance or high maintenance And that’s time the category Roman with standards get put in which is so annoying Because there are so many women that don’t have standards and makes the women that do have standards look difficult And I’m sick of it. It’s extremely frustrating where either bujji we’re We’re high maintenance. Like I said, yeah, or we just too much to handle which Whatever do whatever it is So will you leave us? Conversation of chivalry, I feel like a lot of people feel like chivalry is dead You know that old saying I don’t know keep it like it is in some cases as well because so many women are in this whole Independent woman thing which is nothing. It’s nothing wrong being an independent woman. Let’s be clear on that We are looking at I was not saying we were true advocates for being independent you giving the man the power in certain situations it’s not take away your power as a woman like I personally Expect open doors to be open for me. I don’t think they’ll be made its have to be paid I don’t have to open it. Oh if somebody want to do it for me fine already. Exactly. No say no I got it not fans You got it where everybody is aware that you have it you have two working legs and arms let the man do it. Okay Yeah, stop saying. Oh, I got it. Stop doing that. Just let the man Like treat you like a queen because I personally feel like the right man will appreciate an independent woman But still no good about doing things for her Yeah So you can still have that balance without feeling like you’re not independent if he does something for you 100% and strangers opened the doors for us here in the south side. This is a normal here in the south Yeah, I’ve had people I don’t even know open it up for me Yeah, I have to but it’s crazy because I’ve seen guys in relationships. They don’t like carry the bags they They could use the cop-out like Oh II quality But that’s because of the women but I felt like sometimes it should be 50/50 and sometimes it should be 8020 depending on what are you the situation? Uh-huh. It’s all situational Yes, and I feel like everybody’s situation is different But please ladies man be man. And that does not mean let him basically treat you in any kind of way This means let him be a man and lead just please stop doing that because you’re messing it up for gonna We control the narrative ladies. Yeah, we set the tone in our relationships. Definitely remember that Oh my god notice, but man are very simple. They lay they are they’re really not that complicated I feel like we make things more complicated And when you’re direct and know exactly what you want, then he will just follow suit pretty much Yeah, I just feel like if we all have standards then men will continue to expect all women at standards We all need to come together on this. Yeah, this is the PSA. It’s Standards, please. Okay. So the next thing we want to address our topic is relationships being like the end-all be-all for a lot of females when I see people See a woman has everything she could be in Japan and she can have to this crib score. She kind of a nice car She could be a home owner and if she does not have a man she’s not Successful everybody automatically feel bad for her. Can we not do that anymore? Can we stop equating success with the relationship because that’s not it. You need to know that you are all on your own Yes, and a man is an added bonus It’s like the icing on the cake or is like dessert after you have a good full course meal Okay, great to have been on this theory Yeah, I feel like women make me and like a necessity to the point where it’s like oxygen for them. You’re breathing without them Okay, and it’s usually never men who make women feel bad about this as always wait. Maybe we need to other women Yes, so it’s not the female thing and I’m just like why is that the case does last time I checked? I’m happy when I do chick You know, like I personally feel like if my bag am right, I’m not right so can we equate success with our own personal goal and Accomplishment is not our attachment to another human being Because you have to be whole on your own just because you want a relationship don’t mean your life is complete You can be miserable in a relationship Been there. I really wish lemon will stop being so codependent because Every time like I see someone like anybody I can say girl with a channel or Instagram. So when she gets a boyfriend It’s the most like picture on the Instagram or so, unless you do a boyfriend tag. It’s the most beautiful on YouTube Can we just support each other? Even when we don’t have a man like yeah why does it have to be more interesting because there’s someone else you know in the mix, I feel like this a Continuation of giving me in power. Yes Yes, it really is like you automatically more interesting. Mm-hmm. And I thought I was interesting all about you are I know I’m all about, you know, woman energy and water power. Yes And last time I checked none of us would be in without women Remember that what somebody’s trying to disrespect you as a woman remember that you will not be here without a woman as your power Okay, and also I want you guys to remember how we treat each other as women It’s a direct reflection of how me and see us and treat us as well And we need to stop putting so much pressure on each other because you’re going to pressure other women into wanting things in their lives Prematurely, like what do you mean like husband kids? Yeah. I feel like this is different for everybody So it’s not putting that amount of pressure on each other So I feel like getting into things like prematurely like a relationship or having kids just creates a vicious cycle of toxicity It’s very toxic. And then that’s when you create more unhealthy relationships Then you bring a kid into the world with an unhealthy environment envision a life going Yeah, people like half he’s prematurely our parents already do that. Yeah, you don’t want to really like not saying everybody’s childhood It was like dramatic or traumatic, but if it was you don’t want to relive that life. Most people want better for their children Yeah, so you shall want better for your children, huh? So don’t blame your past on how you’re moving towards your future a lot of people blame their past on their present So we’ve got to stop, you know, make an excuse making excuses because after a while you’re responsible for your own life, huh? You know at some point you have to fix you you Can’t if it’s broken you got the fixative You just have to learn how to heal from it Gets to take one day at a time and not making excuses for being you know in toxic Situations just because oh my mama did this. All right Did I do the same thing? Just because your parents did something why you want to relive a movie you want a sequel of their life You already seen it. You see me you love your outcome. You already read the book. Yeah, we already know what’s gonna happen. Yes Stop it, and at this point in 2020, we have so many tools to better ourselves because back in the day There was no, you know openness about therapy and about, you know meditation you have just so many resources there There’s no excuse not to put in the work to work on yourself and not saying you’re gonna be perfect Nobody’s ever gonna be perfect. You obviously want to live the best life You can possibly for yourself and your future kids children in deafness So, you know, what am I, you know start with you and just take those steps one day one day at a time Okay So the next thing I want to talk about is something that I’m so sick of saying and I feel like it’s like a viral Disease that’s spreading stop taking care of grown-ass men who are well enabled if they live to work they arms work They’re in good health. Please stop taking care of grown-ass man. Just because y’all want to be by yourself It’s absolutely pathetic and you’re wasting your life You can have so much more but those women have to know that they deserve better for some women I’m telling you, but some women don’t think they deserve better Okay, a psychological thing that has to there’s like a switch that has to you know, click on at some point Okay, but that’s what self-love starts. Yeah, this whole thing is all the process. Uh-huh. That’s it If you already say you love yourself, you just start acting like yes, okay, you can say we love yourself all day But if you’re not taking the necessary steps to love yourself mentally physically emotionally your life is going to stay in neutral You’re not gonna be moving forward it’s frustrating especially when I see women who work so hard and you know have these life that they’ve created and I Feel like their men manipulate them into thinking that they helped But if you can hire somebody to do it then you don’t need. Thank you Yeah I see a lot of women basically keep men around because they’re lonely or they keep them around Doing things that they could hire somebody to do I don’t need you in my space if you have no purpose like basically if I can hire somebody to be my assistant To clean my house to cook me dinner Not saying oh you can do that because I feel like you know, we both can cook. Yes Sorry chef like a shelf or something. That’s different. Cuz I feel like everybody’s households are different but uh-huh I’m just saying you talking about lost one kind of job. Yes, but I’m with men If you can hire somebody else to do what that man is doing it up in your house cut them off Please okay trifling trifling and who manipulate you and yeah He’s essential like he’s not know but like me personally, like I said you need to have purpose in my space God you need to like be there for me emotionally at the emotional to know that means Spiritually we need to be spiritually connected and of course physical So yeah, I just basically wanted to like say that is like a wake-up call But custom we just need to be there for each other as women Sometimes you just need to just laugh in the face of somebody to be like, okay, she’ll ask you over sleeping on life But I always say at some point like when women who go through these things even if y’all don’t hear us out God will slap you in the face with the truth Every time Trevor real you will see sighs you won’t have days when you like. Wow. I even ordered them No, they ignore them. You gonna get a slap. They ignore them. I’m just saying big Red flags, they ignore them. That’s very true. I mean you gonna be mad at yourself cuz you do in the beginning Anyway, alright, so now we’re gonna move on to some questions that I actually got to ask me on my answer story I was getting a lot of questions. I actually had to delete their posts also Okay, I think we got enough for the video. All right first question how to Handle, sing your ex out in public be cordial. This has happened to me. It’s happened to Kelsey multiple times actually Yeah, and I just just like ever said I was cordial. I was unbothered because I am my mother I feel like if you’re bothered don’t let them see that your father don’t see ya don’t make it a thing Just be yourself. Just be like, hey, what’s up? How you doing? Look relaxed going through the move on again Don’t give them power. Thank you, cuz you’re making it a thing Right there notice different. It was like fresh or depends on how the break-up went cuz I’m so mind it happening sometime Yeah, so I ain’t even gonna like my lips not him like two days after I probably would have ran the other way Okay, like make sure ya like dip out real quick dodgem Okay, but I thought it was been some time and you see him out you like getting over it or you’re already over it? He should really be that big of a deal I’m a Scorpio too in his heart for me balance and girlfriend friendships and the one man it’s worth spending time with both Hey to our fellow Scorpio Sisters. Yeah, we every guy we’re very special. We are special that issues basically time management That’s like you just have to manage your time wisely, uh-huh and basically Don’t forget about your friends and I get like the beginning stages like you get wrapped up in something new and it’s fresh radish exciting But there will be a child Well, you want to spend time with your friends like hain’t gonna talk about them if you always a little yes, you know Not in a bad way, but talk about how happy you are Yeah or if there’s something that’s getting on your nerves how you supposed to think if you ain’t got your birthday your Friends the annex true and let’s be real guys don’t like in your gossip. Okay Talk to your man about the same things you talk with your girlfriend’s about So you’ll need your friends. And if you got some real ones at least one, I’m gonna tell you what you mean Thank you accent. Yeah, he’s been absent huh? So don’t do they don’t forget about your friends So its balance is key and don’t give our friends. You should have friends. Yeah, that’s the perfect excuse How would you maintain a long-distance relationship? Lots of communication your communication for sure lots of communication So I personally feel like for me if there’s a strong emotional connection But I’m saying like there has been toward a good foundation For a long-distance relationship to work if y’all both immature it’s probably much definitely not gonna work you both have to be mature enough to mentally handle not being able to see each other every day and not having that physical touch because I know that’s very important for some people to it’s different if you have Like different love languages. Oh because I feel like everybody’s love languages are different. That’s so long distances honestly, not that hard for somebody who’s good like nigh along a buckle touch like if you like me and by yourself It’s not that I like in my meantime, so I do like it’s not a big deal for me I layer and these people I do too And then when you see them again, it’s just like that much more nice missing somebody but I look to be by myself I’m weird. I prefer we’re not long-distance But I prefer if you like go away for a few days come back for a mom. Go away a few days. Come back I’m up Oh weird like that because I just look missing somebody Mm-hm, and I feel like I can’t miss you if you always up under me. Yeah, that’s true So it just depends on the person in the couple but like you said communication or heat-based Eyes time ticks often. Good morning tics goodnight text. Mhm Uh, just make sure you just you know, check up on each other pretty much the natural thing. Yeah talk every day Every day, yeah, do you think women should pay for me on dates? Absolutely. No. No, I’m so firm on this I know some people believe in going Dutch, but after a certain age, what’s Dutch? No now if I’m uncomfortable on the day, I will gladly pay for my house and leave But if I’m enjoying that person and I expect another date, I expect him to pay for this day. Of course Given everything I’ve seen on one thing. It’s called being courted So I know that that basically takes us back to the beginning of the video When we basically were talking about Silveri Let them pay let them pay Well you feel with someone for three years and they have invited you to their home or met their family You’re not your girlfriend either why he’s probably embarrassed For you to meet his family. Oh, look, it’s all family Even think they might be like crazy or something. I don’t know details, but maybe he embarrassed either or even you’d not have girlfriend over But he’s protecting you from his family. Yeah. I wanted her to murder – That’s all – that I can pick up Let’s take his home though. You mean his hometown or his actual house? Cuz me and bending his house and that’s questionable. Yeah, maybe yeah, you didn’t clear but This he he may not have a house See might be right. He might be living with a bunch of people. You don’t know but three years You should know your man stays in the family thing three years if y’all have been serious in your happy then you should have man They’ll leave someone holiday Thanksgiving Christmas Easter Veterans Day on the job. Should I get mad if I ask my boyfriend to up all these excellent Instagram? And he totally ignored me so he’s still following her basically, so he basically saying I’m not gonna follow her Okay, guys, I’ve seen two sides of this. My thing is first of all why is it that big of a deal free for him to unfollow her I would ask that and On the other hand. Why is that big of a deal to you that he still follows her? Did you catch him texting her something? Like there has to be a backstory. I feel honestly why why do you follow her? I’m one-sided on it I don’t care special cuz you know some people in on the terms they might like why do I love them though? I mean some Instagram which is Instagram some people send a big video That’s true, but most decide if it’s not like a celebrity or someone you’re inspired by if it’s somebody, you know Or have known at some point you following them to keep up with them. Why do you want to keep it with you? It’s very true. No He’ll need to be following her That is I said that I feel like it is so adamant on like no I’m gonna keep following her like why is our protective over that follow? Yes, sir I feel my feelings because if y’all have the kind of relationship that I feel like most women with one which is If you bother by something, then your man wants to fix it if I say, you know It was making you uncommon. It shouldn’t be a issues. You can just press on follow Defin and it’s over. That’s it. That’s very true advice for someone who is socially awkward when guys try to talk to them This is where confidence comes in Just just be yourself any of yourself. It’s awkward Nothing wrong with being a little quirky cuz some guys like that they think is cute, huh? But don’t let him know that you’re nervous. Yeah, you gotta be like cool and calm and collected Yeah, or just act like you own care. They love them even though sometimes it’s talking me not to do that because Muslims, however Not really cuz like we’ve gotten that like most guys look when they first approached us They all those things were mean to me or mean all the time. I haven’t felt like you ever If you’re with a group of friends, just pay attention to them Me and Kelsey are good at this because we had like inside jokes So we’re always in our own the world. Anyway, like laughing up just being That’s so true Just be yourself because you can run like a good moment with you overthinking it. Yes Yes, sir tips for a new relationship almost a month and everything is going well But it seems too good to be real. I don’t believe in too good to be true I used to but now that I’m getting older I just accept it I feel like it’s got rewarded me for all the BS that I had to put up with in my past So I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it too. Good to be true me neither It’s just good cuz honestly, I feel like looking when you feel like something’s too good to be true You feel like you don’t deserve it and you have to know that you deserve whatever this is So if it feels good, it just embrace it. Let’s get it. Yeah, that’s it who don’t want to accept goodness girl Yeah, that’s not a bad thing Don’t be too skeptical cuz I I feel like sometimes when you’re too skeptical you can ruin a good thing Uh-huh, and you don’t want to shoot yourself in the face. Yeah, of course, it’s good to be aware the part of protect yourself I mean use your brain, but if it’s going good why question it? Yeah, just go with you It’s the beginning if I would do in the beginning, yeah, don’t start nothing. That’s the something. Yeah, Mama’s boys How would you deal with one? So what’s the Verity I was I don’t mind if you look at mom I hope you love you mom. I prefer that he loves his mom. Yeah, he respects me because most Mama’s boys Honestly, they make the best husbands. Does they know how to treat a woman? They know how we are as women They understand they understand us a little bit more now if he’s like to the extreme my boy, and the mom. I don’t respect you Then I would have to bow gracefully because I gots happening You know have a conversation fer and you have a conversation with him and he shouldn’t have a conversation with his mom and if nothing Changes then that’s – time about not her problem. This is problem Right and it’s up to up setting up some balance those two relationships. That’s why I said is his problem Yeah, this is not a new problem Google. This is his problem Yeah, how do you politely decline someone who asks for your number? You politely decline? No. Thank you Let me or just lastly. I already got a boyfriend I’ve done that minimum or if I’m the wrong number what I used to do it in high school come on mature now say oh do You grown? You say? No. Thank you. Elmo. Can’t take no for an answer. Oh Those are awkward and it’s just like yeah, I feel like you’re asking me I gotta be rude. Okay, nice Yeah, you start out nice. Yes, but if they like start like harassing you look at this when you gotta like turn on, you know even though sometimes they like that to Just think oh, yeah, he leaves me on red and says I don’t owe you a response, but were intimate though You need to stop being that person though. They don’t deserve Any Park City? Okay, like over the text response Yemen are disposable to him he walking around like he owns no one explanation. That’s not how you handle This like he is not handling this situation at all properly Wow you and you’re saying that you guys are intimate And I don’t know if you mean like a sexual relationship. I mean, it doesn’t have to be that I Mean it doesn’t but she’s saying, you know all her nothing. They’re probably just casual Ladies and I still feel like he owes her response Didn’t land down with somebody. Well, that’s what I said They don’t need to be intimate because she he deserves no part of her, you know You need to cut that out girl in it. If you can’t even respond to a thickness, no, man Are you willing to give up your career for a relationship? No, when you give up here three or four you probably not they never do so Why should we not you ever do this? No ever cuz if Misawa truly cares about you They would never ask you this Mel and it like they truly want you to be happy in a good Make sure you happy if they honestly will be in full support nothing Uh-huh, because when a man like the first thing you say, I don’t want you working he want to control you Yes, and we’re not doing that or if he says you ain’t even gotta work, but what up like that if? He’s manipulating you and I personally feel like man. You don’t want women to work her extremely insecure a misogynistic Yes, all those things pay attention to those. That’s awesome That’s also a red flag Like you should have the option to work if you don’t want to work that should be your choice or choice But I usually do not be dictated by him I’m saying I don’t get with me and do this because if you met me working what makes you think I’m not going to continue To work again make me as a go-getter if you met me as the best Then you shouldn’t that what about move ya go by somebody who don’t want to work. Yes Yes, instead of trying to make me into something. I mean I yeah Yes And I feel like personally if I’m not working that I need to be on maternity leave That’s the only time I need to be not working. Do you prefer Danny older or your exact age at this point? I really don’t care. Uh, it doesn’t really matter as long as we want the same thing if they have good energy You got a love God You know if you check all the boxes for me pretty much age is like for me like I don’t like too young though I don’t want young. No, I don’t want like still like good Breast move on breath, but I also don’t want let being a baby. I also don’t want like oh My daddy ain’t good. That’s weird. Nothing is weird. I actually prefer older than me for sure Like if he’s my age, he has to obviously be very mature. Yeah, like at this point, I feel like Age is not that big of a deal because I feel like people are the way they are from their life experiences Mhm, and I’ve made younger guys feel more mature than older guys. That’s true because of how like they were raised in Yeah, the environment and IRA that they grew up in it Some people are quote like forced to grow up faster than they have more responsibility It’s children that their parents make them do more cuz I mean I have to think about myself because I’m also I Feel like I grew up a lot faster than some people my age Because of how I was raised like our mom just always made us like super independent We learned how to do a lot of things that like a younger age So I just feel like it depends on the person definitely, you know what I mean? So I can’t even if it’s like I said, I don’t care at this point. That’s true Am I wrong for not wanting to date a man with kids? I’m 29 and don’t have any no No, I don’t think I don’t think they wrong I personally think if you have certain things that you want and desire events You shouldn’t have to compromise on but on those but if he’s a good person and you’re happy with him Don’t let that affect your you know, you continuing something good But if it’s like an overwhelming, you know Feeling that you feel like you can’t really you know Continue then don’t go through with it. I feel like stick to your guns You don’t have to feel bad about not wanting that cuz for me personally I feel like we’ve talked about this in our last Q&A. I Personally feel like if he has one kid, that’s my limit If you got more than one kid, I don’t want it because the baby mama drama is not meant for me I’m not made that way and I’m not here to entertain you so One kid is my limit if you got more than one child And I’m not doing it ya think. I’d be able to do it either also know the baby mama drama But when you’re saying yes to a man who have kids you’re saying yes to being a stepmom Yes, so you and that’s all responsibilities have Responsibility over somebody else’s children and you also have to seat have to see them as your children You’re also you have to love them as your own. So it’s a lot to think about. Yes more than people I feel like realized and I feel like when people don’t think this through going into relationships, they’ve damaged the children in the process Yeah, so the kids come first in this situation and I don’t want to say yes there’s something that I’m not gonna put my all into because I prefer this rather than her being with a man with kids and then Ignore and not treat them right? Yeah, cuz those women I don’t respect but I can’t stand that Yeah, like don’t be with a man with kids and then treat the kids back with My nerves you can’t have him without them. No, his kids come with him. They are part of a package deal Yes, so I feel like you’re being smart about this. Do not feel bad about this or anybody else who feel like Like other people are making them feel bad about not one to be what a man with cubes Can I say everybody? It’s not. Okay. It’s a lot more to think about Do you think I’m scared today outside my race because of my family. Should I care what they think? Yeah, everyone got a bagel. Absolutely not Our relationship is between two people when they got to do with your relationship. Yeah, it’s your relationship. Who cares? Who cares what race he is? Yeah, it’s not their business to be to be completely honest I agree and I feel like if your family loves you, then they’ll be happy They’ll be happy don’t come around come around. They want you to come around the outcome or Opinion on 50/50 split he covers 100 or proportion cause in a relationship Thanks That’s up to y’all. Yes situational because I don’t know everybody’s financial situation Yeah, um, I feel like it just it’s up to the couple. Uh-huh. And whoever makes more in the household I heard um, how y’all split y’all deals? I feel like that’s their time. So no people’s income fluctuations, he’s making more she’s making less she’s made a moral team any less the industry, but for me personally, I always feel like the mansion Automatically be you know pink for a little bit more because let’s be honest on pay for me and I always make more than us They’re the top of the food chain. Maybe the top of food chain So there’s a no excuse why he shouldn’t be able to pay for everything and I know it sounds harsh But it is what it is in reality Because I just so many women who like this You know should you know pay for certain things in the house just you know Pick up some slack slack cuz that situational but I feel like most of the time yeah, he should be paying her most of everything yeah Just my opinion cuz like you said me and make more than women. Yeah, so why aren’t you paying for more? Cuz we think about it balances out because if you make it more than you And you makin let the hand me on Fifty being you paying more than your pile or boo-boo. We call that a disproportionate rich here. Yes. That’s all situational food Oh, no, I feel like the mansion you can for everything You know I granddaddy you know who you know the man of the house so he he felt like he needed to pay all the bills And I concur I respect that it just is what it is, huh? I said if you want to be the man of the house that comes with a price Have you ever been told that you’re intimidating by guys you date? And how do you deal with this? Yes we have which is why a lot of guys have not approached a time Most of the time I don’t think it I don’t look at it as a bad thing. I honestly look at it it is We’re waiting up to that Apple. So I feel like if they can’t handle your prison there then they’re not for you. Uh-huh. Um, so This this to me, this is not really anything to handle. Could you say how do you deal with this? I don’t know That’s not something you should have to deal with just be you Don’t dim your shine to make a man feel like a man when you have to be super like, you know subdued in life You have to bring yourself down to like your energy to like a certain place for him to feel confident think he’s not area Norfolk cure, so This is actually not a bad thing. Like I say you leave out the bad apples and you not for me anyway. Okay guys So that wraps up this twin talk. We hope you guys enjoyed it We hope you you know got a chance to give some good advice and our little girl chat that we just had Hopefully something changes for you when your everyday liking your dating life Personal relationship with yourself because that’s the most important one. Yes. Hopefully we turned on a couple of lightbulbs. Yes That’s what we’re here for. Yes. That’s the rear for hopefully y’all woke up from being sleep Okay, you know, oh my bestie, you know disrespecting things that don’t serve you for your future, huh? So yeah We hope you guys enjoy this twin talk and we’ll see you next time


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  15. Kendra I loved the fact you states each relationship is situational sometimes it 50/50 & sometimes its 80/20

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