VISUAL KEI smokey (V系メイク) Make Up Tutorial

Visual kei artists don’t take any risk with this virus Hi cookies! since we are all locked in our rooms, it’s the right time to do what the fxck you want with your face Cc cream on the eyebrows area (if you happen to not have any too) black eyeshadow using another brush to blend the front of the eyebrow and another for precision concealer to clean this up eyeshadow primer loose powder to prevent it from creasing redish brown eyeshadow mostly in the crease, softer when you go higher black eyeshadow mostly on the eyelid, and be reallyyy softer when you go in the crease using a dark gray in the middle to blend the two colors i didn’t put much on the brush black eyeshadow again redish brown again eyepencil (slightly lighter than the color of your skin) our boy reddish brown again black eyepencil try to not blend too much eyeliner (if the black of your eyeshadow is deeper than mine, you may not need this!) smile with your eyes like an anime character (i’m using the same colors) concealer it’s basically a dramatic smokey eyes, smaller and without contacts, you may look ready for a dinner at the kardashian’s instead of the addams’ family green primer to hide red areas foundation loose powder to matify contouring (heavy, like the weight of your sins) in the visual kei scene, it’s very common to darken the corner of your eyes (between the beginning of your eyebrow and …well, the corner of your eye) I did it heavier with gray eyeshadow later while touching up the final result (didn’t get that part recorded i’m sorry) highlighter (heavy, like all the things you’re postponing) not a fan of fake eyelashes or mascara but… i do it for the horde …forget what i said earlier, it recorded (dark gray eyshadow then) … wait, i still did it heavier later and it’s this “later time” which wasn’t recorded fake eyelashes glue i lost one of my piercing that day, still don’t know where it went maybe Canada, it always wanted to visit Canada Day 5 of quarantine : starting to speak of my goods like they were people and inventing them backstories by the way, my microwave is Dave He has been liking techno music and dancing for as long as he remembers i should go to bed now what do you guys watch on netflix these days? done with the make up, and life just kidding, let’s do something with this hair first [ straightening hair on heavy metal ] now it’s done! take care of yourself, lot of love !

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  1. Hi cookies!! Be sure to put the subtitles / sous-titres / 字幕 to know what product I use or what I'm saying (…not that i'm saying anything smart though). I hope you're all doing great in these difficult times. Take care ! Lot of love, la bise ♡(°ε° )

  2. Regarde la vidéo en mode ouha😍 puis passe dans les com et vois qu'il y a des sous titres.. 🤔 cimment ca des sous titres ?!? 😱 ah la con je les enlève parce qu'ils le gènent avec ma dyslésie 🤣 on repart faire un tour avec cette fois les sous titres et arret a chaque fois le temps de lire ou décrypter certains mots 😅.

    Sinon juste pour te rassurer, on a tous craquer un plomb avec cette quarantaine 🤣🤣🤣 netflix j'ai fait le tour j'attends les sorties de nouvelles saisons et pis quand j'ai plus d'idée 😇 c'est mon homme qui ramasse 😂😂

    Courage a tous et toutes car c'est que le début malheureusement pour nous..

  3. Such a beauty ! Je vais venir essuyer tes petites larmes après la pose de tes lentilles, j'ai juré !
    On a tous des amis imaginaires so…. et puis on fait comment quand on a pas Netflix, je m'invite chez toi pour régler le problème? 😂 ( Je suis sûre que tu m'as reconnue même si j'ai pas l'habitude de commenter sur YouTube )

  4. HOW ARE YOU SO ATTRACTIVE– Also, I LOVE this look and might actually try it (minus lenses and hair cuz I'm a wimp with lenses and haircuts who's also too broke for wigs). I really look forward to more VK videos! ^^ <3

  5. For some reason i really wanna know your music play list
    Also the visual kei cosplay is what i'm living for ❤😍😍😍😍 stay safe

  6. I was wondering what happened to you :c omg like always the best 👀❤❤ why are you so beautiful ? Idk 🤔

  7. @JukanKyokou
    Is microwave Dave still enjoying his techno music?
    And I haven't been watching much Netflix…but Crunchyroll…watching Naruto and Hunterxhunter. 🤣
    As I said before..great video love…the visual Kei look is great on you. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. It is really awesome and super perfect.
    Nothing to say about your talent you are super cool
    You can do anything.
    Please can you cosplay Kou mukami from diabolik lovers.
    Please I request you.

  9. One day, I shall master eyebrows. Sadly today is not that day, lol. Your captions are not to be missed! 🤣🤣
    Thank you for your Visual Kei makeup videos. I have loved this genre for a very long time and I think there's much beauty in it. 💜 Malice Mizer put out some of The Best looks in the history of Visual Kei, as well as beautiful music.

  10. Am I rewatching this video again cuz I forgot to use subtitles?

    Why yes, yes I am.

    Does it bother me?

    Not at all. reclines with popcorn

  11. "visual kei artists don't take any risks with this virus" they say and goes on to touching and holding their face with their hands a fuck ton

    I'm kidding
    I freaking love this. Skin toned liner, never thought of that, looks so good 👏

  12. I've been obsessed with the anime Touken Ranbu Hanamaru lately,I love it! Not sure if it's on Netflix though😅

  13. 日本の美的センスをとても

  14. シベリアンハスキー感があってとても

  15. I'm so curious to know the names of every song.
    Please, someone tell me!!
    You're so talented! I always enjoy your tutorials.

  16. 眉毛ピクってなるのが好きですーーー!!!!!!!!!ーーー!!!!!!!!!ーーー!!!!!!!!!

  17. Jukan…
    ok u wete probs busy i don't mind stay safe btw france has been…yeah ya know ❤❤(the fact that quite a lot of people are not taking it seriously until they closed all shops😔 idek if they're actually taking it seriously rn)

  18. 💖💝💘💗💓💞💕💋💕💘❤❤❣💛💌💚🧡❤💜💙🖤🧡💘💗💘💗🖤🖤🖤💜💟💙🖤💙💟💗💘💝💖💝💓💞💘💕💋💕💛💌💓❤💌🧡💌💟💟💛💛💌💚💚💌💕💌💞💗💘💞💌💟💙🖤

  19. So so beautiful, wow wow wow, you have so much skill!! Can't wait to see your next video! Keep safe too! Love the captions!

  20. This video blew me away. Amazing make up skills! You look great with a visual key look.
    Can I ask you a rather weird thing?….. If you have a playlist, can you share? Damn. My ears were blessed with the selection of songs you had on your videos. Thanks! Take care!

  21. You did an amazing job there.💜💜
    P.S: can you name the songs in the background of your video please? I could find them through the link..

  22. Hi Jukan it's me Amanda Tucker this makeup tutorial is incredible you look so badass and cool you are a professional makeup artist and a excellent cosplayer don't stop making videos continue doing what you love don't let anybody get you down or tell you otherwise becuase you deserve to be happy forever and stay positive I love you so much Jukan more than life itself and you will always be in my heart god bless you I send you a ton of hugs and kisses and happiness I wish you the best of luck with your YouTube videos and if you see my comments give me a shout out I would appreciate it please and thank you I love you Jukan. Xoxo 🌈👏🤙👍😘😍😄😇😊😁😂😃💗💟💓❤💞💕💖💘💝♥♥♥

  23. I love the video it was really cool and I love the one of uta from tokyo ghoul he is one of my favorites so thank you for that I can't wait to see what you do next I'm looking forward to it so take care ok 🥰🥰🥰

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