Vlog #002: Makup-Makeupan and Chikahan (No makeup look keme)

I’m just playing with makeup right now. So I can do something right now…. Since we grew up entertaining ourselves as kids. Our entertainment back in days were Playing makeup, toy-house, cooking… making bubbles out of hibiscus flowers. Although, I really don’t believe that the bubbles were made just because of those flowers Because I saw my uncle putting laundry soap in the mix.>Hi guys! So How are you? I’m drinking Berocca. Actually, I only have a few Berocca left I’m running out, and the stored have ran oyt of stock as well People are really starting to panic due to the virus So, since I grew up in the 90’s I’ll do my usual hobbies while growing up Although we had a Family Computer (Nintendo) back then But then, my other brother gets upset every time I play with it. So I only get to play with it when I’m with them. I’m the one in charge of blowing the cartridge or they let me play with the controller that is unplugged. So there, that’s why I’ll play with makeup today So don’t judge me I’m not a makeup vlogger. I’m not even a legit vlogger yet. As you can see, I’m having breakouts So first, I’ve already prepped my skin I’ll put on translucent powder… I don’t “bake” my foundation…. So after you put on the power I’ll now apply my setting spray Which is…. my drugstore setting spray is not here… So I’ll just use this one instead. So you apply your transulecent powder, then setting spray, then you let it dry i’ll use a mini fan so it will dry faster So we’ll now apply the primer I don’t really use primer… but just for the purpose of pretending that I do… 🙂 I’m just trying to pretend that I’m a makeup vlogger.. 🙂 But I don’t really use a primer, Actually this is just the Maybelline baby skin pore eraser orean actresses who don’t have visible pores I’m pretending I’m Seri We might come across Hyun Bin, so my skin should be flawless Again, I don’t really use a primer… I’m just pretending for this shoot. :)) Actually this is my everyday makeup pouch… I just got this for free at BLK when I went shopping Since all of the makeup in my go-to pouch are BLK since their makeup have good quality let’s apply now our foundation. The foundation I’ll be using is.. The Hello Happy Flawless Brightening Foundation medium cover MY favorite foundation is really this one

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