We Become Professional Lipstick Testers for a Day?! (Beauty Trippin)

– Oh my God, it glides on like butter. (laughs) – No one will marry me, I can’t
even open an effing blender. Mine is like an actual computer chair. (luggage crashes) We’re so immature. (upbeat music) – What’s up, you guys? Welcome back to Beauty Trippin’! – We’re in New York! – We’re in New York. As you
can see, we’re not in a car. We’re literally beauty trippin’, and this is our clue: – Our lips are sealed… – That’s like the
Mary-Kate and Ashley movie. – [Voiceover] You can
join Mary-Kate and Ashley as they go Australian. – I really wanna know what we’re doing, do you think we’re making
lipstick or something? – I think we’re meeting
Mary-Kate and Ashley. They seem like New York
people, I think they’re here. – Well, I guess we’re about to find out. – See you soon, twins. (light pop music) – Hi, nice to meet you. – Nice meeting you. Welcome to the Good
Housekeeping Institute. – Yeah, I never would have guessed that. I thought you were gonna
be Mary-Kate and Ashley. (laughs) – It’s amazing though because
what an iconic magazine. – I know. – It’s been around forever. – I know, since 1885, if you believe it. – Holy old.
– So what do you guys do here? – Well, we test consumer products here. Anything, pretty much,
what you can imagine. – You guys are basically the people who make sure we don’t die, right? (laughs) – Well, we’re the people who also give the products the seal, the
iconic Good Housekeeping seal, and decide whether, you know, the products can earn it or not. – My mom would not buy
a product in the store if it didn’t have a Good
Housekeeping seal on it. – Good for her, because it
actually has a consumer warranty, and if she’s unhappy with the product, she can come directly to us. – Wait, so what are we doing today then? – Well, you’re gonna help
us test some products, and we’re gonna start with cosmetics. – Okay, do we get to
wear a lab coat like you? – I want like the sexy
glasses to go with it. – Me too! – Okay, I’ll lend you mine. – Okay. (laughs) (upbeat music) – So… – Cool! – Wow. – I’m gonna leave you with
Sabina, you’re in good hands. And she’s gonna give you your lab coats. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you. – Do you want to put
on one of these coats? – I would love to put
on one of these coats. – My chemistry teacher can eat my dust, because I failed chemistry
but look at me now. – Look at us now. – Welcome to the Beauty Lab. We’re gonna have you test along wearing lipsticks today in the lab. – Yes. – Cool. – I have two lipsticks, and
you do not know what they are because we try to hide and
cover any kind of brand. You are L3, right? – Thank you. – And you’re L2. – Thank you. – Go ahead. – Slap it on? – Do your thing. – Oh my God, it glides on like butter. (laughs) – This is gliding on really easily. It doesn’t smell weird. It transfers easily because it just went straight to the top. And it’s like kinda easy to apply. I think I love this lipstick. – So now, keep all your thoughts and… – Ooh. – And make sure that you fill out the first section of this survey. – This is a very
extensive, thorough survey. The first one is, this lipstick applied smoothly onto my lips. It applied very smoothly for me. – Yours did? – So I’m gonna say strongly agree. – Okay what’s the second question? – Okay, this lipstick was easy to maneuver and apply with precision. Strongly agree for me. – I’m gonna say somewhat agree,
because I had to use a Q tip so mine wasn’t as precise. – I liked the fragrance/flavor
of this lipstick. – Does mine smell like anything? – It doesn’t taste like anything either. Shove it up my nostril. – Now we move into trying to evaluate the efficacy of these lipsticks. How well do they or do they
not transfer to these cups? – So yours transferred
a lot more than mine. – I think the transfer
from mine was pretty good. – I don’t think it got on there that much, but again I only took one sip. – I mean, mine transferred, so it couldn’t say on the
package that it doesn’t transfer but I’m okay with it. – Okay, I will take these cups for now, and we will get together
and evaluate the transfer of these lipsticks. Usually, at the end of
the study, our collection looks something like this. – Whoa.
– This is such a dope picture. You guys should blow this up and frame it. – The transferring is really just, if you have less of your
product on your lips, it’s probably not gonna last as much. – Yeah, that’s what I mean. – Yeah, because it’s not
necessarily a problem if it gets on your cup, it’s just like, will it last through a meal? – It’s a problem for me, I
don’t want it to get on my cup. – Or if you kiss all the time. – But I feel like when you kiss, it doesn’t actually go onto
the other person’s face. It just kinda like
dissolves in the saliva. – Mine does, mine looks
like Pennywise the clown when I kiss a boy with red lipstick on. Also, I feel like guys
don’t like to kiss you when you wear red lipstick.
– I think that’s a myth. – Do you feel like that?
– No. – So now that you did
such a great job here, we’re gonna send you to another place and you’re gonna go to a textile lab. – Oh my gosh, all the
labs, all the textiles. – So keep up, and do a good job there too. – Okay, we will. – You got it. – We’ll make you proud. (upbeat music) – So here, we’re gonna be
evaluating textile, paper, plastic products, from bedding
all the way to diapers. So this is the instron machine, and this is where we’re
gonna test fabric strength. What it does is it takes a
piece of fabric, pulls it, and sees where it breaks. So basically what this machine is testing is we’re looking at durability, so we’re looking at how
strong the fabric is. So if you’re on bedsheets
that are super weak and they break super
easily in this machine, they’re likely gonna rip maybe when you’re pulling
them off the bed really quick, or they’re not gonna hold up over time. – Can we see how it works?
– Yeah, definitely. So first what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna clasp the fabric sample. And then you see how it’s
pretty tight right here? – I got so scared when
you put your finger there. (laughs) Are you sure you shouldn’t
have gloves on or something? – [Emma] And you’ll see
it’s beginning to pull away. – Ahhh! That’s what happens if
you don’t use eye cream. (laughs) – Okay, so that was this machine. What is that machine do? – Absolutely. So this machine is gonna
be looking at pilling. So pilling is going to be those
little ugly balls of fabric that form a lot of times
on sweaters or leggings. – There’s a name for that? – Pilling, makes sense. – So if you actually wanna get it started, you’re gonna click this little
start button right here. – Don’t mind if I do. So official. I’m gonna use my knuckle
because I’m a germaphobe. – So you see how it goes
in a circular motion? It’s gonna go all over,
it’s very controlled to make sure that you
get a really good view of the pills that will form. – Who made this? Like did they make this
specifically for you guys? – So it’s made specifically for this task, and again, it’s gonna be
a lot of different labs have this type of machine. – Okay. It’s just such a niche thing. – Yeah, this is just a machine that, like, rubs up against fabrics basically, right? This is a fabric rubber. – So these have been going,
not just for this time, they’ve been going a little bit before you guys walked in here. – Okay.
– So you just pull this out, and then you can look at the swatch. – Ohhhhh. – And then you can see all
the little pills all over it. – Show the peeps at home. This is like, I don’t want
my fabric to do this, Drew. – We actually have a scale
that we use to follow standard. So if you wanna give a guess
at what we would rate this as? By looking up here? – On a scale of no
balls to a lot of balls. – [Drew] I’m gonna give it, that guy. – [Emma] A four? – Yeah. – I’m gonna give it a two. – That’s what, I would give
this between a one or a two. This, to me, is pretty bad. – Really? – See, look. – When will this particular
study be completed? Like, when will we find out the findings? – Probably pretty soon. So we update bedding constantly online, and in addition to this, we’re
also probably gonna be doing shrinkage tests, where
we’re gonna wash them, see how they hold up. – Lot of references with this machine. (laughs) – We’re so immature. – So also in the textiles
lab, we look at luggage. So today, we’re actually going
to do an obstacle course. We’re gonna have people
try it out in real life, and get real user feedback. – I was meant to work here, I think. – This is fun. – Now’s your time. – I’m always ready to
catch a flight, you know? – Oh yeah, all the time. You really are. Naz goes to the airport more than anybody I’ve ever met in my life. (laughs) – All right, so first, we’re
just gonna have you roll it down here over these
different flooring surfaces, and this way you can see whether
it goes over curves nicely in different types of flooring,
not just on the carpet. – Are we actually racing, or not? – No racing unless you want to. – I thought it was a race, that’s why I was ready
to take my shoes off. – Okay, here I go. ♪ La la la la la ♪ (laughs) Oh man, what time is my flight? – All right, let’s have you go
through the different cones. – Gotta get around an obstacle. Ugh, old lady walking too slow. Ugh, someone dropped a bag. Stuffed animal.
– All right, come on back. (laughs) – My flight, it’s in five
minutes and I gotta get there. Too many pe – this has actually how it is when you’re at an airport. – Yeah. – One thousand percent. – All right, now we’re gonna
have you close the handle. And lift it up now, exactly. Carry it back to the start. – Across the river. – All right. You did it!
– Are you into this or not? – Baggage claim is ready. – Yeah. – I thought it was great. – Here I go. – You got this. – Catching a flight. There’s so many people in LA, gotta weave around them. Oh wait, wrong terminal. I always get the gate wrong. – Gotta go the wrong way. Oh, oh, oh, took out a girl! And your flight goes in
five minutes, five minutes. – You did it, good job. (laughs) – So, how was the comfort of the handle, and was it easy to open and close? – For mine, I think my
handle is outstanding because it goes high, and don’t you hate when handles are low and
you’re literally like this? – It’s so annoying. – It’s so high that I feel
like it’s the perfect height that I didn’t have to bend down for it, so I liked my handle. – Did you feel the wheels went smoothly around the different
corners and over the curves? – Yeah. – Mine is like an actual computer chair. Sorry! One thing that I haven’t
asked anyone today, which I should’ve, is where do you find all this information? Is it in the Good Housekeeping magazine? Do you go on the website? Because this is so helpful to know. – Yeah, on the website, we will put our favorite for each category. So we’ll have best luggage, we’ll have the best carry on luggage. And you can find all of that
on goodhousekeeping.com. We also do feature them in
a broader editorial feature in the magazine as well. So we might do a travel
section, where we’ll have the best luggage and
the best travel snacks from our nutrition director. – Hmm, where’s that department? – Hello! – Hey girl. – Welcome to our kitchen appliances lab. – Thank you. – Today, we’re gonna be testing blenders. They’re high power blenders and we’re gonna be
testing some coffee beans. – Wow. – I love the smell of coffee beans. – They smell really good all the time. – Oh, I feel like you
just wake up with that. – So what we’re gonna do
now is we’re just going to – if you even want to open the lid. – Like so. – If you want to remove the top too, whichever, whatever’s easier for you. – As you guys can tell,
I am not sophisticated. – Open it, like the lid. – No one will marry me, I can’t
even open an effing blender. – So let’s turn it to
11, let’s press start, and let’s make sure to time it because that’s gonna be really important. – One, two, three, go. (blender starts) I knew that was gonna happen,
I don’t know why I jumped. – You can stop it. (blender powers down) – That’s a powerful blender. – So this blender is incredible. – So we’ll do the same exact
thing with this blender. – Nicole, how much are these? – I would say around the
$200 mark, $200, $250. – These are like, good blenders. Three, two, one. (blender starts) (blender powers down) I feel like this one’s more
powerful than that one. – I feel like that one was more powerful. – Really? I feel like it
got so chopped up fast. – Maybe it’s just the red
that’s throwing me off. – Three, two, one. – Blast off! (blender starts) – And done. (blender powers down) – So now, the next part of
the test is to compare it. – To take them all out and see
which ones are the thinnest? – Exactly, so if you want to grab the one from all the way down there. So if you look right now,
they do look very even. They’re both very
comparable to each other. – Yeah, they look the same. This one looks like flour. – [Nicole] They do all
look really similar, which is definitely a good thing, especially in terms of testing. – [Drew] That one is like, powder. – So this would be great for espresso. If you have a drip coffee machine, you would want to do it
a little bit less time and this way, they’ll be coarser. – So what would it say on
the package for this one? Would it be like, grinds fast? (laughs) – Yeah, all the different
adjectives you could imagine. – Dude, what a fun day. This was so cool. – This was so sick, like
Drew, I actually feel like I want to be a
professional tester now. – Same! I had no idea
it was going to be like, like I would want to do it, you know? And technically we did not
meet Mary-Kate and Ashley. – Oh yeah, I’m sorry. – Technically and literally,
we did not meet her. But we did get some twinning
going on with the lab coats. – Listen, it takes two to tango. – And our lips are sealed. (blows kiss)

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  1. That first lady was making some faces, dude. I wouldn’t have been as complimentary as Drew. Rude. And these girls are so sweet! She reminds me of my narcissistic aunt. Edit: Ok, maybe that was harsh. I take it back BUT either it is a little attitude or she’s just got that look of anticipating how they answer and if that answer would be relevant to the study. Idk. It just seemed like she was genuinely happy to see them at first and immediately started judging. 😂🤷‍♀️ I’m sorry, ma’am.

  2. Honestly thought Naz might have left Clevver. Haven’t seen her in a while! I enjoyed her in this video more than her past ones. Seems like she took the constructive criticism!

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