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She is already done! Have you ever used glitter? I’ve used it during my school project Talk to me the day when you start looking as elegant as me I want to look how I had skin when I was 16 Because at that time I used to only put Kajal And I think in pictures I look nice We used to take that skin for granted When we were younger We want that back but of course you can’t get it but you can work on it I want to have a fresh skin from within so that I don’t have to use that much makeup Because I honestly don’t like using it that much But skin care is where your money is at I don’t want to look old before my age You know, looking old is not a bad thing It’s not, it’s not There is something called ageing gracefully Just like fine wine and Milind Soman Wow! Lovely I want to be the woman version of him Woman version of Milind Soman We should start running marathons from now on Shall we try the hacks now? Yeah, let’s do it But before the hacks we need to take off all the makeup that we already have on our face This lady just said she does not wear makeup Liar! Shall we unveil our real face? Aaahhhh! What is that noise you are making while cleaning your face? Ahhhhhhh! I feel I am done but there is this nagging feeling that something is there on my face I have been sent these two amazing products These are basically a cleansing brush It’s called the LUNA 2 It’s the final step of cleaning your face To take out all the makeup This is available in four colours Which is basically for four different skin types Mine is sensitive hence the purple I’m so glad Yours is combination Then they have one for normal and one for oily skin Yeah so it’s for everyone Pick whatever you want Are you ready for Pushpa 2.0 Push the button Do this It’s On! And it’s super hygienic And, extremely portable as you can see I can see makeup on it All my makeup has been removed Have a look Flip it over Yeah I saw that! What did you think that was? A design? After you clean your face, you put a little bit of moisturiser And then you use this to massage your face Feels like a babies bum! So soft It just feels softer It feels nicer and cleaner from the inside Because you have gotten so much blood circulation to your skin as well Also my cheeks look rosy It seems that we are ready for the makeup hacks We are ready in the absolute sense Makeup sits a lot better on your face when your skin is absolutely smooth and clean So guys any hack doesn’t go with every skin type She and I have very different skin types, skin shades, skin tones, everything I am going to use a colour corrector and a foundation She is going to use a concealer and a foundation I quite like how I look right now Before this we were looking quite dead Slowly slowly it has started looking lively That’s a sign that I am old because I don’t do bright eye shadow I like doing like pop of colour eye shadows Yeah yeah let’s go on Okay, I have changed my mind, now I am going with blue Have you ever used glitter? I’ve used it during my school project On your face Glitter eye shadow doesn’t stick to the brush properly So the best way is to apply it with your fingers I am trying to put loose powder under my eye She is done already I’m going to look much more elegant than you Don’t go by this I feel, as I am putting more and more makeup
Don’t go by this I feel, as I am putting more and more makeup I look older Do you know who started contouring? Kim K? That’s right! She is the OG contour queen! Make a three on your face And this is supposed to make your entire face look very chiseled and sharp and Kim Kardashian like One thing I haven’t been able to perfect is nose contour because I have a fat nose I saw this trick You make a V under your eye I don’t know what is happening I look like a rotten papaya. Thank you! Do you think I look like any human alive ever? So basically you want to put highlighter where the light hits Like high points of your face So that’s like the cheek bone Your cupid’s bow Your nose Bridge of your nose Not your nose And chin if you have an awesome a*s chin like me Done! I look like a bronzed goddess I think we look great if I may say so But young, I do not know This hack is not for the weak hearted You must be strong enough You take a razor sharp kajal Can you tell the difference? I have lined kajal in one eye and not on the other Can you tell the difference? Show No! They can see it That looks scary and kind of painful I know this is a fail. I can’t see any difference here Okay these hacks can make you look younger If you do not do it like a Aakansha Pushp does What is the final hack? The hack is you put a lipstick of a bright colour Young colour And then you top it with gloss So it makes your lips look fuller Finally going to put the gloss Which is apparently going to revolutionise my look Can you see the difference? I’m just putting it on the highest points Her entire lips are filled with high points She has very pretty lips I personally don’t like glossy lipsticks I like matt ones But it does make my lips look fuller So what did you think about the hacks Some of them were a hit And some of them were a miss And it’s just not the hacks You should also know how to use those hacks Because my look is an evening look Yours is like a day look While we use the same hacks So it’s also your colour choice Whether you know how to use the hacks or not And also the products you use I think I looked way younger when I started this video When there was nothing on my face Best way to look younger Is to make sure that your skin stays young Your skin needs to be fresh Like drink a lot of water Don’t sleep with your makeup on at all Proper cleansing and exfoliating is important So skincare is actually the important part than the makeup hacks If you like this video then please Like, Share and Comment Also, don’t forget to subscribe to, OK Tested And if you haven’t downloaded our App Please go ahead and download our App It’s available on Play Store And why should you download the App? Because there is a lot of exclusive content And all the videos are posted first there Yes, one day early

100 thoughts on “We Tried Makeup Hacks To Look Younger | Ok Tested

  1. You guys look way good with out makeup …… Don't fall for the trap set up by these celebs telling go for that and this , use natural ingrediants

  2. Even though I doubt anyone's going to read this, Kim K wasn't the original contour queen as ya'll put it; contouring was introduced way back by Drag Queens and the community and they never get the credit for it 🙁

  3. if you cant afford it, put your phone on vibration mode, and massage your face with it while its ringing. or use an app to make it vibrate constantly( xD )

  4. how come these companies send such products for free to the youtubers n for us to buy its abt 13-15k….like not affordable at all…no matter wat wonders it does to ur skin ,its still expensive…y don't they just stop sending to youtubers for free n cut down the price so dat actual consumers can use it

  5. When I was 16 my face was like the moon because it was filled with pimples… 8 years later I have a healthy skin so I don't want my 16 years old skin ☺️😁😅😅

  6. Well there is a history to contouring, I can’t list the whole thing here but please before you term that “Kim k” started it, no. https://www.byrdie.com/history-of-contouring check out this article 🙂

  7. And also, skin is not only on your face, it's all over the body.. to care poore body k skin ko milni chahiye.. no partiality😂😂😂😂

  8. This has been by far the best YouTube channel I've ever seen. I don't miss even a single video. And Aakanksha you are amazing👌👌

  9. I really really hate this tenzing after she judge upon notheast food n how she react is jst pathetic rather than that ok tested ur amazing 😉👌

  10. Idkw but yeah video mujhe dara rahi hai i am 16 and mujhe bade hone se ab dar lag raha hai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Make a video on gussesing fruits and vegetables by smelling or seeing their leaves or any thing….ft kanishk and akshay

  12. Thanks for reminding me not to sleep with makeup on.
    Only yesterday i was so bummed that i slept right away after a party.
    And boy, my skin today is a mess

  13. Maa kasam ye havks use karna se behtar tu tumara pehle wala chahra tha abhi tu tatti lag rhi ho dono no offense pehle acha tha

  14. This foreo luna is great totally cleanses the face and the most fascinating thing about it is it says one time charging works for 3 months I charged mine 5 months ago and its still running but after that I don’t feel like putting on makeup the skin itself looks so nice

  15. Please don't hate me, honestly both of you have such wonderful skin. You both do look younger and prettier when you have no makeup on. I think a tinted lip balm and mascara/liner will work too? I use the Foreo cleaning brush myself and it is skincare isn't it? At the end of the day if your skin is getting older, makeup will get worse too? I spend most of my money on skincare with minimal but active ingredients, makeup is optional for enhancing the features.

  16. Srk, amir, salman, akshay all are above 52 ….than why r u talking about milind suman !!!!
    Ek normal fit admi ka 52 par jaisa lagna chahiya milind ko aisa hi lagta hai ..kuch extra nahi .

  17. Where is KAUSTUBH ♥️ KANISHK 😁 and BHATTACHARYA (BRO) 🤪 guys ???????????? Okay what about only Kaustubh♥️ since i am also from U.P. 😎🤘

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    u both have done an amazing job ….
    glad to see this vdo..n learnt many thing through ur video…thanks🌟👌👍

  19. The video was nice
    But you guys and also make videos on life hacks that they work in real life or not…plz make this type of videos…

  20. I loveee youuu guys so much and I so happy you guys got a sponsor 💛
    But I think you should add it somewhere in the video or description that it's a sponsored video

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