hey guys and welcome back so today I’m
going to be doing a over the garden wall makeup tutorial for work this is
actually the first time I’ve seen over the garden wall I haven’t seen it prior
to like last week and it’s so good oh my god I can’t believe I waited that long
to watch it but I’m doing a lot of like gravity falls and I actually had to like
look up the voice actors because wirt sounds so much like dipper I was very
sure that it was him but it’s Elijah Wood and I was very confused for like a
good like day or two because I did not know he could sound like that but yeah
so I was just kind of doing like this quick ish type of cosplay with like
painted on clothes I might like do like a real cosplay in the future
if I didn’t already have a Halloween costume this year but I would probably
do this because he just looks like really like aesthetically pleasing you
know so yeah I just started with making my eyebrows dinner that’s kind of how
I’m going about all of this just a very normal type thing and like just focusing
on like the nose I’m like cheek area because I feel like that’s the like main
part of making him look like him yes so yeah I’m just doing a thin eyeliner and
putting white and my waterline to make my eyes look bigger and focusing mainly
on the blush colors for my nose and apples of my cheeks I’m just contouring a little bit with my
tan brown colors just to make my face look more slim and less round I’m
focusing on the nose a lot when I do like transformation type things with
like air quotes then I tend to focus heavily on the nose because in my
opinion I feel like the nose and eyebrows are like the most important
thing to like make you look like someone else
for the lips I can seal the majority of it and I’m just going in lightly in the
center and using a chapstick to blend it together for the Cape I used a mixture
of blue and black body paints water-activated body paints because I
didn’t really have like the Navy color that he wears blue tends to be a streaky
color so like I went over it a couple times just to make sure that it looked
all right and yes I did see the little mistake I made it on my neck but I do
clean it up so don’t worry about it but overall I was pretty content with
how this turned out I don’t usually well like I’m not
usually too impressed with how my body painting goes I still have to work on a
lot of like shading and making it look more realistic but I was really happy
with this one I wanted to be work for a while but I had to leave and my sister
was pestering me because we were running late but I just throw on like a
sweatshirt on top of it and stayed work for a couple of hours okay I remember I
didn’t every time I’m telling you I’m going to
forget master at every single time but now i’m using the morphe 35c palette to
shade underneath the cape to show that it’s not just part of the shirt it’s
like sitting on top of it yeah so I went in with like black on a fluffy brush and
then I realized it had to be a little bit darker so I went in with a flatter
brush to accentuate that and here’s yellow but I wasn’t really satisfied
with the yellow because I looked at my reference picture and I realized that
his buttons are more of like a gold bronze finish color so I went in with an
orange and brown mixture of eyeshadows from the morphe palette and went on top
of that and now I’m using the eyeliner to make
and outline everything that I’ve already done except for the buttons which I went
in with a NYX black eyeshadow base and I started with the wrong brush so the
first like three buttons I did with like a flat brush and I realized I should’ve
had like a detail brush not a big deal so that’s about it for the makeup all I
did next was put on a black wig and fold a piece of paper into a cone and there
you go so don’t forget to like it subscribe and see what’s up next week
with a new video bye


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