Women of Color Try Drug-Store Foundation

– I feel like I’m
preparing to go into battle to be honest with you. (quirky interlude) – My past experience
with finding foundation has always been really
hard to find something that matches my skin tone. Never goes dark enough. – I love NARS, NARS really caters to my skin tone and my undertones and it really brings
out the hues in my skin. – I didn’t start actually trying to look for a real foundation until I was like, a sophomore in college. So ever since then I just went to Sephora, had them do the color matching thing. – Me and drug stores, we don’t have a really great relationship. – In high school I definitely
wore drug store makeup. I remember my friend telling me one day that my makeup did not match my skin tone. She was like “yeah your
makeup looks kinda orange.” And I was like …
(crickets chirp) – When I started using makeup,
I first went to a drug store and I had a really really bad experience. Probably bought three
or four different ones, they all didn’t match. – I’m a little nervous to
go out and wear foundation that probably isn’t my skin tone in public just because I know people
will probably be like, “Alright look at that black girl,” “trying to look light skinned.” No, I’m not trying to do that at all. – I’m in a love hate relationship
with drug store makeup, it just like, we don’t see eye to eye because they don’t see me. – I often find that
I’m like an in between, between two shades. – My biggest reservations
are that I’m gonna look like I’m about to be sent to the morgue. – We’re on our way to CVS to get some … – [All] drug store makeup. – We’ll see if any foundation matches. Between one of these three, but it’s sad that it’s the darkest color. I’m scared I’m gonna put these on and then I’m gonna look a lot lighter than my actual skin tone. – These were the darkest colors
in two different products. What is this? – If I bled it enough,
it’ll like kinda match. – Follow me, where do you see … My palm is where I’m gonna put it. – Neither one of these. This is definitely team light skin, and this is definitely team Brianna. These are all supposedly mochas. – This on I think might be me. The one that was literally before this was three shades lighter,
there was no in between. – Creamy beige, yeah, so
beige is the darkest color. Or at least what was
available in that store. – I don’t see it happening,
but eh, you never know. – Hopefully I find one so
I don’t have to spend $40 at Sephora anymore. – Today I’m gonna go with this foundation. – The day has arrived. – It looks very white and I kinda just wanna get it over with. – Ya’ll look at this, I
feel like I have a mask on. I honestly do, I feel like the
crypt keeper in this piece. – This one actually I feel good about. – I might be able to keep this. – It’s not like it’s distracting. It’s just not really that
true to my skin tone. Which is a shame because
I love my skin tone. – Getting me mine, when I was at the store I chose what was the darkest one there and what was available to me. – I can already see what’s
gonna probably happen. – What is this? – This ones not as bad as yesterdays I actually kinda rock with this one. – I am wearing the lightest
shade that I chose, I’ve been at work for like an
hour, no one seems to notice so I’m just gonna go up to people and ask them if they notice
anything different about me. – You look the same girl. – Ummm … No. – I currently have revlon. – This might actually work. – So I’m really really liking this Revlon Golden Caramel color on me. It blends really nicely,
it’s not to heavy, and it looks bomb. – What do you think of my
face, does anything look new? – She is glowing. – This isn’t my color,
but it’s not terrible. This looks like something
that maybe I could have worn before the summer. – It looks so good! I’m so excited that I finally
don’t have to spend $40. – I already know this is
not gonna work out of rme. – Hello, what is this, exactly. – Whether there is a darker
shade or not I don’t know because this was the only option available for the darkest shade. – Oh my god, yeah this … – So this is what I look
like with all my makeup, and it doesn’t look that bad. – I see where this is going, I see what direction we’re taking. – So now I’m gonna do the does my neck blend into my face test. I’m not to mad about it. – Now I’m smoothing it in I will say it got better, but I mean … – I had two shoots today so I was meeting a lot of new people and
I was on camera for a bit and the foundation I was using didn’t really hinder from the experience. For the other two girls it’s probably constantly on their mind. – We made it, we made it to day five! – It’s my last day using the foundations. – Fit me by Maybeline. Maybe it’ll work for in here
and like as you can see … – Maybeline you are the winner. You are the one that has
been the closest to my skin. – So it’s kind of starting to blend in a little with the lighter area of my face. The dark area as you can
see, it’s not the same color but this could end up giving me a completely even skin tone. So do you think that this looks okay or it looks natural? According to Spencer it looks natural. – I’m easy to be fooled though. – I think in general all of
the foundations I’ve been using get rid of the redness and
make my skin tone even, which is cool. – Something really positive
that I’m starting to realize about some of these makeup products is that even though I may
think it’s not necessarily my skin tone, a lot of people who see me aren’t having an issue with it. So actually some of these
products might actually work. (quirky interlude) – This past week has
been very interesting. – For me it wasn’t really a challenge. – The last time I used drug store makeup was six years prior, so
that’s four years later and they still don’t have my color. – Out of the five that I tried, I think maybe it was the Maybeline one, but when I, you know, tend to lighten up a little bit in the winter,
I could see that product actually working for me. – I like the Revlon one
a lot because I think it matched true to my skin color and that’s exactly what
I want in a foundation and I’m currently wearing
it right now so … – The Infallible makeup
one, if I’m in a jif I might use that one. – My view point has changed
a lot with drug store makeup, you know, the first time I tried it out I was like 13 years old, maybe the brands, over the years have
broadened their options and had more colors available. – I found out that some of these companies actually do have darker foundations but they’re available online. The lighter person gets
to go in the drug store and just buy their makeup,
I should be able to as well. – For me that was probably
the most eye opening part is just recognizing my privilege aa s a lighter skinned woman of color. – I appreciate you,
these brands who actually take the time to do your research, to go in your lab and take
feed back from people like me, so keep doing your thing. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Women of Color Try Drug-Store Foundation

  1. Whenever I see someone with foundation that not match your real skin tone, I don't think they try to look like that, I think " Girl I know your pain"
    I'm really pale and jelly fish like skin (you can see my veins)
    Life hack: don't try too match your foundation too your hand, do it with your neck…

  2. She's not using a paintbrush, it's a brush from Mac. But I still think she should just try a beauty blender lol.

  3. FitMe has more shades at stores like Target or Walmart. I wear it very often and its pretty decent for its price. Makeup companies should be more inclusive without even being asked though it's really stupid.

  4. this video is poorly done because:
    1. it looks like they went to only one store
    2. i know for a fact that most of the brands used have at least 25+ shades online
    3. brands are being bashed for what the store in their area HAPPENS to carry.
    The foundation shade ranges are a problem but most of the brands used here are much better with their ranges that big companies in sephora.

  5. ALMOST everyone has a hard time finding a okay foundation shade a really light person to a really dark person and maybe in between I'm in between and I do

  6. Foundation evrywhere ive gone is always too dark for my skin tone x.x im happy that they were able to find ones that could at least work for them ^^

  7. This is exactly how I feel going to the drugstore. Except I'm on the opposite side of the scale. I can NEVER find makeup light enough for my pale sheet looking skin. There is never a foundation or concealer light enough for me.

  8. Ummmm huh? Last time I was at the drugstore there was not only deeper foundations but brands specifically focusing on poc. I’m confused as to why they wouldn’t look the slightest bit harder to find their shade. This vid is a joke.

  9. The reason they probably didn't find their shades is because of the area they live in. Stores tend to stock shades to cater to the demographic of their area. It sounds terrible, but I know for a fact that where I live I can find just every shade except for maybe 2-3 in stores like Walgreens, CVS, Target, Walmart, etc.

  10. I am super pale and drugstore don't fit me either. I am even paler than nc15 in MAC so everything looks yellow or orange on me. Even premium brands fail with my right shade. I would love to have a darker shade just to use what I want to use (and have no sun allergies). Mostly if something is my shade – I don't like the texture so I continue to struggle. It's like they make foundations for a little tan skin and if you are darker or paler than that – sorry, you have to be orange

  11. People are commenting about the asian girl but as a latina/asian i genuinely find it hard to find drugstore products and a lot of medium tone girls do too…we are usually one of the darkest shades (in the UK especially) and they are usually orange. So… it actually is hard for us to find decent shades too when its either white, pink or orange…

  12. People are commenting about the asian girl but as a latina/asian i genuinely find it hard to find drugstore products and a lot of medium tone girls do too…we are usually one of the darkest shades (in the UK especially) and they are usually orange. So… it actually is hard for us to find decent shades too when its either white, pink or orange…

  13. People are commenting about the asian girl but as a latina/asian i genuinely find it hard to find drugstore products and a lot of medium tone girls do too…we are usually one of the darkest shades (in the UK especially) and they are usually orange. So… it actually is hard for us to find decent shades too when its either white, pink or orange…

  14. I’m darker than Regina so she could’ve definitely found her shade and her undertone. I’m warmer than she is so I’m 99% sure shes teaching. and if Chantal got a d5 in the trublend, it wouldn’t have fit her perfectly but it was workable

  15. they do know there are really extensive ranges in the drugstore by super well known brands. did they just pick stuff that they knew wouldn’t work.

  16. There's honestly nothing that matches my skin tone. It's either too light or too dark. Nothing that's just right or close enough.👸🏾 I can't even find an emoji that's close enough except this one.

  17. Please stop wearing super light foundation and your neck is dark as mine. Always watch your foundation to your neck!!! Always!!!

  18. Shade ranges have improved so much in recent years. I remember 2 years ago I went to buy a foundation and I was the second darkest shade and I’m only 1/4 Asian

  19. I don’t think the Asian girl would have a hard time. Asian skin tones are almost the same as most Caucasian skin tones depending on where they are from.

  20. 1. That paint brush made me wanna jump off a cliff
    2. I’m darker than the lightest girl and I can find a shade

  21. I’m a white person with tan-ish skin and a yellow undertone, I have never gotten a good match not even an ok match

  22. Wow Regina! It's nice to see you in a different setting other than pz4 and the spy ninjas! Super pretty

  23. i think the foundation would of blend in with her skin is she didn't use that paintbrush, just use a beauty blender.

  24. Hey regina why did u quit this job and went on a spy ninja hacker fake thing I fell so bad for u having to deal with all that and oh when is it ever gonna end

  25. I feel that the Asian shouldn’t be in the video because the Asian isn’t dark she’s light she’s not a person of color because she’s white and since I’m a African American I find this very offensive

  26. Did anyone else noticed that Regina is literally from spy ninjas and she's on here bro I thought you was getting chased around by hackers I'm calling her who else watches them they're the best even though it's like a skit we're going to pretend that's real oh my god I love Regina shout out to you you're literally all over my YouTube

  27. I'm not trying to sound mean but the Asian girl is like no has noticed my makeup so I will go ask. It is like do you have a life and people don't care about how you look and plus if they did notice they would not come to you and say your face looks darker 😂. Personally, drug store makeup is not bad and anything takes time. You have to keep looking until you find the right shade

  28. I find it hard to believe pale people are unable to find a shade literally Kat Von d’s shade goes white like like a white t shirt white.


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